A walk in the woods


It was a cold winter day and Sarah was just coming home from school. When she got home no one was there. She decided to go for a walk in the woods in the backyard.  
She heard a rustle,she looked around . . . . Nothing. Sarah was starting to get scared she had herd this rustle outside her bedroom window before. She herd it again,she turned around . . . nothing,but this time when she turned back around it was ryan. "oh my god ryan you scared me". Ryan grined,not just a normal grin,a scry one. She ran for her life.

sweidish harmony 

  She came to a clearing deep in the woods a nd stopped. Just then she felt a push and she fell to the ground,hit her head and blacked out. When she awoke she was cold and she looked down she was completely naked except for the baby blue panties she had wore that day. Her nipples stood up in the cold air,ryan was just standing there staring at her. Ryan your my best friend u dont have to do this. He just smiled and she trien to get up again but she realized she was tied down. Ryan removed all his clothing revealing a 12 inch package.
    No ryan please dont im a virgin,she sobbed. Ryan was 17. He stood over her and looked down at her. Now we can do this the easy way and i wont kill you or we can do this the hard way and this will be the shitiest last day of your life you will be the one who choses that descion. . . . .

    aaa europemodels 

    (2 be continued)

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