14 year olds rape?


   Ever since Derek learned of sex, that is all he could think of. He would secretly download porn. He would fantasize about sex, and what it would feel like. He would masterbath as he watched his porn.
   Almost all of his fantazies involved rape. He liked the dominance he had, and would always fantasize raping the girl he liked. He imagined how he would do it, and planned it out carefully.
   But he had never been able to put the plan into affect. He was too scared. He was too scared of the consequences that follow.
   But that all changed. . . when he got into highschool.
   He was 14, and just entered the first year of highschool. He didn't expect anything to be different than just more students and bigger kids.

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   He was a normal kid who liked to play with his friends.
   Being that his parents worked late, he always had to walk from school. And always, there would be a girl going the same way. All he knew about her was that her name was Rachel. He had her in his class last year in junior highschool.
   He would always admire her beauty as he went home. She had brown eyes, and black hair that came below her shoulders. He guessed that she probably had a C cup breasts, maybe bigger. Her ass was so tight and just the right size. Her tight jeans showed off her ass, and he would always get aroused. He already knew where she lived, he had stalked her to her house before.
   As days went by, he started to formulate a plan to rape her.

   It was a normal day, and once again, Derek was walking home. In front of him was Rachel, about 10 feet away. But when she turned right at the curve, Derek followed her, instead of going left.

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   He just followed her behind some distance. She didn't seemed to notice him. He followed her until she turned into a neighborhood of houses. There were no large roads, it was a peaceful neighborhood. No one was around, no cars, no people.
   He followed her around the neighborhood, minding his business. She came to the last curve before her house. When she was directly next to a bush, he ran. He ran, and he reached into his pocket, and grabbed a cloth soaked in chloroform. He got right behind her, and put it to her mouth. As he did, he grabbed her and himself, and jumped over the bush.
   He looked at Rachel, and was satisfied that she was unconscious. He reached into her backpack and grabbed her keys. He peered up from the bush and looked around. There was no one that he could see.

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   He grabbed Rachel and quickly made his way to her house. He felt sweat dripping down his forehead. After few paces, he got to her house. His heart was thumping, and slowly put the key into the door. He unlocked it, and cautiously went inside.
   He was sure that her parents were out of town. He had heard her conversation with her friend. He dragged Rachel in, and moved quickly. He feared that she might wake up. He got her into her room, and put her down on her bed. From his backpack, he produce a long piece of rope. He tied each of her arms and legs to the legs of the bed.
   And he blindfolded her. He admired her beauty. She was wearing tight jeans, a tanktop, and a jacket.

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   He didn't remove her cloths, he would do that when she woke up.

   He waited about half an hour, and she started to stir. She moaned, as if in pain, and she tried to move her arms. And slowly, she started to get a sense of her surroundings. She realized that she was tied, and tried to get free.
   "I don't think you should do that. " I said, as I smiled.
She froze. She looked as if trying to remember what happened.
   "Who are you? Where am I?" she said with a demanding voice.
   "I am your master. Do what I say, and I might let you live. " And with that, I produced a knife, and put the cold blade on her neck. She flinched, and instantly froze. I could see sweat coming down from her forehead, and she started to whimper.

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   "Please, don't kill me. I will do whatever you want! If it's money, my parents can give you the amount!" She cried out as she started to sob.
   "I want something more than that. I want to rape you. "
   She instantly broke into tears. Her blindfold became wet with tears. .
   "Stop crying. If you don't, I'll kill you. " She stopped instantly. Then I took away the knife and slowly started to touch her face. She tried to avoid my touch, and I gave her a slap on the face.
   "Stay still. " I said, knowing that I had power over her. Slowly my hand traveled down her neck, and was right above the breasts.

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   My hand traveled downward, right between her breasts. I startec to caress her legs, and would move my hand up and down inside her thighs, barely missing her crotch.
   Slowly, I unbuttoned her jacket. She sobbed a little again. Since she was tied, I couldn't remove her jacket completely. So I got my knife again, and cut away her jacket. then I put the blade on her shoulder. I swiftly cut her tanktop, and removed it slowly. She tried to hide her breasts, but her efforts were useless. I admired her huge breasts for a minute, then moved down to her jeans.
   I unzipped her jeans and started to move them down. She sobbed again, as if in shame. I cut the middle of the jeans and removed it. She was wearing white thongs, and a lace bra. I moved the blade between her breasts, and cut her bra open.

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   The prisoned breasts jumped up in freedom. Then I cut the feeble strings on her thongs.
   "Please, please don't rape me. PLEASE!" She shouted, as I removed her thongs, revealing a shaved pussy.
   "Don't worry. You'll learn to enjoy it. " I said with a smile. I slowly started to caress her breasts. I pinched her nipple lightly, and she would give a small moan. They became hard fast, and I put the left one in my mouth. I bit down on it, and she moaned loudly. I kept playing with her nipple with my tongue, and slowly moved my free hand down to her pussy.
   I teased her pussy. I would circle around her pussy, just missing her clit. I felt the wetness of her pussy.

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   "Your wet, you like this don't you, Rachel?"
   She moaned, but didn't say anything. I removed my cloths quickly, and sighed in relief as my cock finally freed itself. I moved untop of Rachel, and put the cock right infront of her lips. She instantly cloths it, and kept it shut. I smiled. I pinched her nose, to keep her from breathing.
   After few seconds, she opened her mouth to gulp for breath. I didn't lose my chance. As soon as she opened her mouth, My cock went right into it. I fucked her slowly, enjoying my first blowjob. It took me less then a minute before I came into her mouth.
   "Swallow it, you bitch, or i'm going to kill you. "
   She hesitated, but swallowed it. Now my cock was in full arousal. It's 7 inch monster ached for pussy.

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   I moved down to between her legs. Her pussy was very wet now, and slowly put my cock into her pussy. Her face crumpled in pain, as my cock started to stretch her hymen. Finally it broke, and she screamed.
   Her pussy fet slippery and hot. It was my first time, so I stopped to feel what a pussy feels like. It felt good to have my cock wraped so tight.
   I didn't care that she screamed. I fucked her slowly, and gently. Her screams died out, replaced by moans of pleasure. It was my first time, and I was about to cum.
   "God. . . your so tight!" She didn't reply, but kept moaning.

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I took out my cock to keep myself from cumming. I took this opportunity to tease her. I would put my cock on her pussy, put it in just half an inch, and take it out again. She tried to direct my cock into her pussy, but I wouldn't put it in.
   "You want it, don't you?"
   She didnt' reply.
   "You don't want it?"
   "I. . . want it. . . Please. . . PLEASE FUCK ME.


   i'll do anything!"
   "Anything? Allright then, if you become my sex slave, I'll fuck you. "
   "Allright! Please! FUCK ME! PLEASE!"
   I smiled. Rachel's my sex slave. I started to fuck her again. She moaned in pleasure. I went slowly at first, but sped up after a while. Her moan was like music. I kept fucking her faster and faster. And she moaned louder and louder.
   "I"m going to cum!" We both said at the same time.
   I inserted my cock all the way in, and came.
   We both lied there, panting. Then, I got an idea.
   "Wait a sec, I'll be right back. "
   I ran downstairs naked, and opened her fridge.

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   I searched for ice cubes, and grabbed one. I ran upstairs to her room. I removed her blindfold, unafraid that she will tell the police. I kissed her, and we kissed for about a minute. I broke the kiss, and I placed the ice cube right between her breasts.
   I moved the ice cube up to her nipples, and she moaned. Then I moved the ice cube down to her pussy. She shivered when it was placed on her pussy. I slowly inserted the ice into her pussy.
   "It's so cold!" She said as she moaned.
   Then I slowly put my hard cock inside her pussy. I felt the ice, and pushed it in. She moaned louder than before, it seemed to give her pleasure. I fucked her, driving the ice cube further and further in. The heat of her pussy melted the ice cube, producing a hot liquid inside her pussy.

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   It intensified the feeling, and I fucked her harder and harder.  We fucked till we couldn't take it any longer, and came. Her orgasm was huge.
   That was my first encounter with Rachel. Since that day on, we had sex with a bit of a twist. We would do all kinds of stuff. We dated since that day, and we never broke up. We got married after college. And I still have sex with her, and she still has those nice tits and tight ass.