No Way!


Well its been a year since i started wearing pantyhose and panties but this is how it all began.
It started out as an arguement between me and my girlfriend about who had it worse off girls or guys.   This was right before a wedding we had to go to in the middle of summer in souther cali.   I complaine that guys had it worse since we had to wear a suit and tie which was quite hot while women could wear dresses and skirts.   I said that these were much cooler than the pants and jacket that i had to wear.   This lead to a somewhat serious arguement which lead to a bet.   we would ask 20 different people 10 guys 10 girls who had it worse.   The loser of the bet got to pick the others outfit for 24 hrs.   Now i thought this was great.   not only could i win and prove my girlfriend wrong( we are kinda competetive) but i could get her into some sexy custom for alittle fun.   The worst that could happen is i get put in some oufit she thought was hot and again i would get sex out of it.   So this was a win win situation.
Well we head out to the local mall and ask 10 men and 10 women who had it easier men or women.   It was close and also surprising the score was 11 to 9 in favor of the women.   well i thought big deal i guess ill hafta get dressed up and then i still get some sex out of this.   well my girlfriend was gloating over her win she told me to leave the mall and pick her up in a few hrs while she picked out my outfit for her prize.

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    so i left thinking "its not too bad i get some new clothes out of this too"  Well few hrs past and i come to pick her up.   When she gets into teh car i try to see what she bought but she hides it and says that i will find out soon enough.   I thought fine whatever it doesnt matter.  
We get home and she rushes upstairs.   I folow afer her expecting a fun night.   Well shes  is asks with this devious smile if i was ready for my punishment for losing our bet and i reply sure.   She then tells me to go into the bathroom and shave everything.   Now i was alittle bit worried but i thought not a big deal since im not a very hair guy in the first place.   I come out with my face and pubic area shaved.   she frowns and is like you arent done bigboy go shave your legs.   this starts to worry me alittle but i still go along with it.   After a while i finally get done and come out.   i look on the bed and im horrified, on the bed lies a girls shirt, skirt, panties, pantiehose and socks.  
My girlfriend seeing this look of panic smiles and says go ahead put it on.   "Since you think girls have it easier you are going to experience it for yourself".

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    Now you see now only did i hafta wear girsl clothes but they were the girliest clothes you could thik of.   The shirt was purple with a matching flowery print skirt.   the panties were pink string bikinis with the words bad girl across the front and spank me across the butt.   The pantyhose were a light pink as well which matched the flowers on the skirt; little white lace socks with ruffles on the edges completed this little girls outfit.
My girlfriend feels just a tiny bit sorry for me and helps me into the clothes.   the shirt really wasnt a big deal neither was the skirt since it just seemed like a towel around your waist after a shower.   but the panties and pantyhose were very weird.   But as she helped me into them i strangely got arrosed.   The panties slid up and felt so soft against my slowly growing penis.     The killer blow was when she slid the pantyhose over my very sensative freshly shaven legs.   by the time she got them up around my waist my cock as straining against the panties and tight nylon encaseing them.   She then looks down soemwhat surprised and asks"so you enjoy this?"  i asswer kinda sheepishly that i do and she finds this to be a turn on.  
we waste no time getting her stripped down to her panties and i pull of the shirt but as i start to pull the skirt and pantyhose down she stops me and say "no way you arent getting off that easy, you are staying in that all night".   Well this shocks me but im  like whatever as she starts to rub my cock through the pantyhose and panties.   this feels wonderful and i grow to my complete hardness.

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    this is almost painful since she had tucked ym cock between my legs so i looked more girly.   she then tells me to lay down on the bed and spread my legs i comply.   just like i ahve done so many times before she then lays down between them and eats me out like a girl licking and slurping at my "man clit" as she starts to call it.   I tell her that i am just about to come and she stops.   I reach down to finish the job and she stops me she pulls the waistband of the panties and pantyhose down so my cock springs free and she jumps on top impaling herself.   i cum immediately.   i pump what seemed to be gallons of jizz into her.  As i start to get soft again she stuffs my shirnking cock back inside my panties.   Then she brings out her vibartor, she circles this around my cock and i become hard again in minuets, the fastest turn around i have ever had.   she then leaves and puts on pantyhose of her own.   she then handcuffs me to the head board as she pulls down the waistband of the panties and pantyhose again she leaves my balls inside this time. She then sits down on my already hard cock pushing the crotch of her pantyhose into her pussy.   this feeling is amazing, her pussy is amazingly tight around my cock and teh feeling of the pantyhose on my legs and on my cock was even more arrousing.   she then spins around so her back is too me the friction of the nylon in her pussy on my dick almost makes me lose it again but the waistband of the panties and pantyhose keeps my balls down.   then she starts the best time of my life she strokes my inner thighs and my crotch.

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    she messages my balls and she rides me up and down.   she comes atleast twice.   everytime im about to come she slows down and pulls my panty encased balls down so i cant cum.   finally after after a few hrs of this torture she lets me cum.   And i came the hardest i had ever come for the second time in one night.  
now i wear panties more than i do my boxers,  i wear pantyhose almost every night we sleep together and even continue you to wear them during the day under my normal clothes.   my beautiful girlfriend has helped me discover a love in my life that i will never lose.
this is my first story and commets are welcome this is a true story.   
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