A stab in the dark


John did not care to take them because they relaxed every muscle in his body ,made him rubbery and drowsy,weak. They would work great for his purpose. He pulled in to the shop right parking lot at 8am. Any one seeing him in sweats and hauling the blue gym bag would just think he was going to the gym at the strip mall. John went behind the mall and after looking to make sure no one could see him he slipped through a hole in the fence that led to her back yard. Cindy was still in bed or rather she had gone back to bed after getting Tom out to work and her 2 kids on the bus for school. She had about 7 hours before the kids got home and she would have to start dinner ,Tom would be home around 5. Cindy was a petite red head 5ft3 and 105lbs seriously built like a brick out house Tom would say. She knew she was attractive and had a great body, men alwasy looked and leered. Cindy s hand roamed over her firm tits pinching her nipples and stretching them away from her globes. Her other hand was between her legs busy with her honey pot stroking and rubbing her outer lips. She brought her fingers up to her full lips and sucked them into her throat ,wetting them so that saliva dripped from her finger tips and then she drove them home deep inside herself ,her thumb finding her clit ,her other hand tortured her own tits pinching and pulling . Cindy started to moan deep from her bowels as the waves of pleasure surged forth . The back door was open and John slipped inside quietly,silently he made his way through the kitchen and into the living room,standing there listening he heard soft moaning coming from upstairs. His heart raced and blood surged to his cock as he made his way up the stairs to her room. He stood silently in front of her room looking through the cracked door watching .

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   Cindy was on the verge of cumming her eyes were shut tight as her hands moved her toward release ,waves of pleasure rose over her body untill the dam broke and the resulting flood washed away her tensions. John burst in to the room in 2 steps he had Cindy by her long red hair and pulled her into a sitting position . John made a fist and plowed into cindys stomach knocking the wind and fight from her. John let her go and grabed his gym bag reaching for the duct tape he grabbed cindys arms and quickly bound her wrist behind her back. While she was still trying to breathe he applied duct tape to her mouth,slapped her behind the head and threw her back on the bed. Cindy coulnd't think she was frozen in time fear overwhelming her mind ,frozen on the bed. He now looked about the room seeing nothing to fear , drapes drawn tight across the window ,phone on the other side of the room,no dangerous objects close to the bed,He took his time as she watched him undress and neatly fold his clothes over the chair. He reached for the clothesline and the knife ,He showed cindy the blade as he brought it to her skin she cringed from the cold steel,John chuckled and put the knife down as he grabed her legs first one then the other ankle was tied firmly to the bed post . Cindy was spread eagle ,and secure . He then took her duct taped wrist looped them with rope and tied them to the head board ,her arms were now above her head exposing her tits ,she was helpless and there would be no mercy. John took a pillow and shoved it under cindys ass bringing her ass off the bed pushing her mound out for his attention. John had said nothing neither could cindy speak only groan and plead with her eyes. John now took the electric cord from the gym bag and folded it in half,he stood at the foot of the bed and raised it over his head and brought it down full force on cindys cunt,her entire body went ridgid and pain from her pussie spread through her brain ,she screamed into her gag till she had no breath left and yet again the cord slashed into her vulva parting her cunt lips and landing directly on her clit. Johns cock grew longer and harder as the blood rushed from his brain to his balls and yet again and again he brought the cord to bear on her cunt. Suddenly he changed targets and began to whip het tits first one hen the other,his left hand found his cock and squeezed as he whiped her tits large red welts appeared on them and her pussie was swollen and welted.

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   Cindy could not move she was ridgid as a board straining against her bonds her ass was raised off the bed ,she could not breath she could not scream and suddenly the whipping stopped . John dropped the cord and climbed between cindys legs he covered her cunt with his mouth and began to lick and suck her into himself. His long tounge slithered over her mound and between her cunt lips in and out like a small cock he burried his tounge in her cunt,tasting her cum from the previous masturbation . He bit her clit and chewed on her cunt lips. Cindy was in shock ,such pain overwhelming her entire body and now in it's place was a hot wet pleasure bathing her abused cunt , she lifted her self up to his intrusion juices flowing forth from her desire building in her ,suddenly he was gone and she silently screamed no ! straining to push her cunt to his mouth and then he was on her, bathing her breast with his lips and tounge , pulling and twisting her nipples ,chewing on her tits and squeezing them with his strong hands. Desire burned within her for his cock ,she had to cum again and again. then she realized what was happening she was being raped and tortured and she was excited,hot and juicy for more. John stopped and looked into her eyes ,he reached for the knife and dragged it across her cunt and tits to hold it up to her face,he brought it close to her and slowly slipped it between the duct tape and her cheek blade side up he sawed through the tape removing it from her lips . he then spoke for the first time. Bitch im leaving this off for now because i have use for your mouth but if you scream or try to bite me i wil hurt you real bad you undeerstand me ? Cindy gasped for air and shook her head yes,She did not want any more pain. John put the knife down and covered cindys mouth with his. Forcing his tounge in to her mouth he kissed her and she kissed back deeply and without reservation they explored each others mouths . Wet and willing cindy had become to please him and avoid further pain. Little did she know what lie in store for her. He entered her then in one swift stab he was upon her and pounded in to her depth without mercy .

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   pulling all 8 inches out to the head and plunging back in to her. Cindy met his strokes and together they set a violent rythym. On the down stroke his cock rubbed her clit and the blood flowed to her cunt tender and sore yet her cunt juice flowed over her lips to coat his massive balls which slapped against her ass cheeks with every stroke. they kissed and chewed on each others lips and then john took her nipples in to his fingers and squeezed them as hard as he could . Twisting them out and away from her firm globes of tit flesh. For cindy the agony was too much and she screamed in to his mouth and then waves of pleasure crashed over her as she began to cum . Intense pain radiated from her tits as pleasure drove her wild. John stiffened as he ejaculated hot white loads of cum deep in to cindys cunt for John this was the most cum he had ever loaded in to a cunt , for Cindy it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced it was the big 0 the little death that lasted what seemed for ever. they lay there too exhausted to move or speak but both of them knew it wasn't over yet. End part 1. hyhopped@hotmail. com.

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