Riding With Confidence


Ellie stood there in the school stables. She wasn't a very good rider she'd admitted that to herself along time ago. She'd never been that good ever since she had an accident when she was seven years old. The horse had been stung by a bee and cantered off with her still in the saddle, she didn't like riding after that and now eleven years on still wasn't any different. But yet the nuns at the catholic boarding school she attended insisted she keep trying, even though she was leaving later on that year for college they thought she should get over her fear. Of course arguing because you were eighteen and could do what ever you liked wouldn't exactly go down well with the nuns. She had needed a tutor to help her but none of the regular riding guys could. Not that she'd blame them, she didn't feel the best about herself in that respect. She looked good she'd admit that but she just didn't have the confidence. She had long, slightly curly, light brown hair, it went down to her waist and framed the creamy skin of her face. With high cheek bones and huge green eyes, she'd call herself not bad looking, but she felt better when she was with female company. But then again she didn't have much of a choice. The school she was in was an all girl one the only guys there were, were the priests and the stable hands. Sister Jessup had told her Bridget would meet her down at the stable to help her. Bridget was in the same class, year and sleeping block as her, she was beautiful like Ellie but in opposite ways, having almost like a gleaming gold shine to her shoulder length, straight hair, a small nose and deep blue eyes. She was a lot of opposites Ellie thought since Bridget was pure confidence, maybe Sister Jessup thought some of it might rub off onto her. 

   Bridget was a good rider too, see amazed nearly everyone with her talent, that's why Ellie supposed she was helping her. Before Ellie hand come out to the stable she had put up her hair in a low pony tail, to both keep it out of the way while at the same time have a helmet on her head. She also put on a pair of baggy, old, faded jeans with a big tear in the left knee matched with a big, navy, sports sweater on to keep warm, completed by her tan boots. Just then she heard a noise come from the front outside the stable door. She had been waiting in the main part of the new stable where the horses would be transferred to soon, fresh hay had been put down in preparation but no moves yet. She walked out into the small court yard out the front of the stable block and saw Bridget with her back towards her saddling up Missy, a chestnut coloured horse. Bridget had come wearing a hot pink cardigan sweater top and pair of black jeans matched with her black riding boots, her golden hair separated into pig tails behind her black velvet helmet. She had just finished sorting out Missy when she turned around a smile on her face, she must have heard her come up behind because she handed her a whip before she saw it was her. Then she handed over a helmet. "Come on Elle, lets get you saddled up" she said a smile on her face. "Er, I think your confused my name is Ellie""I know, I was just shortening it, you don't mind do you?" she said sincerely. "N-no of course, it's just some people-""Don't worry about what people say, it shouldn't matter. But I'm glad you don't think I'm one of those people""N-no of course not""Good" she said taking Ellie's hand "Lets get you saddled up then" she said helping he onto the horse. Bridget noticing her stiff frame as she led Missy into the riding pen, halted the horse, then looked at Ellie. Ellie could tell she could she the fear that had sketched into her eyes as soon as the had sat on the horse.

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   But she smiled. "Try not to be scared Elle, horses can sense your fear, and when your tense like that they know you don't trust them, so they don't trust you either. And that is accidents happen. " Ellie stiffened even more at the thought of an accident happening. Bridget seeing this started to rub her back, as soon as Bridget's hand touched her, just like when she was helping to get her on Missy that warm feeling settled a feeling her stomach. God she hoped Bridget didn't know what was going on with her she thought her body becoming rigid against Bridget's hand. Feeling it Bridget looked up. Put her hand on each side of the saddle and hauled herself up. "Right" she said placing herself behind Ellie. Then placing her hands on Ellie's hips. Ellie hardened not knowing what to do. "Right" Bridget repeated, then she continued "the best way to calm yourself down and un-tensing muscles is simply to thing about something else. Something that had nothing to do with fear. Sometimes it's showing you how the horse moves, so you can get you rhythm, showing you that it's safe. We'll try that one first" she said he hands gripping Ellie's hips harder.

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  "You've seen people ride yeah?""yeah" she choked out, trying not to feel the heat of Bridget's fingers pressing into her hips. "You've seen them trot?""Yeah""Well they move their hips in a rhythm, here let me show you" she said started to move her hips, circling towards Ellie, then her fingers were urging her on "Go on try it" Bridget whispered breathlessly in her ear. So she did. Bridget's hips grinding against hers at the same time. Her cunt getting wet through her blue jeans, grinding hard and harder against Missy's saddle. Then she stopped suddenly feeling colour rush to her cheeks, she was so close- and it wasn't suppose to be that what she was feeling at all. Shame boiled in her. "I see we're going to have to try a different tactic" Ellie felt guilty, she hadn't even been thinking about the horse and she hand relaxed, but she could tell her that she would want to know what she was thinking about, then she would laugh, then she would- oh! Bridget's hands moved. Quickly. From her hips to the wetness in-between her legs, pressing, feeling the wet denim. "So. . . " she said her voice smiling ". .

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  . that's why you stopped. . . " she breathed in Ellie's ear ". . . you were excited. . . " she said pressing harder causing a helpless moan to escape Ellie's lips. ". . . you wanted this .

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  . . " she said rubbing her index fingers along the increasingly wet denim. ". . . well maybe. . . " she started, moving her left hand, leaving her right one still placed on the wetness near her cunt. Moving it to the top of her waistband slipping her fingers underneath ". . . this will. .

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  . " he fingers going beneath the elastic band of her white cotton panties ". . . help you. . . " her fingers trailing around her pubic hair, twirling her fingers around the curls ". . . ride with confidence" with that last word she slipped her finger past her pussy lips and into her sleek wetness, grazing Ellie's clit with her thumb, Bridget used her other hand to rub her through her rough trousers, pushing her hand further along her front creases until the side of one of Ellie's ass cheeks, rubbing gently. The sensations washing over her, her head went back to Bridget's shoulder. Then her hands stilled, leaving Ellie unfulfilled and a small protest came out. "You want more?" Bridget smiled "I know you want more, tell me you want more, you want more?!""Yes, oh god yes!" as soon as she said that Bridget removed the hand that was teasing her a ass cheek and held onto the rains as moved the horse into a trot , her hand and fingers still tightly imbedded in Ellie's cunt. Each trot of the horse causing Bridget's finger to move more and more, Ellie gripping Bridget's thighs as they stopped outside the new stables, gasped as she came all over Bridget's delicate fingers.

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   Slipping her hand out of her underwear and jeans, gripped her hips and swung herself down, helping Ellie down at the same time, then tying Missy to a post right next to it. "You want more. So lets give you more" she said with a smug smile, taking Ellie by the hand and leading her into the stable- pulling her into a stall Bridget pulled out a old faded, flannel blanket and laid in on the fresh straw. Pulling Ellie into the center on the blanket Bridget pulled Ellie to her and kissed her firmly on the lips, Ellie gasped from within the embrace, slightly opening her mouth. Bridget took advantage of her shock, pushing her tongue past Ellie's teeth and moulding it with her own tongue, sucking in her bottom lip, Bridget gently bit it, pulling the bobble out of her low pony tail, Ellie moved her hands from Bridget's shoulders to undo her helmet. Bridget placed her hands over it, stopping her in the process. "No, I like it" she said trying to get her breath back, putting her hand to Ellie's hair and spreading out the curls. Then he hand slipped from her back past her shoulders, to rest on Ellie's breasts through the woollen material. Ellie could feel them beading under Bridget's touch, she began to rub around them, missing the tips, leaving them aching to fulfilment. Then as quickly as her hands were there they were gone and climbing underneath her big shapeless jumper, whipping it clear off her head and past the still intact velvet black helmet, revealing Ellie's cotton 34C bra. Bridget's fingers going straight for Ellie's erect nipples. She had never gone this far not even with a guy, oh god but it felt good. Snapping her bra to reveal her breasts to her, Bridget nuzzled them with her face. "Lie down" she said into her breasts. Obediently Ellie lay on the old blanket, Bridget went straight for her baddy jeans, pulling them down with her panties past her dark curls and further down her smooth thighs and firm calves, tugging them past the tan boots on Ellie's feet.

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   The cool air in contact with her pale skin gave her goose bumps of pleasure, beside her boots on and helmet Ellie was completely naked, Bridget stood up, and Ellie raised herself on her knees, moving her hands up her legs on the firm black denim, tugging them until the feel past her knees were a black riding boots came up to. Pushing Ellie back down to the blanket, Bridget shoved her jeans and the panties that had been pulled down with them clear off and mounted Ellie, sitting slightly Bridget's naked bare cunt connected together, throwing while she was at it her pink sweater to reveal a hot pink silk bra. Grabbing Ellie's hands she thrust them onto her 36Ds, causing the front clasp to burst open, Bridget's breasts and pink, swollen nipples spilling into Ellie's hands. Ellie rubbed- just like Bridget did for her, surround the nipple while never touching it unless to give a slight flick, Bridget's cheeks pink with frustration she collapsed onto Ellie, he mouth going straight for her engorged nipples causing Ellie to cry out in delight at the awareness sweeping over body, Bridget nibbled on Ellie's teat making her groan, then she sat up, wrapping her black booted leg around Ellie's tan ankle booted one she grinded her cunt against hers, making shouts of joy pass through both their mouths until their inflamed pussy lips spilt their wet juicy cum on each others thighs. Bridget collapsed onto Ellie's knee her ribs resting on the top of the knee, then she was gone and next Ellie saw she was kneeling in-between Ellie's open legs with a whip in the right hand, flicking it slightly with her left. She couldn't believe this was happening, Bridget picked up the small whip, shimmering it gently over her clit making her residue drip onto it, Ellie's breath catching in her throat coming out as gasps as she felt herself get closer and closer, then it was inside her, pushing and pushing- till it got to her resistance, then with a brief shot of pain it was though, cringing with slight pain. The whip had slipped through her wet and slippery folds, tickling her swollen insides with it's tip. Throwing her head back she closed her eyes, almost fighting the sensations shaking her body to it's core. Her breathing was layered, coming out in gasps, seeming as if the air couldn't find her body fast enough, she could feel Bridget's left hand resting on inner part of her right thigh. Then she could feel calloused finger-tips on her clit again. Strong fingers big fingers. Clutching the sides of the rough blanket, she held on. "Yes! . . .

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   Oh yessss!" her own heart beat pulsing in her ears, blocking off every other sound, while at the same time bucking against both the fingers and whip that was surrounded by her inflamed cunt. "Oh, OH! GOD!, oh yes" she squealed the thrill having this object that she never wished to use on horse was being used on her. "You like that?!" Bridget hissed, almost breathless. Some Ellie could tell she was turn on by what she was doing too. "God yes! Oh Lord!!! Pressing it in further I'm going to cum!! OH!""Now, now. . . " Bridget started trying to grab back her breath, Ellie hearing the smile in her voice "That's blasphemy"Ellie couldn't help it, the smile turned into a laugh, that laugh soon turned into moans of pleasure as the tip of the whip seemed to flick around inside her. The whip going in, and out, and back, the fingers almost tickling her clit, then suddenly squeezing was almost like Bridget was milking her, her juices spilling on the rod, still deeply imbedded in her tunnel. Her cum dripping on the handle of the whip and the finger-tips that had given her so much pleasure. She started to descend, then she thought about Bridget's hands, one hand to hold the whip and the other was still resting on her thigh, who did the fingers of the other person belong to, her eyes fluttered open. It was a stable boy, he was about twenty in age, or at least that was what she could tell through her dazed eyes. He saw her look up, he smiled. One hand now motionless on her clit, her cum still on his fingers, then she saw his hand undone his jeans, his hand on his large cock, leaving the end in clear view, his cum all over his left hand. He pulse had been bang so hard in her ears she hadn't heard his grunts of pleasure.

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   But from were he had stood by the door he was now on his knees next to Bridget. Of course they had left the horse out! He had probably put Missy away and heard them. He had taken off his shirt and his jeans were hanging past his buttocks opened were his cock had been thrust out. "Mark wanted to join in. I knew you would mind" Bridget said with a smile. Just Mark grabbed the rod of the whip and Bridget let go causing a moan to growl in her throat "My turn" he said with a devious smile. Bridget leaned on Mark's back and stroked his ass. Slipping the whip out, he looked at the mix between the blood and cum that christened the flimsy tip. He licked it and looked at her again. Surging forward his head sank between her legs, making her gasp as his tongue played with her clit. Bridget was pulling his jeans down more, followed by his underwear, they went to his knees. Bridget nibbling on his ass, as he licked and nibbled at Ellie's clit. Sucking on the swollen bud, he pressed his tongue into her cunt causing her juices to spill, again and again as it probed her insides. Cumming into his mouth, Mark swallowing her sweet nectar as it flowed from her. He rose on his knees, Bridget still behind him playing with his nipples, making them stand on their peaks.


   Then he grabbed Ellie's ass and pulled her to him pulling her on top of his cock and impaling her on it. The shock of the quick entry taking the breath out of her lungs momentarily as he thrust into, gripping onto her ass cheeks moving her in the rhythm you would to ride, over and over, harder and harder. "Come on" he groaned, fingers skimming the red flesh were his fingers had been on her ass. He began to slap. "Oh!" she exclaimed as adrenalin burst in her. "Ride me, baby" he slapped her ass again, surging her higher and higher. She grabbed the back of his head as he thrust over and over. "Harder!" she growled in his ear "Harder!!!" she squealed as Bridget came around to her as pushed her further down impaling herself on him more. Bridget using one hand to play with one of nipples as he bit the other, still thrust further and further into her- just when she thought she would split in two she came, bright light filling her eyes, her hearing muffled he came, emptying his creamy cum inside her tunnel. She fell back, dizziness clouded over her and sleep took over as blackness went over her eyes. Waking up a few hours later she was dressed again and lying on the old blanket. Her helmet and whip were next to her- she took them and got Missy from a nearby stall. She went round the pen, now she could ride. Taking her around in a trot she saw Bridget and Mark standing at the gate. Smiling she went one more round the course, the sun setting in the distance. 

   She rode with confidence.

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