I Don't Wanna Be Friends Part 1


It was a cold Saturday night on the 26 January 2008. 16-year old Brandon Davis was driving home from a school event that involved college.  Brandon was a fairly attractive young man. He was 5'9", 155 lbs. , and was quite muscular, since he was a football player. He was driving home with his close friend, Stephanie Nauss.  Stephanie was a year younger than Brandon, she was about 5'5" with long brown hair, and about a 35D cup size. They bonded very well, but they were not dating.
On the way home, Steph was very tired, and eventually fell asleep, leaning towards Brandon on the drivers side. As her body slowly titled downward, her skimpy shirt slowly started to reveal her pink bra underneath. He tried to pay attention to the road, but almost couldn't resist the view. After a few moments, he snapped back into it.
"No!" he thought to himself. "She's your best friend. . .

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   just friends. . . " He repeated that over and over again. Trying to avoid the temptation. As he turned onto the street that Stephanie lived on, he began to attempt to wake her, as she was still sleeping. It had just cracked 10pm, so her parents were probably wondering where they were. As he pulled into her driveway, she had still not awaken. As he attempted to pick her up and carry her, she shook, and opened her gorgeus brown eyes for a few seconds. Since she wouldn't wakeup, Brandon slowly lowered his head towards hers, and softly pecked her on the lips. He couldn't believe that he had just done it, as it awoke Stephanie very quickly. The two quitely stared at each other in the silence of the night.
"Bye. " Stephanie said as she broke the silence of the two. She then jumped out of the car and walked into her house, not turning back to wave at all.

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   Brandon was absurd with himself, and couldn't believe what he had done.
"Damnit!" he said to himself, "I screwed up. " Brandon then slowly drove the mile to his house, where he quickly laid down and fell asleep, with jeans and shoes still on.
As he slowly awoke, he felt an intense pressure over his body. He felt like he was being squeezed by a giant hand. It was black and white, and very blurry. As he looked around, he looked atop of him, and saw her. . . completely exposed, craving his body. He saw her lowering herself, as she edged closer, his skin began to intensify, it seemed as if he was hovering. He almost couldn't stand the pressure. Closer. . closer.

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  . closer. . . . . . .
"BRANDON!! Get UP!!" The loud shriek of his sister's voice startled him, as he jumped out of his bed. He looked at the clock, it was 6am.
"Dream. . . it was just a dream. .

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  . " he thought to himself. He slowly made his way down the steps, into the living room. However, at the first sight of food, he felt a quiver in his stomach.
    And just like that, it happened. The ground was quickly covered in a puddle of last night's dinner. Yet it didn't look quite how it did last night.
    "Go back to bed," his mom said as he stood there, motionless. Brandon turned around back up the steps, and quickly fell back asleep, yet he noticed he was in a sweatsuit, and socks. He questioned it as he drifted off.
    Brandon awoke to the sound of a garbage truck passing by, as he leaned up and rubbed his eyes. He then looked up at the ceiling, and saw sunlight. As he turned to the clock, it was 1pm in the afternoon. He jumped out of bed, and slipped over something. It was a silk pink bra.

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       Questioned, he exited and threw it into the bathroom closet, across the hallway.
    He had spent half of the day on the internet, and it was almost time for his 14-year old sister to get home. At about 2:30, his mom called for him from the basement.
    "Oh! I thought you'd still be asleep," she proclaimed. "What is this?" She held up the silk pink bra.
    "I thought that was yours, or (his sister) Katie's," he replied.
    "This is too big for Katie, and do you think either of us would wear something like this?" His mom  started to become very curious. "By the way, your friend is coming over later on to work on your guys' science project. " The news struck him, as he sprinted back upstairs.
    A (uneventful) few hours later, the doorbell rang. Brandon answered the door, it was Stephanie.
    "Hi!" she said excitedly, as they shared a warm hug, as she entered the house from the cold.
    Stephanie proclaimed she was going to the bathroom, but walked into the basement, where Brandon's mom no longer was. She grabbed the silk bra, tucked it into her pocket, and went up to the dining room.
    GOOD RESPONSE will bring Part 2.

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      . .

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