New college fetish Ch1.


    After I graduated High School in Tampa Florida, I decided to take a trip over to the east coast of Florida and go to college over there. In college is where I met my dream guy. His name is Michael, he is 22 years old, he has short brown spiked hair, gorgeous blue eyes, great build, nice tan and a tattoo on his groin area that reads “YOUR HOT ROD“. Oh my god every time I suck his cock it makes wanna cum just looking at it. (Really girls you would have to see it to understand what I am talking about).
Well little to me knowing Michael has this fetish that I just learned about two weeks ago. One night Michael and I were just taking a joy ride thru his town that he grew up in and that I have never been to. He pulled off the road about a mile down this dark dirt trail. From his glove box he pulled out a pack of Marlboro Reds. He asked me first if it would be ok if he had one. I just looked at him and said “ I didn’t know you smoked”. He then said “ baby if you don’t want me to smoke I won’t”. I looked at him again and said “ I am not your mother, you can do what ever it is that you wanna do, and I will not stop you from smoking I just didn’t know you smoked”. And with that said he pulled out a cigarette from the pack, put it between his hot lips. He pulled a Zippo from his blue jeans pocket, opened the lid, struck it on his jeans, it lit he looked at me and put the flame of the Zippo to the Red and lit it. This was just to much for me to handle he looked so HOT my god, he just looked like a stud from a good porno, all he needed now was to be naked.

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   He looked at me and said “ well what do you think, do you not like this bad habit about me? Would you like me to stop?”. There was nothing I could say except “ No what ever you do, do not stop you look so hot, you look like a guy that can take control of any woman he wanted to”. And with said I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his limp cock from its cage. I started sucking on the head of it and it did not take long for it to be standing at attention with my head bobbing up and down in his lap, he was enjoying the pleasure a lot. Now me being the brave girl that I am, I took the cigarette from him, took a long drag from it handed it back and exhaled the smoke into his lap and all over his hard 10” cock. He loved this and had me do it again and again, after about the third or fourth time he exploded his cock full of cum down my throat, I took every last of it too.
Michael and I had found this new fetish to a good jump in our relationship. About a week after we learned our new fetish we continued to do different things that had to do with smoking and sex.
It was now about the end of my freshman year in college and Michael and I planned an end of the year party for just some of our friends at our apartment. The party was on a Saturday night; we had about 20-30 people over that night. Some were smokers and others were not. I found myself watching the other guys smoking and learned that Michael was not the only hot smoker that I knew. Michaels’ friend Brad was at the party that night. Now Brad is just a bit younger than Michael is. Brad was 19 years old the same age as me, he has blonde surfer hair and hazel eyes nice tan and build from working out and surfing all the time.


   Now Brad was the flirtatious type and he knew he could be to be because Michael and him were very good friends and Brad would not do anything to hurt Michael, he would be the first to have Michael’s back in any confrontation or any time of need. I was not an all out cigarette smoker at this time, just while Michael and I were fucking or I was sucking his dick and even then not every time. Brad on the other hand was an all out smoker and I mean smoker, weed, cigarettes and cigars. I will never be into pot or cigars so just check that off your list. As the night went on I found Brad alone on the back porch smoking. His brand of choice was Newport. While Michael was entertaining guest I was going to entertain Brad. I took a Newport out of the pack that was sitting on the table in front of Brad, I asked for a light; Brad then said “why you don’t smoke”, in a questing manner. I asked again for a light, Brad pulled a lighter out of a pocket in his bright orange and blue board shorts and lit the cigarette for me. As I was sitting in the chair next to him smoking this menthol cigarette that I actually like the flavor of Brad looked over at me and asked again “ when did you start smoking?”, I explained to him about me and Michael’s fetish. He looked confused about this as though he has never heard of such a fetish. He looked over at me as I was putting out the cigarette, and said “show me what you mean about this fetish”. He lit his cigarette and I told him that he would have to talk to Michael about that. Now don’t get me wrong I would fuck Brad in a minuet if Michael and I were not together and so happy like we are. Brad finished his cigarette and went in the house.

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About 30 minuets later the party was starting to thin out just a little and Michael came over to me and said he had to talk to me about something and it was important. I looked at him and said ok talk, Michael began to tell me how his ex-girlfriend showed up at the party, I had not noticed her (if I did I would kick her ass) and she went over to him and locked him in the back bedroom, she threw him on the bed and started to suck his cock while her friend sat on his face (with her pants off) to keep him quiet. After they were done they switched positions and did the same thing. I was pissed off at this point and asked if he was really serious he said that he was. My question was why did no one else saw this. I think he fucked them not they fucked him. I stormed off to my bedroom after stopping on the porch to steal the pack of Brad’s Newport’s. Once I got in my room I locked the door and lit a cigarette, after about 10 minuets to myself I heard a knock on my bedroom window, it was Brad. . .
This story is to be continued.