a bad night on the back seat.


My bf and I were in a seculded area having sex on the back seat of his car. It was a popular spot for us and hardly anybody else used the place. It was in bushland by a river. It was a warm night and as we were alone we had the windows down and the doors unlocked.
We were both naked and I had given him oral already and he had fucked me once.
We had just got together again and had started our second fuck when we heard a noise outside the car. Then the doors were ripped open and three guys were there with torches.  I thought immediately it was the police but we soon realised it wasnt. We were told to get out of the car, I started to scream and one guy pulled my boy friend off me and out one door, then another one grabbed me by the throat and dragged me out the other door. The third one helped the guy with my bf who was now struggling and wanting to bash them. They hit him and knocked him to the ground. Then they tied his hands behind him with cable ties and then his ankles and he lay on the ground trussed up.
The other guy had me held tightly with my arms behind my back, he had said shut up or your boy friend will really get hurt.
Then one of the two who had tied up my bf said who is going to be first and I realised then I was about to be raped by them. I pleaded with them not to do it and the guy holding me said honey there is no way we are not going to enjoy ourselves and if you have any sense you will cooperate or get hurt.
While the guy was holding me I couldnt move.

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   He had both arms behind me and another arm around my neck in a head lock. Then I could see the other two removing their pants and one said ok I will fuck her and she can suck yours at the same time. I screamed , No I wont do it, the guy holding me laughed and said oh baby yes you will and grabbed me ever tighter around the neck and nearly choked me. One of them said I will tie her arms in front of her, and he came around with cable ties and the other guy holding me released my arms and they held them in front of me and put four cable ties together so my hands were not tied closely together. They were like handcuffs I imagine. Then I was made to kneel down on all fours. My hands were just far enough apart so I could hold myself up.
Then the first one came behind me and he was going to fuck me from behind. I felt him touching my ass and his cock between my legs. I said please dont. . . . please. The said honey we know you like it we watched you and your bf before.

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   I said please dont if I were your sister you wouldnt, and one laughed and said you dont want to know luvy i have been fucking my sister for years.  I begged and said then please, please, use a condom, and he said no way honey thems for the freaks, I am a real man and you are going to feel me like a real man feels. Then the guy behind entered me and I cried as I felt hin force his way into me. I had done it like this before but never with force and this was rape. He began to fuck me and he was telling the others she is not bad - pity we dint get her earlier- her boyfriend has already cum in her she is a bit sloppy. I cried with the humiliation. Then the one doing it to me said to the second guy - shut her up. He came around in front of me and I could see immediately what he wanted and he wiped his cock all over my face and said now suck it lady, and put tried to put it into my mouth.
I kept my mouth shut tightly and then he said ok she is playing hard to get, then the guy behind me slapped the cheek of my ass hard with his open hand and I let out a yell and as soon as I did the other one popped his cock into my mouth. See he said we have our ways and means and the one with his cock in my mouth said thats quietened you down, and then said listen hard luv, if you bite me, you wont have any teeth left when I have finished with you, believe me.  I knew they were not joking and I had to put up with one fucking me and the other getting his cock sucked. I did the worst job of sucking I had ever done. The third guy now had my boyfriend on his feet and said now it your turn buster and told him to kneel, then I could see what he was going to have done to him as the guy with him was rolling a condom on and covering it with lubricant out of a tube, I assumed it was KY. Then he forced himself into my boyfriends ass. He screamed with the pain as he had this guys penis forced into him.

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   Oh god I thought we are not going to live to through this.
All the time this was happening the guy behind me was fucking me hard and telling them how good it felt. She is a real pro he said, she fucks well. Then he said how often have you had it done this well to you honey, I didnt say a word as I still had the other guys cock in my mouth, then I got another slap and I nearly bit the guy I had in my mouth. Then he said tell me you are liking it and again I said nothing and then another slap, tell me honey you are loving me fucking you. This time I nodded - thats better he said, now tell me you like it and again I nodded, tell me you want more and I nodded again. Good he said because you are going to get a heap more and then I knew he was cumming into me. ahhh he said thats great, who is next. The guy with his cock in my mouth said we can swap, she hasnt got me to cum yet but she can do that later. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and he came around behind me and he mounted me, shit he said you left plenty of your juice in here, she is swimming in it. The first guy said thats not all mine her boy friend has a load in there too dont forget. I was now completely distraught, I was being treated like an animal. The guy who had been fucking me walked about a bit and said to the guy buggering my boyfriend how is he, and he said tight but good. I prefer boys to girls every time.  My boyfriend had his head down on the ground and not saying a word as the guy pounded his cock ito his bum.

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   The first guy then said ok honey its clean up time, and he came to me with his soft cock and said wash it for me, and went to put it into my mouth. I turned away and his slimy cock was wiped over my face. No you dont he said - suck it clean. I opened my mouth and he put it in, I was disgusted, he was covered in cum from being in me and my juice as well. As much as I was not enjoying this I was still making juice. He tasted foul with all the grunge on it and as I sucked him he bagan to get hard in my mouth. There he said thats better, by the time we have all had you, your boyfriend will know how good you can be and he can expect to get the full treatment from you in future. I didnt want to say a word. The guy in me from behind said Geez honey you aint bad, that a nice cunt you have there and he said here is another load for you and he came in me. By now the cum from the two fucks I had was starting to run down inside my legs and now a third lot was going ino me. The first guy was saying come on honey we dont want to be all night suck me you bitch. I had been distracted by the guy cumming in me at the back and had stoped sucking. Now the second guy had pulled himself out the guy in front was really working himself off in my mouth and I knew shortly he would cum again and I would have to swallow it. It made me sick to think about it. I had done it a few times to my bf and I was just getting used to the taste.

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   I already had the taste in my mouth from him being in me earlier so I thought it wont matter but when he came I was almost sick, his cum flodded into me and I had to swallow twice to get rid of most of it and then I gagged. Ahhhh he said I think you do better oral than fucking, how about you boy friend what do you think. My boyfriend just nodded and the big guy said come on say it and he said - yes. The third guy was now still fucking my boyfriend up the ass and then he said here I come lover boy, here is an assful of baby juice for you and he grunted a couple of times as he ejaculated into him. Now I thought it will end, but no, the second guy had come around and was in front of my boyfriend and he was saying the girlfriend couldnt make me cum, so it will have to be you boy, and grabbed him by the hair and lifted him up as his face was on the ground and then he just said suck you bastard suck me off. My boyfriend refused to put his cock in his mouth so the guy kneed him in the face and said want some more rough satuff, do you and hit him again, then he went to put it in again, and I said do it or he will kill you. My boyfriend said havnt you all had enough and he was crying which was from the humiliation or pain from being kicked and belted I didnt know.
Any how he did it and the guy was saying you give the worst head ever, get your girlfriend to give you lessons boy, she is allright. I felt awful. I thought it was almost over but the third guy who had been bum fucking my boyfriend was now behind me and he was going to do it to me. Then I realised he was taking too much time and when he came to me it wasnt going to be vaginal he was going to do anal on me too. I said no, please no, no, no ! He said honey this is the only way I know, I have never had a girl or guy any other way. You may have been an anal virgin before you left home but you aint when you get home and then he forced himself onto me. He was having a hard time even with all the lube he had on him and I was not letting him get it into me. Ok guys she wants more oral to get her mind off me, who is it going to be.

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   I hadnt noticed but my bf was spitting the guys cum out who had just cum in his mouth. Then one of them said the boyfriend, we can watch her give him a mouth job. He certainly need a  lesson or two he is hopeless.
They dragged my bf over as he couldnt walk, then stood him up. His cock was all limp and they said ok honey suck him.  I had no option and I took it into my mouth and he just didnt get a hard on at all, his cock was all soft and stayed like that. The guy behind had been still trying to get into my ass and then with a huge effort and push it went in so fast I screamed with the pain and burst out crying. I had never believed it could be so painful, my whole asshole was burning and he was laughing, there we are lovely lady he said, did you scream that loud when he fucked your little cunt the first time now you know what its like to be a real slut, getting fucked up the arse is really slutty and now you have had your virgin ass fucked you will want it time and time again. Get you boy to do it like this next time you will love it. The first time is always the hardest. Then he began to really fuck my asshole and after a while it went sort of numb and I couldnt feel it. I realised it was hurting as I tensed up so I tried to relax a bit which was really hard when you didnt want it being done to you. Then he said lets see if I can make you even happier, and he pulled out, and I thought thank god he has stopped. But no, he was doing somethng I couldnt see but i soon realised he was taking the condom off, greasing himself up as he then wiped lube around my ass hole and then he went back into me.  I cried even more, my bf had taken his cock out of my mouth and was just standing there with his limp cock in front of my face.

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   Then the guy behind went back in without any trouble this tie. He pumped himself a few times then came and he said ahhh thats lovely, now honey you have had it the way every girl wonders about.  You have had four men tonight, not many can make that claim and you lost your virgin ass.  As he came out of me I could feel his cum running down over my cunt and dripping onto the ground. I had cum coming out of me everywhere, cunt ass and mouth.
I hadnt realised what the other two were doing while this was happening to me and my bf sang out you bastards and then I could see they had taken the radio out of my bf's car. It was an expensive one and had cost him hundreds.
Time to go now, we got what we came for, held up the radio and said sorry to have inconvenienced you, bye bye and then left. I was still tied up at the hands and my bf both hands and feet. He was in a pretty bad way having been punched and kicked and his face was all swollen. He said to me you might have to get the keys of the car and get into the trunk and get some cutters to get these off. There was no way they would come off either of us any other way.  As I went to get the keys I noticed a coke bottle on the ground, I said if we break this I am sure we could cut the ties and I had enough room to do that with my hands being as far apart as they were. I cut his hands free and then he did mine then his feet.
Eventually we freed ourselves and I hugged and kissed him and we cried together.

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   Never would i ever imagined that I would be gang raped.  We sat for ages thinking about telling the cops but he said if that happened it would be in every newspaper in the country and neither of us wanted that. We cleaned ourselves up as best we could, I used our underwear to get wet in the river and washed the filth off ourselves as best we could. We both hurt, particularly our ass. Neither of us ever wanted to do that or have that happen again. I was absolutely full of their cum and even pissing couldnt get it out and it continued to run down my legs. I ddint know what would happen when I got home, I would have to shower and that was unusual for me to do that late at night, then my bf said I think everybody is out at my place we can clean up there. Fortunately they were and we managed to shower and clean up. Actually we showered together, but there was no sex, but it was nice and we agreed that is something we could do together for a while as neither of us wanted to have sex again for ages after that horror.