How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Pt.1)


I had just finished my final exam and was headed home for the summer. Being an arts student, I had kind of gotten used to the city, I had my own little bar, my own café, places in the river valley I could go, it was great. But there was no artsy little bar at home, there wasn’t even really an arts scene. I was doomed to a summer without the typical weirdos that kept my life entertaining. No one to arrange scissors in psychotic patterns outside the Psych ward of hospitals with me, no more random parties full of people I’ve never met before that turn into sexual misadventures, this was going to be a boring five months. I got home, crawled into bed, and went straight to sleep, tomorrow I would have to get ahold of Karinn and get out of this town for a few hours. God, it was making me sick already. Karinn and I went to a play that an old friend of ours directed. The play itself was mediocre, and it took us most of an hour to find the after party. The plan was to have a few drinks and leave, even in the city, The arts scene wasn’t the same as it was upstate, kind of a boorish crowd. But after I lied about my opinion of the play to my friend, hes sat us dawn and introduced me to this girl, There was… Sort of a weird vibe I was getting from her all night, so I thought I may as well introduce myself. “Dan, I want you to meet Rene” My friend said. “Wow, you have a pair of supernaturally blue eyes” I said. She did, Much more blue than any eyes I’ve ever seen. “Oh, it’s not natural” she replied as she took one contact out to reveal a much more grey-blue eye. “I know, I did say supernatural, didn’t I?” She laughed, god she was tidy.

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   Petite little pale girl, couldn’t’ve been taller than 5’2” with black hair down to her chin, blue tips. She was wearing a red and black corset, and a super-short skirt. Like I said, she had supernaturally blue eyes. “So what do you do” She asked me. “Oh, I’m a student at U of V” “Really? I’m going there in the fall! What year are you?” “Well, this fall will be my second. ” “What’s your major?” “Performance art. ” “ah, an actor?” “well, eventually I’m going into it, yeah, what about you?” “Art” “Which art?” “Art, art, you know, with paint and clay and paper?” “well maybe we should get together and I’ll show you around campus” “I’d like that. ” “What part of the city are you in?” “Oh, I’m actually just here because my sister’s the lead” “really? I really liked her” I lied. “She was shit and you know it, she’s only in this because she fucks the director” “Ok, yes, to be honest, I felt like jamming a pen through an eye so I would have an excuse to leave, but I’m glad I didn’t” “Why’s that?” “Because then I wouldn’t have gotten directions to the after party” “What’s so great about this party?” “Well, you’re here” I started pouring on the charm, she winked at me, and rubbed her foot up my thigh. “Fair enough, but sadly, not for long,” She replied. Digging through her purse “Let’s exchange digits though, I would really like to see you again” She handed me a card, it read: Rene Slandrich 356-737-8989 The rest of the card was blank. “You had cards printed up?” “Well, why not, I just had them done last week, that’s the first one!” “Well, for those of us who don’t have cards on hand, do you have something I can write on?” She held out her hand and a pen, I jotted my name and number on the back of her hand. “That’s me. ” “Well it was a pleasure” Rene said. “Oh no, the pleasure’s all mine.

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  ” A tall, black haired girl who looked like a drunken Rene walked into the room. “You ready to go?” The lead actress said. Rene flashed me a weird little look, grabbed her purse, and walked her sister out. , I stared at the card a moment, then put it in my pocket. I looked around for Karinn, she was making out with some guy I’d never met. He had one had on her tit, and the other on her ass, from this angle, I couldn’t blame him, she looked fucking hot tonight. She Picked up on me looking at her and got up immediately, the other guy nearly fell over. she walked across the room and sat on my lap. “It’s about time you paid me a little attention, babe” She said. “Well I’m sorry, I got a little distracted” “I can see that, I take it you want my permission to fuck her?” “I don’t really even know” “Well, you have it even if you don’t need it, it’s not like I can blame you, I mean, if I thought I had a chance, I would’ve been all over her” “You’re such a cunt monger” “That’s me, bitch. ” she replied, “Now lets go home and I’ll tie you up, you drive. ” She passed me the keys and we went and grabbed our coats. There were two guys on the bed when we came in, though, they obviously either didn’t notice or didn’t mind our company, If I were with anyone else, we probably would have joined in, but Karinn tends to like her privacy once her clothes come off, se we grabbed our jackets and left. Driving down the highway, coming back from the party, I notice Karinn’s hand on my thigh, slowly moving up towards my cock, she teases me the whole way home, We play this game all the time, how long can we tease each other before we have to beg for it We pull in to Karinn’s driveway, It will be nice to get some privacy finally, between dorms and my parent’s house, I don’t get much of it, Karinn lives on her own. We step inside her house, I take off my coat, and my shoes.

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   Karinn stops me before I head downstairs. “Keep going, you know the rules in my house” I take off my pants and shirt, I head over to her bedroom, grab my uniform, take off my underwear, and put it on. I look at myself in the mirror, I always liked the feel of body stockings, and any man that doesn’t like refitted silk panties is a fool, it’s so damn comfortable. I shifted my cock a bit so it slid out the crotch in the panties, I grabbed my cockring and put it on, then my collar. Karinn had me wear this every time we fucked, and god, it was hot, I was going to have a few more made up soon too, once I got a job and some money. I crawled downstairs to her dungeon, and assumed the position on her smooth, padded leather table. She walked in. wearing a little half-cup corset and a garter belt. She looked even better now than she did at the party, she walked around the table and fastened my restraints, then she crawled on top of me, her cunt rubbing against my stomach and gave me a kiss. She was soaking wet. I wanted her so bad, she grabbed my head and stuck it in front of her tit, I started sucking happily on her nipple, But I knew I had to tease her just as bad as she was gonna tease me if I wanted to come tonight. So I pulled back, and just blew softly over her nipple, it perked right up, I started to tease her with my tongue, exploring the rest of her tit without going after the nipple. She was going as crazy as I was. She let out a little wimper and I knew I had her, but then she mover down. She decided to get back at me by attacking my cock, giving it a few nice strokes and moving away, licking the head and then kissing my stomach.

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   Then she moved back up, wrapped her legs around mine, and we were off to the races, she was moaning like crazy now, She was tight, and fuck, could she ever move. She started going faster now, digging her nails into my shoulders, I felt her cunt tighten up around my cock and I knew I wouldn’t las much longer “Fuck, I’m gonna come” She didn’t even hear me she was so gone, she gave a little jump and arched her back, I knew she was coming, and she tightened up, which pushed me right over the edge. After she recovered, she reached up and undid my arm restraints, then she leaned over and grabbed a blanket, she clapped twice and the lights went off, I was still inside her when I slipped into a long, restful sleep. .