His Word


Hearing the sounds of gravel spinning as His truck pulled into the driveway and the truck door being slammed hard, i ran into the hall and quickly kneeled. Holding myself still and quiet, i heard His footsteps as He approached the house. Trembling now with anticipation i kept my eyes lowered as He opened the wooden oak door. As soon as i saw His boots, i uttered “Master. ” Looking down at me He asked, “Faith, what is it?” Crying out as i bit into my lower lip i responded, “Master, i caused You shame this day. ” His eyebrow rose as He placed His briefcase on the desk. “Look up at me and tell me how so my little one?” “Master,” i said as i raised my eyes, the words tumbling out, “i touched my burning today. i couldn't help myself. i was showering and it just happened. i am so sorry Master, so sorry. ”His shoulders rolled back as He looked down at me. He walked over to the small, round table and looked down at the caller ID. As He searched through the calls and messages on the machine i knew He was thinking of my punishment. “Faith, Your father called? Where is the voice message?” Realizing immediately that i had been disobedient in another instance this day i felt my heart raise into my throat. Gulping, i proclaimed, “There is no message Master. i answered the call.

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   Master it was my Daddy. ” Feeling His heavy boot steps reverberate on the wood flooring, He came to a stop behind me and asked, “lil one who is your Master?” Quickly i responded, “You are Sir. ” “Who pays the bills of this household?” “You do Master. ” Taking a deep breath and sustaining it He asked, “lil one, why do you choose to defy my rules? How hard are they to follow?” Fluidly turning around while still on my knees, i uttered, “But, but Master. ” Loudly and sternly He replied, “Enough faith. I have had enough. ” my small head cast down as He looks down at me. i feel His hand as it clenches a full hand of auburn curls and drags me in tow. Like a puppet i bounce through the hallway not knowing what was in store for me. When W/we reach His desk, He bends and picks me up by the waist and places me on the edge of it. Slowly He raises my shirt. i am caught in the moment with the anticipation of His touch. He descends His hand to slowly torment me, smiling with pleasure as He makes me wait. His touch so gentle it sends quivers up and down my spine. i began to whimper at His contact pressing myself towards Him, wanting more.

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   Feeling His strong hands as He grasps my waist, He firmly states, “Do not move!” i have heard that tone before and quickly respond with the obedience He demanded. He quickly inserts His fingers into my core, each time a little deeper stirring the flames within me. my bottom grew inpatient with His teasing and it shifted back and forth across the edge of the desk. “Enough faith!” He said loudly, grabbing me once again by my hair. As my eyes raise to meet His i hear His words, “That cunt girl belongs to Me! Do you understand?” i went weak as His words echoed through me and answered “Yes Master, i understand. ”Taking His hand from my smoldering fire, He reaches for me and pulls me up to a sitting position on the edge of the desk. ifall forward against Him and He roughly pushes me back. Holding me against the desk as i regain myself, He brings His fingers to His nose and breathes in deeply the scent of my musk. “girl, one day you will learn patience and obedience. ” He says quietly as He turns me around so that i am facing the desk. He presses my top half down into the cluttered mess of papers and files, pulling up His oxford shirt that i am wearing; i feel His hand as it drifts across my ass cheeks, spreading and tugging at them. Acutely aware that my valley grew deep with wetness i felt the palm of His hand slap across my cheeks, my firm breasts sliding across the papers each time His hand connected with them. i could feel the heat and burning as the redness surfaced. i felt His strong hands as He reached up and pressed on my shoulders, making my knees bend and push His cunt towards Him. He ran His smooth hand across my burning desire, patting the wetness as He pulled open my labia and held the lips in His warm fingertips.

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   Reaching up i felt the heat rush through me as He pinched my button, tugging at it, pulling it in every direction possible. Quietly He asks me, “Faith, you are My little slut. . . . am i correct girl?” “Yes Master” I whimper, “i am Your little slut.
    ”As i said those words to Him, the burning increased in my bottom and i felt a deep aching within, a deep desire to be touched. i soon hear the sound of His zipper as He lowers it. With one hand holding me by my slender waist, the other guiding His meaty shaft to my womanhood, i press up on my toes as i feel it slide along my wetness. my clit cradling His Manhood coating it with a special glaze. He thrusts deep within me, pushing His key deep within the lock. Feeling every thrust as He drives it along my cervix, pulling in and out, my womanhood walls shook as i felt His peak tighten and expand and release deep within me. As He slowly pulled out His thick shaft, He pressed down on the lower part of my back. Silken sheets coated His shaft as my valley ran wild, beads of sweat running rampantly over O/our bodies. Soft whimpers escaped my mouth as He denies me to releaseAs the soft sounds escape my throat, He turns me around.


       Seeing the tears fill my eyes and the look on my face He asks, “Are you upset My little one?” “No Master, not upset. ” “Do you understand the lesson i just taught you. ” “Yes Master i understand that my survival in this life depends on you and You alone. Your rules are for a reason and i must place full trust in You to move onward in O/our relationship. ” Smiling, He gently touched my face, and lifted me off the desk saying, “It doesn't happen over night faith, it takes time and trust. ” “Yes, Master,” I replied, “Time and trust. ”As i stood on the floor, He put His hands on my shoulders and pushed downward as He said, “Clean me now faith. ” Slowly i descend, dropping to my knees. His cunt, my cunt aching from the pounding it just received as i reach and hold His shaft in my fingertips, lapping at the juices that mingle on His shaft. Purring like a starved little kitten i feed from His gift. Running my tongue along His shaft and lapping at His round furry balls as i clean the cream from Him. Looking up at His radiant glow i see His approval as He looks down at me and smiles. Seeing His approval, i gleam with content. .

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