Snow girl.


I enjoy my neighbours fun.

This enjoyment has just been surpassed. To explain,a single parent mother with a clutch of teen kids keep a very tight reign on them all. The oldest boy is about twenty,then they go down in steps to under teens. The girl in this tale is the most flipant I suspect. She thinks nothing of changing in the bedroom with lights blazing and curtains non existent. But she equally never quite shows her naked body,nearly never. The times this happens is aided and abetted by her tormenting brothers.

This tale is the current tone just witnessed by yours truly!

Snow meant no school or college today. Great! Off the kids go for fun in the park. That was hours ago. I see them coming down the road still pelting each other with snowballs in between rolling an ever growing giant snowball. I watch for awhile,then plonk my ass back in the chair until I see them outside their home. Enjoying their fun I stand and watch from the warmth of my living room as I recall just how fearfully cold this fun makes your hands. A break in the fun sees the girl pushing the large snowball towards her garden wall.

Now understand,she's no stick insect.

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   Bending over to roll the thing her nice rounded fat ass is placed directly at me. So as she pushes this thing her jogging pants decide to desert her ample rump. I enjoy the sight of her ass crack gradually being exposed. Realising this she straightens and jacks the joggers back up over her crack only to resume her activities and immediately her ass crack again comes into view with a larger part now showing. In fact I know I'm looking at enough to know her bum hole is hidden between the ample ass cheeks now showing. My dick knew this as well and twitched at the thought of seeking out her tight little butt hole.

Again she stopped and pulled the joggers up,turning towards me as she exposed her belly and nearly as far down to her pubis. I shivered as I imagined the affect of her cold wet gloved hand running across her belly/pubis. The fun went on and in between the snowballing,threats were made to each other about her fate because she was having some success in placing snow about their bodies where in fact her brothers weren't happy about. Absent at this time was the oldest brother,presumably at work I assumed.

Fun over they decide to go into their house and I resumed sitting in my seat. Almost immediately the bedroom light went on and there she was,doing nothing in particular. Wooph! A snowball hit her window. I couldn't see who threw it but she could. Immediately she responded,the window swung wide brought a series of threats from her too the assailant.

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   Meanwhile the snow throwing continued, - This told me mum was not at home. - So by this time her brother,the next down in age had appeared behind her in the room and seemed uninterested in these activities until she climbed onto some sort of platform to see even farther down the street.

It appeared the assailant had moved on,so now attracted to some snow in close proximity to the window she obviously intended in taking advantage of one or other of her brothers. Then it happened,I suspect the brother realised her activity and moving like quick silver he yanked on her joggers and they were dragged to her ankles. With hands full of snow she couldn't even stop her knickers from following down her thighs. There before me and them was her naked belly with its pubes spread in a vee across her pubis and the slight indentation of her pussy.

They were seeing her ass,so I concluded I had the best sight. In her moment of excitement the lump of snow seemed to change hands to her brother just as the younger brother came through the door to join them. He shot back thro' the door realising his brother was advancing on him with the snow. Meanwhile the screaming sister attempted to drag her gear back up her body. I had to hand it to the brother with the snow. His dexterity changed target in an instant and the new target felt the full offering of snow. In her bent position and with her knickers dragging against her fat ass cheeks reluctent to come up her legs,brother slapped the snow slap bang into her asshole and cunt. She yelped and still on her pedestal turned to throw a slap. I had a view of a large snowball jammed against her hot pussy/asshole.

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Of course in an instant the snow dropped away and all hell ensued. Meanwhile,little brother had come in the room unnoticed while she steadied and dragged her clothes back up almost properly only to receive another shock as little brother rammed the the remnants of snow down the front of her knickers. In moments down came the knickers and I had another look at her quim as she scooped the now melting ice - for that's what it had become with the heat of its handling - grabbing something to dry her pussy helped this lucky sod in getting a display of the young pussy being pushed about by its owner.

The older brother departed under a cloud of threats,while the younger brother darted around the bedroom in fear for his life it seemed. After an indeterminate time as thing were settling down,she'd shed her joggers but retained her knickers. Shouting was still in progress to other siblings somewhere in the house,while the young woman resumed her position on her plinth. I think it acted to make her feel more powerful. The bedroom door now flew open and the twenty year old appeared. He yelled at his kid brother who promply disappeared thro' the door.

I expected this to be the conclusion of this event. . . Non of it,he spoke to sister of which I couldn't hear. Then he smoothed her ass cheeks while she stood but tried to push his hands away. "NO! FUCK OFF! NO! DON'T YOU DARE!" - I adjourned to my bedroom,this appeared to have appeal to this voyeur! - Sure enough,by the time I got there,he had his hand inside the back of her knickers smoothing her ample ass.

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   She was still resisting but not vocally. The younger brother pushed the door open, - I thought, 'That's fucked it' but no,with a thunderous thread of "FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE SHIT and STAY FUCKED OFF"

I could tell he - the older one - had serious intentions and I admit to my dick stiffening as he fondled her ass. Almost trance like she now stood as he gradually eased her knickers down with the smoothing action. She in turn had moved slightly giving me the view of the downward progress of her knickers over her pussy. All at the same time she seemed to except her ass becoming naked but equally occasionally held the knickerfront up, -She unknowinly tormenting my own now hard cock as I hoped for a full masterbation of her pussy to take place. Before any attempt to pull the curtains.

I needn't have worried no attempt at all to pull these were to take place. I could not hear the animated discussion but the nodding of her head indicated that she didn't want to do whatever it was he was asking. But she did reach down and start to fondle at his fly and in moments she'd retrieved a very hard cock from his trousers. It stood out proud in front of his body as he continued requesting whatever he still wanted. I realised as she again bent and undone his belt and trousers to let them fall away. Now his cock pranced from his loins convincing me he fully intended to fuck his sister.

There was nothing for it but to pull my own hardon out and start to wank myself off. Equally she was being masterbated on her clitoris as I could now look at her naked cunt that against her wishes he had removed from her knickers. By the trance like look on her face he had already got her into an orgasmic mood.

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   He spoke and she opened her thighs by bending her knees outwards. Thismeant she could no longer wank him as he did her. More talk,now normal I guess,because I no longer could hear raised voices until as her face screwed into an orgasmic look. "NO! NO! NO Way,you're not" He frantically now masterbated at her pussy which made her wobble on the plinth and nearly topple. Holding onto his shoulders,she held her head back with eyes closed, then clearly shuddered from head to toe.

"NO! We can't,you've only done this before,why can't I do you like I always do?" She grabbed his cock and wanked it furiously. In turn he had other ideas as he grabbed hold of her and bending her forward, - She grabbed at the furniture to steady herself. - I realised with her stood up on this plinth her pussy was at just the right height for a doggy insertion by this tall brother of hers. That's exactly what she got, the clear yelp told me he'd just popped his sisters cherry. No wonder she was so vocal in her resistence. It made no odds,he'd come on to her horny as hell and took advantage of her sexually exposed excitement,which I suspect was already caused by the other sibling attempts to see or have her pussy.

To late now! - He was pumping his sister's pussy to a joint orgasm. He equally made no attempt to spit his cum outside her belly. In fact the way he was gripping her brought my jism spewing out of my own cock,splatting here there and everywhere,as I watched the super thrusts that indicated he had pumped and pounded his sperm deep into her orgasaming vagina. Pulling his wet dripping cock from her, - "Stupid bastard! What did you go and do that for.

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   I would have wanked it for you,you stupid bastard. Mum might have come in and caught us" - The door opened and the kid was back, hollering, - "Tim's just fucked our Judy" - He darted away before death got him by sister throwing some heavy indiscernable object. - "I'll fucking kill you if somebody hears you" Was all I heard as big brother shot from the room followed by a wack and a shrieking moving into crying.

He came back in and looked at his sisters still naked loins,grinned and I'm sure he said, "Got him,but did you enjoy it?" - Her now quiet nod said it all,I must watch for her next fucking,I'm sure it will be soon. That plump bum and pussy had a new focus of attention,me waiting for my next wank while watching! - Who knows,she may include her other brother's. I Hope so!