The Model : her Second Night


THE MODEL : Her Second Night

Amanda arrived at the S&M shop, Succubus, at 5:30 PM, 30 minutes earlier than the one-hour time she was given to show up at. The store opened at 7:00 PM. She was nervous and curious as to what this second evening at work would bring. The door was not propped open like last night, but it was unlocked so she let herself in. Amanda locked the door behind her and noticed a display in the window where she had been was last night. It was the exact pony-girl display, but there was a flexible mannequin in a similar latex cat suit now there. A feeling of relief washed over her as she assumed that she would not be on display again, and might actually assume a more ‘normal’ work role, whatever that would be in this seedy section of town, in this type of shop. Amanda shivered with an erotic thought as she recalled wearing the latex cat suit yesterday, revealing her every detail through it from head to my toe. Customers wandered the store looking at racks of sexual merchandise, fetish clothing, and erotic displays, in which she was one of them, with everyone unaware. Amanda found herself caressing her left breast through her blouse with her right hand. As crazy and as extreme last night had been, she was turned on. She decided to put the latex outfit back on, even though she didn’t know the plans for the evening. Just thinking about wearing it and how she was stuck on all fours to look like a mannequin turned her on. She found it just where she left it, and squeezed herself into it again. The boots were not to be found though but a discovery was made. Amanda found a few boxes of sexy stiletto type heels, all in a size 6.

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   Apparently they were brought here for her work-week, she would guess. Amanda took out a pair of black 5 ½” stiletto heeled pumps and tried them on. They had a killer arch, and they would do. Next, she found and an attractive pair of black, latex gloves that came up to the elbow and she put those on.
The front door unlocked and Roger came in. He smiled and said, “I am glad you decided to come for day two”, as he walked to the back of the store. He smiled and said, “I guess I did not scare you off after last night? You decided to still keep your promise of not quitting?” Amanda said, “I told you I am not a quitter, and I hope that curiosity does not kill the cat”. No pun intended to the cat suit reference. Roger arrived at Amanda and noticed she had put on the cat suit from the previous day. He noticed new accessories, different than the on the previous day. He said, “nice gloves, and I see you found the heels I got you”. Amanda also did not have the corset on from last night. Amanda initially thought the corset was fun and erotic, but after a few hours she could really feel the pressure of it pushing against her, and did not want to deal with any pressure that day. Roger said “you won’t be wearing that latex outfit, but latex is definitely the theme for tonight. Amanda wondered what he meant? He probably meant another latex outfit he had.

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   They stood there in a moment of silence staring at each other, and Roger barked out, “are you going to take it off?” Amanda responded quickly by peeling it off herself and dropping it to the ground. Roger said, “Thank you. We have much to do before we open. ” He walked over to an open area in the back of the store and Amanda followed, noticing a new 6’X8’ piece of very thick plastic with a metal frame around the edges. It was lying flat on the floor. It looked like an oversized picture frame. Roger handed her a few pictures to look at. Amanda had never seen anything like this before. Roger said “They are pieces of abstract art that I have made sold, a few times, to some customers. They are like a 3D picture. I take a rubber, very detailed, life like mannequin, dress it in pieces of lingerie, fetish wear, or just kept naked, and put it in a pose. I cover everything in a sheet of very strong, soft, and extremely stretchable latex I clamp the trim pieces around the outside of the frame, and it seals the outside of the latex sheet against the frame making it air-tight. I then connect a vacuum to the valve embedded in the sheet and suck out all the air. It is similar the way they vacuum pack food. It makes an erotic, large piece of art to hang on a wall. 

Roger then said “as for tonight, let’s get you ready”. He came up behind Amanda and put a thick ball gag in her mouth, and quickly fastened it behind her head. Roger said “I have no time to listen to any questions or complaints tonight. We will need all the time we have before we open. ” Amanda was now ‘literally’ speechless. He handed her a black corset with a silver ring hanging on each side. She put it on and he pulled it tight and tied it, displaying her Victorian figure now visible again. Four adjustable straps were then handed to her. Each had a silver ring attached to them also.   There were two for her wrists and two for her ankles. He helped her snap on the one-inch wide, round-studded wrist straps, and then the two identical type straps around her ankles.   Roger then said ‘lie down on the frame. Lie on your back and look straight up. Amanda got down on the frame and had her arms at her side and her legs together and wondered what was the point of this now? Roger said ‘OK, now spread your legs apart.   Spread you arms above your head now, in the spread eagle position.


  ” Amanda was curious as to what was next, and felt very vulnerable and naked, with her legs spread wide, wearing only the corset and straps. Roger said, “don’t move”. Amanda did not move at all, and felt him go around to each wrist and ankle and do something, but did not feel him attach the clips to her wrists and ankles. They came out of the frame and she never saw them when she had laid down. He had just fastened the two corset clips when she tried to move her arms and felt them restrained. Amanda pulled at all four attachments and tried to move her hips but it was pointless. Surprised, she looked up at Roger and her eyes said, ‘what’s the idea behind this?’ Roger said “You are already a fantastic model, but now I am going to make you a work of art. ”
Slight panic set in, as Amanda was helpless and lifted her head to watch Roger go down between her legs. He held above her, a lubricated, very slim, strangely shaped 16” dildo that was only about 1” thick. It looked more like a piece of stiff hose with a penis tip. Roger put the tip of the dildo against her pussy. He said “I am going to slide this deeply in you now, are you ready?” Like she had any choice? He said, “here it goes”, and Amanda felt it start pushing in into her moist young hole. She tried to moan through the ball gag and felt herself getting hotter as he did this. She felt more of it slide in and heard Robert stop pushing and say “that is 3 inches”. He then pushed deeper into her love canal and stopped saying, “that is about 5 inches.

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  ” Roger moved the dildo around inside her, getting her wetter as she moaned and squirmed, an orgasm building and seconds away. The anticipation of the night had brought her to this point very quickly. Amanda arched her back off the table, the board, her mind racing, and listened to Roger give a ‘play-by-play’ of his how much she had taken. He pushed the dildo deeper into her and the blood rushed to her head as she started sweating and tried to scream through the ball gag after wave after wave or pleasure came over her in a huge orgasm. Roger moved the dildo around inside her again causing spasms of pleasure that had built up and were now subsiding. Amanda then felt a sharp pain as he hit into her cervix, which was obvious noticeable to him by the way she suddenly jerked her wrists and ankles against the restraints. He stopped and said, “you took about 8 inches and bottomed out. Too bad. ” Big surprise there she thought!! Amanda lifted her head and looked toward him and saw the other half of the toy sticking out of her. Roger then said “I have another 8 inches to go, I am only ½ way there. ” What?!?! He could not be serious!!! It was as far as it could go! Roger said “I am now going to push this through your cervix into your womb, the reverse path of childbirth. It may be painful at first, but it can be done. ” Amanda tried to bring her legs together but her ankle bonds prevented that from happening. Amanda screamed to no avail through gag, trying to get him to realize this was insane! Roger began the test. A sharp pain in her lower belly made her throw her head back and her chest in the air, as he pushed.

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   He pushed against her female organs, as they tried to stop him from going beyond that point. She pulled at the straps again looking for some miracle, but she was locked. The pain became more of intense and shot through her body. Tears in her eyes, she slobbered around the ball gag. Amanda had never felt pain like this. Every muscle in her body tensed up. Roger worked it in slowly, trying not to damage anything, and to follow what he learned from all his research on the internet. Amanda felt like she was on fire inside and got a lightheaded feeling. She tried not to pass out and to fight through the pain. She stayed awake, but her body suddenly went limp, giving up the fight. She lost the battle giving up inch after in of her womanhood to Roger’s assault. The final stop for the cock tip was deep in her belly, and she felt it resting there. She moved her torso around, what little bit she could, and is positive that he penetrated the way he wanted to. Amanda felt the shaft in her womb, the place she had intended to keep untouched until the right time of having a baby grow there. Roger said excitedly, “Incredible, it’s all the way in! I knew I was right, that I could push through your cervix canal into and into your uterus.

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   I knew it! I hope the pain was also pleasurable for you. The whole entire thing is gone and inside you”. Amanda laid there sweating, breathing rapidly, with her arms and legs numb, feeling the overwhelming pain subside, and begin to turn into more of inner pressure and throbbing ache that continued unnerving. Roger came over and knelt beside her, removing the ball gag. He said, “don’t say anything”. Amanda could not speak from the ordeal anyway. Roger said, in a concerned way, “You are OK down there. It was possible for your body to take it deeper than you ever thought. I have broken through one of those walls that you thought impossible. You did it”. ”
Roger then unclipped the corset rings and removed the corset. He then lifted Amanda’s hips with one hand and she saw him pull something out of his pocket. It is a small, silver, egg-shaped object, and he held it up for her to see. He then reached down and pressed the cold metal egg between her cheeks and against her tight asshole. He held it there, pressed against her tight hole and then pushed with 2 fingers.

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   Amanda’s muscles tightened to prevent the intruder from entering. Nothing has ever been in that tunnel before, as she is a virgin there. With a little more force, the egg opened her up, and she let out a loud moan that went on until she was out of breath. Roger pushed until she swallowed it all, her muscles closing around it. Amanda felt the cold steel egg work its way up inside her, up her tight anal cavity, her muscle spasms helping it, from what was going on in her other canal.  
Roger looked up at the clock on the wall noticing opening time closer, and he started to rush. Amanda lifted her head slightly to watch Roger near her feet, as he started to roll a precut piece of black latex over the frame and over her. It felt very thin and durable, like he had said. Able to slightly speak now, even though filled, she asked “how high are you going with that?” Roger said “all the way to here for right now” and stopped at her neck, just above her young perky breasts. Roger said, “this sheet has a few precut pieces and additions to it. I have added two small holes for each nipple, a breathing tube, and small mesh eye-holes so you can see out, but your eyes will not be visible to anyone. Amanda felt the latex roll over her face, as she closed her eyes and felt the breathing tube come to her lips. She took the snorkel tip end into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it. Amanda’s eyes opened and she stared through the small mesh eye-holes. She saw Roger attach a hose to a nozzle built into the latex sheet.

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   The hum of a motor was be heard from under the sheet, and Amanda and noticed herself breathing heavily through the tube. The high-powered vacuum starts sucking all of the air out from between the frame and latex sheet, sandwiching her body in the middle. It was incredible, but in no time, the latex sheet started pulling against her, holding her down. Amanda felt the latex stretching over her and filling every curve and contour. She keep her head straight, and wondered how her mind could have drifted from what still lied buried in her most private womanly organs. It felt so deep within her, and so unnatural. The latex continued to stretch, filling every possible space, and stretched thin to allow every accent on her form to be seen. Amanda came to her senses when the motor stopped. She tried to adjust herself and could not. She was totally immobilized, shrink-wrapped and suctioned to the frame, not able to move even the slightest bit.  
Amanda just stared at the ceiling and noticed Roger kneeling beside her. Her nipples, under no pressure, protrude through the holes, the only skin visible. . Roger went to work on them immediately. Amanda glanced down through the eye-holes, as far she could, and saw Roger leaning over her black encased body.

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   He had plastic nipple covers, which looked like pasties that an stripper might wear. They were very pointy and a silver cord hung from the tip of each. Roger said “These have micro-transmitters built into each, and the cord triggers a switch, like a lamp”. He used a heavy contact cement to fix them to her nipples. He pulled the right nipple string. A shock and pinch startled Amanda, and the overhead light above the bare wall behind them turned off. He pulled the cord once more, and the light turned back on. He then pulled the left nipple cord and another shock went through that nipple. The minute it did, she felt the metal egg that was buried in her ass start to vibrate and pulse. It sent shudders through her and she felt herself get hot again. Roger put his head to her stomach and felt it. He said, with some surprise, “‘wow, I can barely hear or feel the vibrations”. Probably because it was buried deep in my bowels, Amanda thought. He pulled the string again, giving her another quick pinch and the vibrations stopped.
The latex blanket has been suctioned into every possible area and it defined Amanda’s young attractive figure very sexually.


   Her bald pussy was incredibly defined as the latex revealed every bit of her lips, hole, and mound.
Roger knelt down above Amanda’s head, looking at her helpless and well-defined body. He looked at her shapely body, admiring her curves and saw how perfect it was from the combination of genetics, her age, her diet, and all her exercise. He was pressed for time before the store had to open, but could not resist giving her something in the only hole that remained. He pulled out his cock and stroked it above her face. Amanda saw his balls swinging and dancing in front of eyes. Within minutes, he held his cock over the opening in her only lifeline and came down it. He stroked it and made sure every last drop got down the air hole. Amanda felt the hot semen hit the back of her throat. She tried to swallow quickly, as he shot burst after burst, but count not, because the latex was so tight around her neck. The pressure caused her not to be able to swallow, but continued to allow her to breathe. Roger heard her yelp as she realized she could not swallow, but she also did not choke. Amanda made sure she kept the cum in the back of her mouth, and tried not move it around at all. Amanda thought to do this so she would not choke. A huge wad now rested in the back of her mouth.

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   A thought came to her mind about just spitting it back up the tube. Roger had just finished putting his now soft member away, and quickly pulled something out of his pocket.   He screwed it on the end of the breathing tube. It did not affect Amanda’s breathing, as it continued without interruption. Roger said “this is a filter which will continue to allow you to breath normally, but it is a type of high tech baffle material. It filters sound waves that pass through it. You can scream, moan, or make any other sound, but no sound will come out the other end. It is amazing but very fragile, so do not think of trying to spit that mouthful I left you back out through the tube. It could clog it up, and that would be very bad news. ” Amanda eliminated that idea of spitting, and decided that she would be forced to hold a mouth full of his cum once again until 2 AM.
Roger took the frame near Amanda’s head. He lifted it, with her attached, and dragged it back, propping it up against the wall. He worked it up the wall, getting it into an upright position. Amanda now stared out across the store. He then lifted it once more, getting it caught on hooks embedded in the wall.

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   Amanda now became a picturesque hanging on display, about four feet off the ground. Amanda hoped she was suspended well, or she would give new meaning to the phrase ’falling flat on your face’. Roger rolled a large mirror across the room and positioned it in front of her. Amanda witnessed what was done for the first time, and was in awe. She saw herself, spread eagle, the only thing against the large, empty wall. She thought about how she had the form of a human bug splattered against a windshield. Amanda observed how the latex showed every defining feature. It was like a snapshot of the exact position she was in when the air was sucked out and was wracked with extreme pain. It was evidence by her hands and feet. One hand was in a tight, clenching, fist position, and the other had fingers spread wide open. One foot had her toes pointing at the ground, arched, like a ballerina position, and the other foot pointed up but with toes curled under.  Roger said, “look down if you can. ” Amanda did and saw him put down a black mat in front of her. Roger said, “there is a pressure pad and transmitter in the mat. When someone comes over to admire you, you amazing work of art, and they step the pad, it will slightly and remotely inflate the pussy toy hidden inside you”. 

   Roger took a step forward and stepped on the mat. Amanda’s body shivered as she felt the 16 inch dildo slightly swell starting at the base. Roger said, “don’t worry, it takes a half minute or so to reset, and you only get one burst even though someone just remains on the mat. ” I was glad as he stood on the mat, and did not step off. Roger said, “Something else not to worry about. The toy will only get so big and stop. It is failsafe. We can not have you exploding through the front of the picture. ” Amanda wondered what his size definition of ‘it will only get so big’ was? She noticed the clock on the wall, it was now 7:00 PM. Roger said, “for your sake, I hope it is a slow night. ” He then walked to the front door to open the door. I wondered how many people were waiting outside. Amanda then wondered a few things. She wondered how many visitors the store would have tonight? She looked at herself in the mirror, and wondered how many guy would find her attractive enough to take the time to get a close up? She had always gotten looks, whistles, and compliments from guys who obviously found her attractive, and that was not as revealed as this. Amanda realized now that her model figure had become a ‘double edged sword’.



Roger opened the heavy shuttered windows, and Amanda could not believe what she saw. Roger was happy to see all the business tonight. The storefront was crowded with men waiting to get in. Amanda looked into mirror at the cords hanging from my sensitive breasts then down to the lonely mat placed in front of her. Roger greeted the customers as they entered, many of them regulars. Her eyes went back to the door when she heard a man say to Roger, “That pony girl was great last night! I brought a few friends tonight to see what other new additions you might have. ” Amanda closed her eyes and heard a different voice saying, “What is that hanging on the back wall? I have to definitely check that out first”.

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Coming to Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, can be a very exciting activity to do, especially if you like partying, smoking with your buddies or enjoying taboo activities. It’s also a great place for culture, music and other appealing activities, but today we are going to write about the most exciting thing you can do here. escorts amsterdam adult services are some of the most rated and urged in the whole world. Services which can offer pleasure and leisure to almost everybody who travels to Amsterdam and wants the company of a babe.

What type of ladies can I meet via this Escort Amsterdam service?

For start, you can travel to Amsterdam for almost any type of babe you can think of, but when we talk about escort Amsterdam services, these assure provide only the finest and most educated babes for you to meet. Think of elegant women of different ages, set to give you not just an unforgettable sexual journey, but also a whole journey with classy dates, hot chats, funny moments and lots of adult entertainment. It’s a thing that one must adventure when in Amsterdam. No matter your purpose in this area, as a man, you have to live a bit of these escorts amsterdam chicks. The full experience will make you feel hotter, secure and very satisfied.

I can choose whichever escort chick I desire?

Exactly, when in Amsterdam, and craving to give it a try, you can basically surf whatever Escort beauty you wish. Be it a golden haired one with big breasts and long legs, a naughty brunette pleased to have you in the bed with her, a fresh babe with little skills but a big appetite, a granny with lots of skills and knowledge to make you feel great...everything your heart wishes can become reality if you use the escort Amsterdam services.


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