The Sweet Secret


Jenna was sitting on her front porch of her brand new house. Or at least it was to her. Jenna had just graduated from Ohio State. She graduated with honors, but to everyone else on the campus she was known as the big slut on campus. Now that she finally had to settle down, she was looking for even more adventure. Amelia decided to go into the house now that it was getting toward night time and it was even more chilly on that Autumn day. As soon as she was in the house, her cell phone rang. She looked on the screen. It was her best friend Courtney. Courtney and her had met right before college and both took the same classes. She answered her phone.
"Hey it's Court! What's up?"
"Oh nothing, just sitting here being bored. "
"I was really hoping you weren't doing anything. Do you remember a Brad?"
"Ummm. . .

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   no, can't say I do. "
"Well, he's throwing this huge party in honor that we're out of college and totally into a life of our own!"
"When is it?"
"Well that beats sitting in a empty house. . . "
"Great, I'll pick you up tonight!"
Jenna wanted to sound like this party was one of the thousands she had been to, but in reality, she was more than anxious to get out. She hurry and took another shower, pulled on her best party clothes, slabbed on the make up and slipped on her favorite heels. At around 8PM, Courtney's car pulled up in the driveway. Jenna hurried and ran out the door. "Oh hell, I can't wait for this!" Courtney said as soon as Jenna got into her Corvette. "Ahh, I guess. " Jenna replied. "Oh c'mon Jenna, why so glum? You were a party girl at the University, what's wrong with you know?" "I don't know, I guess I'm just seeing life in a different way. " After about a half-hour, they finally pulled into the drive way of what seemed like a mansion. Man, this guy has got some dough!, Jenna thought. Maybe she could just get a hook up tonight.

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   She needed some. Jenna and Courtney stepped out of the car and went to the front door and rang the doorbell. When the door opened, Courtney and Brad immediately kissed each other's cheek. "Come in darling!" Brad said. "How are you doing, babe?" Courtney replied. "Ahh, just fine. " Brad and Courtney continued on with their conversation, but Jenna couldn't help but looking around at the glamourous place. It was huge with ceilings that seemed to go on forever. Not to mention all the people that were having a good time. It was jam-packed and Jenna couldn't help but help to think of all the good times she had at college. Jenna moved away from Brad and Courtney and entered the large crowd. She felt like having a high off of all the hustle and bustle of the all the bodies dancing and the music in the background and the lights buzzing. Suddenly, a force pushed Jenna to the ground. "Oh shit! I'm so sorry!" a male voice said. Jenna looked up.

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   She was confused.
Why am I on the ground?, she thought. "Oh man, are you alright? I'm sorry!" the male voice said again. She looked up seeing a guy in his preppy sweater and slacks. He pulled her up, but they ended up slamming their bodies against each other because of all the movement. She saw his piercing blue eyes and beautiful thick brown hair. "Miss?" he said again. "What?" Jenna replied. "Are you ok?" he said again. "Uhh. . . yeah, I think. " Jenna said. "I didn't mean to, a guy fell on me, probably a domino effect.

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  " the guy said. "No, you're ok," Jenna told him. "I'm fine, really. " Jenna noticed his body more. His body seemed firm and athletic. His hands were well toned and strong. For the first time, Jenna was genuinely horny. "So. . . what's your name?" the guy asked. "Jenna", Jenna said. "Jenna, that is a beautiful name, wow. " the guy told her. "My name is Dean" Wow, Jenna thought, this guy is way too perfect.

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   I must be dreaming. Dean let go of her. "So who are you with?" Dean asked. Now Jenna felt embarassed. "No one" she replied. "You're kidding!" Dean said. Jenna shook her head. "Who are you with?" she followed up with. "Well, I was with this girl earlier, but she ditched me for another. " Dean said. At least he's honest, I can't believe someone would ditch him though! Jenna thought. Dean looked at Jenna. "Hey, what do you say we get out of this noisy place?" But before Jenna could reply, Dean was pulling her past the kitchen and through the back door to the garden. It was breath-taking with all the flowers and fountains and shrubs, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Wow" they both said at the same moment.

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   They both looked at each other. Dean led Jenna to a stone bench. "Has anyone told you you are so beautiful?" Dean said to Jenna. They gazed more in each others eyes. Jenna could feel her cheeks turning bright red and felt so hot. Suddenly Dean gave Jenna a kiss. Jenna felt like she was being shocked. It was a wave of sensation through her body. "Sorry," Dean said. "I just had to kiss those soft lips of yours. " "No you're fine," Jenna replied. "I liked it. " She kissed him back, although longer. Soon none of them could let go of each others lips. Jenna felt a tongue slide through her mouth.

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   Dean slid up his firm hand under her shirt. She was shocked at first, but realized her dream was coming true. His hand went up more and more and she noticied he went over her bra but gave her breasts and first squeeze. He then took his hand and slid them under her bra.
"Wow" Dean said in between kisses. "You are full woman. " He started to pinch her already firm and pointy nipples. He clasped them in between his fingers and smoothed the around and twisted them. Then he took his other hand and slid it up her shirt and put it behind her and unhooked her bra. Jenna's large breasts popped out under her bra. Her nipples were now showing through her tight shirt. Both of them smiled. Dean slowly slipped off her shirt. Her breasts were firm and big. He gave each nipple a lick.

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   Jenna moaned a little. It was Dean's turn now. Jenna slowly pulled off Dean's sweater which revealed a tight and neat six-pack. Then she took off his belt seductively. Slowly she undid the button and zipper on his pants and they dropped to the ground. Jenna felt his now erect cock and smoothed her hand over his bulge. She stroked it even more. "Just take the damn thing off!" Dean said as he smiled.
    As his orders, Jenna stripped him of his briefs. His long and thick cock flinged into the air. Precum was already coming out. Those juices were waiting to be licked. Jenna kneeled down by Dean and slowly stroke his cock. She took her fingertips and played with the head. Dean let out a soft sigh.

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       Then Jenna took the head and put it on her lips. She kissed it sensationally. She then took her soft and delicate hands and massged his cock. More juices were coming. She licked them.
    Then she slid his cock into her mouth. Dean was pleased as her mouth was warm and wet. She then cusped his balls into her hand and played with them. Jenna started to shake from being so horny. "Let me help you with that" Dean said to Jenna. He laid her down on the bench. He pulled off her shoes and pants. Then with his teeth he slipped off her thong. Her pussy was just as wet as his cock. Juices flowed her pussy.

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       Dean took his tongue and licked off the cum. She let out a small moan. He then explored her cunt with his tongue going in every possible crevice. Her eyes rolled back. "More please. . . " Jenna said softly. Dean smiled at Jenna. He then took his cock and then slowly inserted it into her pussy. Jenna felt a rush. "C'mon baby" Dean said. He only put it up once then came out. She went to go suck his cock some more, but he gently pushed her down on the bench again. He layed on her opposite and stuck his cock into her mouth.


       Then he started to lick her pussy. She sucked hard on that cock, it throbbed but brought him pleasure. He sucked her pussy and her clit. He stuck his tongue through her hole. She started to shake some more. Then he pulled Jenna up and made her kneel down and put her hands on the bench. He took his cock and stroked it himself a few times, then he stuck his cock up her pussy again. He pushed hard. She was shocked a little, but it felt so good to her. He slowly started to pull out, then he pushed his cock in harder and further. And then again. And again. He was going faster and faster and rocked her even more. Deeper and deeper he went and kept going and going. "Fuck!!!!" Jenna yelled.

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       "You like that baby? Huh?" Dean replied. "Ooooooo!!! Baby, hell yeah!" she said. His cock throbbed but he didn't care. Her pussy was deep and warm. He went harder and harder and finally cummed inside her. It felt like a whole explosion inside of her. She had never felt an orgasm before and fell to the ground from the power. She was shaking hard. "Oh baby, you're so good!" Dean told Jenna. Dean fell to the ground with her. He shoved his cock in again, going harder and harder. Jenna let out a loud scream. "AHHH!!!!! FUCKING, OH SHIT! OH SHIT! FUCK!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Dean laughed.
    She masterbated, she couldn't help it, it felt so good. His hard cock felt so good inside her, going in and out, in and out, in and out.

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       He was going so fast. Jenna couldn't believe this was it, it was too good to be sex. He went even faster and faster. "Ooooooh!!! Oooooh!!!!!! Ooooooh!!!" Jenna needed more. Dean layed her on the bench again and thrusted his cock into her again. He was going so fast they both almost didn't know what they were doing. Again, Dean cummed inside of her. "SHIT!!!" Jenna yelled. Her pussy was throbbing and her eyes rolled back, she felt so much pleasure inside of her. Dean let out a moan himself and his eyes rolled back too. They both laughed. Jenna licked some more of Dean's cock and what was left of the cum on it. Then they gave each other a passionate kiss and shared another laugh. Jenna looked behind Dean and saw a sunrise. They pulled back on their clothes and watched the sun come up.

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       They finally decided to go back into the house. Most of the people had gone. Jenna saw Courtney come up to them. "Where the hell have you guys been?" Courtney demanded. "Oh, we shared some time together" Dean told Courtney. So this is what it feels like, Jenna thought. She couldn't wait for more.

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