my first time dressed in stockings.... Im a male... and I was SEDUCED


I have somewhat of a fetish I learned from my veryfirst M/M liaison, but I only like doing it if my sex partner likes it!I'm bi-sexual too!When I was mid 20s, I met a guy on holiday, Iworked and lived in a holiday seaside resort town, and he simply winedand dined me and then seduced me. First, he and I went outdrinking as normal guys that have just met do. We ended up at his hotelroom at around 2AM. After raiding his bar fridge, we were both totallydrunk and I went to sleep in the extra queen size bed. At around 5AM,still asleep, I felt something moving across my lips and face. Iopened my eyes to see him masturbating his BIG hard cock into my mouth. To his and my surprise I opened my lips and licked and sucked his hardcock. He fucked my mouth without saying a word. I could hear hisbreathing and knew, seconds later he came and I swallowed it all. Igently milked him and I went back to sleep without a word spoken. Abouttwo hours later the exact same thing happened and I swallowed himagain, it was too good to pass up. I went home without either of ustalking about the two episodes at about 10AM after having some coffeeand setting up a time to meet that night at the bar I worked. He camein late and we ended up back at his room again, this time it was hotand furious after we discussed what happened maybe 20 hours earlier. Westood on his balcony over looking the ocean at around 2AM and he wouldstand behind me and rub his hard cock up and down my ass. I knew whathe wanted but didn't respond. I couldn't fathom having all his massive8" thick cock stretching my tight little untouched virgin hole!Afterthree nights of unabridged sex he said he wanted and told me he wantedto fuck me, fuck me real bad.

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   His cock was at least 8" uncut and thick. I told him I wouldn’t be able to take it all and said no. He didn’tstop trying though. On the 4th night I was off work, he and I wentout on a boat for the day as normal hetro guys do. We went back to thebar in his hotel. After a few drinks he handed me his hotel keys andtold me to go to his room and get dressed in what was on the bed and hewould be up in about 30 minutes. In his room draped on the bedwas a pair of lady's black real silk stockings, a garter belt, andsee-through lace panties. I got undressed and put them on, hmmm, itfelt VERY VERY horny! I couldn’t help looking at myself in the mirrorand thought my legs looked pretty good in them as well. I put my shirtback on unbuttoned and tied the tails together. My naked smooth chesttopped off the feminine sluttish look. He came in and I was lying onthe bed. He came over and sat down on the edge and stroked mystockinged legs and massaged my feet. He couldn't keep his hands andfingers still! He turned me over and ran his hands over my legs andsmooth ass. He reached into the side table drawer and took out some KYJelly and massaged my already wet hole. I turned over, told him I havenever been fucked and said I couldn't take his cock.

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  "I'mSURE!!" I said, "that cock will hurt like hell!” He said I wouldn't ifhe took his time and was a bit gentle. He came up and straddled myhead, a leg next to each ear and I sucked him. Just as I felt his ballsexplode, he was cumming. I could taste his precious hot thick cum. Hestopped and turned me over on my stomach. I let him pull my ass up andspread my legs wide open. He positioned himself and I felt thebeautiful big head of his cock press hard against my hole. He told me,"Hold still and you will feel like a real woman feels!". He forced thehead into me and stopped. He told me, "Take it bitch! You're a whore inheat so you'll take it all!!”. I pushed back and felt his hot bady andbegged him, "FUCK ME!" Go ahead fuck my pussy! NOW!!" I can stillremember how he held my hips and pulled me back. He pushed in and Ipushed back. GOD! So GOOD!! He stopped with his cock all the way in me!He positioned himself again to be all the way in me and then he rubbedhis big hands all over my back and along the stockings. Slowly he beganto pump me. He pushed my head down, took a hand full of my hair intohis fist, raised my ass and then he started to REALLY fuck me! Such anincredible feeling! Started to ride me like a stud horse.

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   I get veryvocal when I'm feeling cock and a man's animal lust! I couldn't sayanything as he fucked me. I could only find pleasure in his cock deepinside my body and moan! I that position I could reach down between ourlegs and cup his BIG heavy balls and beg. "Oh YES! Baby! Fuck me!That’s so damn good! Oh GOD! Honey fuck me". It wasn’t to long hegrabbed the tops of the stockings and held tight as he rode me and blewhis sweet cum all inside me. I could actually feel, it seemed likebuckets, his cum spurt into me and his tight balls pumping me full andpushed tight against my ass! We both laid there, he was on top of meand left his still hard cock in me. It wouldn’t have been 3 minutes andI experienced the most fantastic orgasm I think I have ever had to thisday! A deep overpowering orgasm! One that I NEVER will forget. My wholebody shivered with this overpowering electrical pulse. He stayedin that hotel for another 3 days and nights and we fucked in everyposition. Always with me 'dressed' in stockings and frilly panties. Sohorny!Ever since it has turned me on getting dressed up for a man that LIKES it. .