My hot camping trip part.2


Please read “day one” before reading this, or the beginning might not make sense… thanksThe next morning Kate was woken up by her parents getting out their side of the pp-up. Kate looked up and saw her mom and dad grabbing towels and the “wash up bucket” which had soap and shampoo. Her mom whispered “we’ll be back to make breakfast. ” Kate couldn’t believe the sexual appetite of her parents when they went camping. She hardly ever saw evidence at home, but the fresh air must bring out the horniness of her parents. They had made it the night before and now were off to shower together. Kate rolled over and looked at her brother’s sleeping bag and the flashback of the night before came back into her head, she couldn’t believe her brother had fucked her ass and she didn’t know it was him. She rolled away and closed her eyes. A few moments later she felt the bed shaking. She rolled over and her brother had his sleeping bag opened and he was pulling on his exposed dick. “Good morning” he said with an evil grin.   Kate looked at him and said “I have two question’s that have kept me up almost all night.   First of all, if you knew it was me in there why did you do what you did, and secondly how did you learn all that?”Jimmy looked back at her (never missing a stoke) and replied  “You are one of the hottest girls I know, I have been fantasizing about getting into your pants since I started jerking off. And as far as the other, what do you think I do on the Net all day long? Porn!” then boldly asked “do you want to suck it” and with that got up on his knees and positioned his dick to the side of his sister’s mouth. “No I don’t want to suck your dick, I’m your sister” Kate said probably a little louder than she should have.   She looked to her side and for the first time realized that this was the dick that was in her butt hours before.

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   She couldn’t believe she fit it inside her, it was just as big as the man she sucked on last night.  While Kate was thinking all this and not watching her brother, except for his dick, Jimmy had reached his arm down and the next thing Kate felt was her brother’s hand down her slightly opened sleeping bag. “Jimmy what are doing” she said sternly. “I’m trying to finger you again” he replied. She grabbed his arm, but too high. His hand was at the side of her panties and a moment later his finger was sliding along the elastic on her leg side and a second later found its mark and found the folds of her pussy and was in!“No Jimmy” she said again pulling against his arm. The pulling soon began a help and not a hindrance to Jimmy as she was pulling his hand deeper inside her.   Kate started to feel the affect of her brother’s finger inside her, especially as he added a second and the pleasure mounted. She had been thinking about sex all-night, sometimes upset and other times turned on.  Kate was feeling good and let go of her brother’s arm. She leaned back and closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was someone besides Jimmy fingering her.   She felt him shifting around as he took on finger out of her pussy and like he had last night, started to finger her ass and then inserted that finger in her other hole. Kate was enjoying the attack on her holes when she felt a different feeling. She looked down and Jimmy was licking her pussy. She thought about saying “no” but it felt too good.

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   Over the past 10 hours she had sucked a dick, been fingered and fucked up the ass and been licked all for the first time and almost all the firsts had been with her younger brother.  Kate neared her climax and really needed the release.   She lifted her butt off the bed to accept her brother’s tongue and fingers. As she did Jimmy lifted his knee over his sister and his balls were now sitting right over Kate’s mouth. Kate started to lick them and a moment later Jimmy used his free hand to point his dick down. Kate took the hint and took him into her mouth. It was a good thing too as Kate soon started to cum and  the cock in her mouth muffled the screams of her climax. Her brother was an expert to her inexperienced sex life and even if he wasn’t doing things right, she had no idea, she just knew it felt great. As she was bucking in her climax Jimmy was pumping his dick into her mouth.  Kate had been cumming a few minutes when Jimmy stopped everything he was doing and went still. Kate continued her sucking  and a moment later felt her brother’s load release along her tongue and run down her throat. She kept sucking till he was dry. Jimmy slowly withdrew his fingers from her holes and then rolled off his sister.   He shifted so they were face to face and then kissed his sister on the cheek.   “That was my first blow job” he whispered to her.

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    She looked at him and for some reason didn’t feel guilty but knew she should have and said “well that’s the first time anyone licked me down there as well… and thanks for the kiss. ”Jimmy then asked “are you going to go back to that bathroom?”  She looked at him and replied “I guess so, I have been thinking about it during the night. ”  “Well” Jimmy continued “let’s see what we can do and then tell each other and make it a kind of game, OK?”  Kate thought about it for a moment and then said “Ok- you are a pervert for 14 you know?”  Jimmy smiled and leaned over gave his sister’s tit a squeeze which started the two of them grabbing at each other in  a playful manner. This went on till Jimmy was getting hard again, and Kate finally said,  “we better get up, I need to go to the bathroom” and smiled as she got out of bed. Both Kate and Jimmy checked in at the bathroom a couple of times that morning with no luck, they were temped to go in together, but figured now that they had shared “bed” time, that the hole was foolish. Kate was walking toward the bathroom in the early afternoon, when she saw a guy that looked a couple of years older than her head into the men’s side of the building. She was hoping that she might get lucky this time.   She went into the women’s side and no-one was in there, she started to get excited. Sure enough, she went into the stall with the hole and the board was down. As she sat down she looked to her side and saw the guy in the stall. He was sitting there with his hand covering his private area. Kate looked closer at the hole so the guy could see that she was looking and the guy moved his hand, exposing a hard dick. This dick was bigger than the man’s the night before and her brother. As she looked she saw the guys face coming closer to the hole, she figure he probably wanted to see hers. So Kate pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles and spread her knees.

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   Just as her brother had done the night before, the guy reached in through the hole and started to finger her and again the hand stopped before her getting her off. The arm and hand receded and was quickly replaced with the boy’s cock. Kate turned and took the hard shaft in her mouth and started to suck. She was starting to like sucking cock and couldn’t believe how much it turned her on and how much she wanted to make the guy the cum in her mouth. She thought she felt the guy’s cock getting harder and just then both of them heard someone walking on the rocks. The guy pulled his dick out of Kate’s mouth and as he did he shot his load onto her face- the guy had pulled out at the wrong moment and even though they both heard the  spring of the door open the guy put his dick back into to hole and she took it back in- however 2 or 3 shots hit her face in the transition.   Kate sucked the next few shots out of the teenager and swallowed his load.   The guy finally pulled out and quickly put his dick back in his bathing suit and took off. Kate couldn’t believe that it actually turned her on to have the cum on her face. She took her time cleaning it off with some toilet paper. As she was doing it she heard the stall door open again on the men’s room side. She leaned back as she was still cleaning her face.   The guy on the other side didn’t wait however, and took no time in putting his limp dick into the hole. Kate wasn’t sure what she should do, but figured “what the heck” and took the small dick in her mouth and started to suck. She felt the dick starting to grow in her mouth and it was kind of a turn on knowing she was doing this.

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    She figured she would have to leave the stall after this blow job, so she slid her finger along her own slit and started to finger herself. She couldn’t believe how wet she was. One finger was not going to cut it, and she slipped another one inside herself. Meanwhile the small dick was continuing to grow and Kate realized that her mouth was expanding more then the last guy. She was bobbing her head and as she pulled back she also realized that  the dick  was getting  really long. . She had to look at it so she took her mouth off and looked at the largest dick she had seen the past day. She was so proud of herself that she could take the big thing. She put it back in her mouth and took it as deep as she could, meantime her fingers were working her up toward a climax, when she heard foot steps and then the door to the men’s room open again. The cock in her mouth never moved so she kept working him. Then she heard a voice “dad is that you in there?” Kate thought about the voice and then her suspicions were confirmed when the man, still with his dick in the hole, replied “yes, Jimmy I will be right out. ”  The man withdrew his dick and the minute he did Kate put the board back up on the hooks, pulled up her bathing suit bottoms and bolted to the door. She open the door quietly and walked out and to the side of the building in a calm way and  then walked to back side of the bathrooms. She knew her brother nor father could have gotten out that quickly. Kate then walked to the swing set about 20 feet away and sat on one of the swings and tried to get the thought of sucking her father’s hard cock out of her mind.

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    A few minutes later her brother was walking towards her. “I thought that might be you in there” he said to her as he neared.   “What are you talking about?” Kate replied.   “Oh don’t give me that. I know you were in there when that other guy was in there and I never saw you leave when he did. ” Jimmy said. Kate put her head in her hands and said , “I cant believe I was sucking my own father’s dick. ”  Jimmy replied “Tell me  about the first guy, we are suppose to tell each other?”“Ok, the first guy was there and started playing with himself— he then fingered me for a little bit and then put his dick through and I sucked him.   Then the door opened. . oh fuck, I mean when dad opened the door the guy pulled out a little and came on my face, but then put it back in and finished in my mouth” Kate told her brother. Jimmy smiled and said “that’s hot. Then what happened?”  Kate started to speak and thought for a moment and asked “Do you think mom knows that dad is cheating on her?”Jimmy looked at her and said “I don’t know if I would say cumming in a hole is cheating, and how do you know that mom isn’t doing the same thing, maybe that’s why we come here and they are fucking all the time. Hell it could have been mom who sucked me off an hour ago. ”Kate looked at him and said “You are suppose to tell me when you do something.

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  ” He responded “I was going to but you popped into the toilet and did that kid and then, um , the next guy. ”  “Dad you mean” she replied.    “Hey I stopped you before you went too far, I had to wait for the other guy to clear the place, I am sure it took him a few minutes to get it ready and stuff. ” Jimmy said. Kate shook her head “Nope, he just walked in the stall, pulled down his pants and put his limp dick through the hole. I figured “what the fuck” and sucked him till it grew to this really big cock. Did you know he had a big one?” she asked her brother.   “Well I guess I knew it wasn’t small, are you telling me you never noticed his pajamas after he and mom are playful in the kitchen?”  “No, gross “ she said and continued “I don’t look at his thing when he’s wearing his PJs. ”She was shaking her head and her brother felt bad for her and asked “so are you going to let me fuck you today?” Kate looked up and said “What?”  Jimmy replied “Are you going to let me fuck you, I mean obviously you are thinking about it and do you want to lose your virginity to some stranger through a hole in the wall, or me a brother that loves you and has thought about making it with you for over a year?” Kate thought about it for a few moments and replied, “Who said I am going lose my virginity this weekend?” He laughed and said “Gee let me think, it took me about 5 minutes to be fucking your virgin ass, I probably could have fucked you last night myself, I think when you get horny you would do anything. ” Kate looked at him and replied “that’s an awful thing to say. ” She then laughed and realized he was probably right. The kids took off for a walk and to their surprise found another bathroom at other end of the camp ground--  but that’s for the next chapter. .