Absolute Surrender


His voice was deep, warm and very familiar. All other background noise faded from her notice as she waited, listening for those quiet mellow tones again. But she moved not one single muscle. A rush of air past her face startled her and she turned to look at him. His hands were on either side of her, gripping the back of the couch. His eyes glittered dangerously as they captured and held hers. "Come," he said again softly, his lips inches from hers, "or would you rather I take you right here, in front of your friends?" The hard edge of his voice cut through her, shaking her to the core. She knew he meant every word he said, and she also knew she wouldn't, couldn’t stop him. Her body betrayed her every time. She dropped her gaze and he withdrew, smiling once again. He held out his hand and she placed hers in it, allowing him to pull her up. His grip tightened almost painfully around her fingers as he led her through the crowd and out the door. He turned left and started quickly down the hall, pulling her behind him so that she had to run to keep up with his long strides. He stopped abruptly in front of a door on the right side of the vacant hallway and used his key to open it. The heavy door swung silently into the darkened room. "Do you trust me?" His voice was quiet but the strength behind those words was unmistakable.

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   He already knew the answer to his question but wanted her to say it. Her dark eyes flickered back and forth between his once, then she spoke. "Yes. "He smiled and cupped her delicate jaw with one hand, his thumb caressing her cheek as they stood there. He saw her eyebrows form the start of a frown and laughed softly. Fire was starting to burn in her eyes and he knew how little it would take to push her buttons. "You want me. " His words infuriated her because she knew he was baiting her and yet couldn't help reacting. "No," She practically spit out the word. He just laughed once more, "You need me. " She could hear the smile in his voice. "The hell you say!" She glared at him, feeling the flush of anger rising in her cheeks. He just kept smiling and extended his hand further, running his fingers through her hair. "You can't live without me. " Her jaw dropped and then shut again with a snap as she attempted to twist free of his hands, enraged and sputtering.

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  "You self-centered, egotistical, arrogant, BAST. . . . "Her last word was cut short as he yanked her head back by her hair, his other hand twisted her wrist and arm cruelly up behind her back, pulling her smaller form tight against his. He kissed her hard and she stiffened for a split second then melted against him giving him first her soft lips and then her tongue. Every nerve in her body vibrated just from being held by him so roughly. He felt her soften against him and claimed her lips as his own before pushing her from him and laughing. He knew she couldn't resist him. "You can't live without me. " That statement again. Stung, she withdrew, the fire in her eyes blazing brightly as she brought her fingers to her lips. She entered the pitch-black room at his gesture, taking several unsteady steps inside before he flipped on the lights. She blinked, barely able to register the sparsely decorated room before he took her elbow and guided her towards the couch. This was a playroom, not one meant for sleeping unless one slept on the couch.

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   Her eyes took in various implements of pain and pleasure scattered around the room. They widened as she saw the black leather harness resting on the hardwood floor, the leather straps stretching up over heavy wood beams that crisscrossed the ceiling. Saying not a word, he watched her carefully, noting each expression as her eyes traveled around the room. He watched her stop short as she realized what the mass of leather straps lying on the floor was and a ghost of a smile crossed his lips. Spinning her around, he took her into his arms, pulled her hard against him and kissed her deeply, crushing her lips beneath his. He left no doubt as to why he'd brought her here. His tongue demanded and found entrance to her mouth and though he felt her hands on his chest, vainly struggling to push him away, her mouth was begging him not to stop. Her body pressed against his told him all he needed to know, no matter how her hands said otherwise. She gasped for air when he finally broke their kiss. Her heart was racing, her body tingled and her knees felt weak. This was the kind of kiss that romantics dream of and poets write about but never experience. Her reaction frightened her, shook her to her soul and her knees buckled as she sank down onto the couch behind her. His laughter broke through her haze and she looked up at him, absently wondering what was so funny as a distant, not quite silent part of her mind screamed at her to leave while she still could. Her feet twitched but she didn't get up, couldn't get up. She couldn't move. 

   Not even when he knelt in front of her, took her left hand and bound her wrist with a length of rope he'd pulled from under the couch cushion. She watched his lips form the words that sent a bolt of fear through her heart. "No one else makes you feel this way. No one else makes you want these things like I do. " He finished tying her wrist and caught her eyes. The smoldering, dark passion that lived and breathed there almost sucked her in. Almost. "No," she whispered. Whether that was confirmation of his words or denial, it didn't matter. She hid her other hand behind her back. "You are bound to me as tightly as I bind your flesh. Give me your other hand. " His tone made it clear that this was a subject not open for debate and still, she hesitated. "No," she said louder, more insistently. His eyes narrowed.

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   He was rapidly losing patience with her and her denial. "Why do you continue to resist? You know you don't want to. You know you can't. Why do you even try?" he asked her, but only silence answered his questions. "Answer me. " his voice dropped to a dangerously low level and his eyes seemed to pierce right through her. She looked away, unable to tell him that she was afraid she might lose herself if she ever gave in completely. And that what frightened her most was not caring if she lost herself forever as long as she was with him. His hand shot out and grabbed her by the chin, his fingers digging into her jaw cruelly as he turned her face towards him again. He saw the tiny flickers of fear in her eyes that she tried to hide and he nodded slowly, understanding what she didn't think he could. “You are mine. You are my slut. My toy. I will do with you as I please. Do you really think I couldn't just take what I want from you?" His voice was harsh and grating.

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   That tendril of fear tightened around her spine but she clenched her jaw angrily beneath his fingers. Without a conscious thought her free hand swung out and her nails raked along his cheek. Her eyes widened as she realized what she’d done. His nostrils flared as his eyes closed then slowly opened again, barely controlled rage shining from their depths. Touching his face with one finger he looked down at the blood on the tip then back at her. “You bitch!”Her heart quavered and she knew she had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. She fell over on the couch from the force of his blow. Dazed, she scarcely registered it when he bound her hands together. She didn’t resist when he pulled her limp form off the couch by her tied hands. Her shoulders hit the hard floor with a thud, knocking the wind out of her. The ceiling blurred in front of her eyes as he dragged her across the floor. She saw the long black straps that were looped over the wooden beams just a moment before he grabbed a fistful of her long brown hair, twisting until she turned over on her stomach, hiding the glimpse of cold, suppressed anger that glittered in his eyes. He worked quickly, slipping her dress up over her head, connecting the leather straps, one around each of her thighs then her waist and upper body, apparently only satisfied when she moaned as the harness bit into her tender skin. He released her hands then re-secured them behind her back, looped a strand of leather around each of her ankles, and pulled her feet up towards her ass. She started to struggle as he finished tying her then winced and cried out as his hand cracked down hard on her upturned bottom.

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   The corners of his mouth twitched as he watched the distinct finger marks raise on her cheek. Finishing his knot, he spread her thighs forcefully and looked down at her helpless body. The teasing, the constant rejection of his attentions, her being too damn stubborn to admit the truth, all of it… would end here, tonight. She struggled halfheartedly, testing her bonds, flexing her wrists and legs. Another sharp crack across her ass stilled her motion. She whimpered once then shuddered as his warm hands caressed her lower back, sliding up over her hips and back down, his thumbs catching the edge of her silk panties. He pulled them down over the gentle curve of her well-formed ass, his fingers stroking several tender spots on one cheek, his own reddened finger marks. She heard a soft, throaty moan but it took several long moments after the sound faded away before she realized that those hoarse, needy exhalations were hers. “You want me. You can’t deny it. ”His warm voice so close to her ear sent involuntary shivers throughout her body. But she bit her lip and said nothing, not trusting herself to speak. Her words would betray her just as her body already was doing. “No matter what I do to you, you just want more. ”She felt her panties pulled tight against her hip bones, heard the tearing and felt the pressure ease as the material ripped, cool air flowing over her hot skin.

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   Her breath caught in her throat at the end of a desperate gasp for air. “No,” she whispered, but her body screamed for more. One fingertip lightly brushed the cheek of her ass, barely touching her and yet she responded. Light glinted off the wet flesh between her soft, swollen folds and he felt her back arching under his hand, bringing her bottom up higher in the air. His fingers slid down between her shapely cheeks and he dipped one into her wet pussy. Thrusting it hard inside her, he watched her body react with pleasure, welcoming his touch. As her warm walls closed tightly around his finger he laughed. It was a cold, mocking laugh that chilled her heart. Her head jerked back as he yanked her by the hair. He added another finger to her smoothly shaven pussy and shoved into her hard. She cried out with the force of it but was unable to tell him to stop. She didn’t want him to stop touching her. Her body craved everything he could give her and more. “You want me,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear. “You need me to fuck you.

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   Beg me for it. ”Her mind rebelled and the words shot from her lips before she could reconsider them. “Fuck. You. ”“As you wish,” he replied coolly. She couldn’t see the coldness in his eyes or the way he clenched his jaw but she heard the steely tones in his voice and that tendril of fear squeezed her heart tighter. He pushed her head forward as he let go and the momentum carried her head forward to smack against the floor. As she turned her head and rested her cheek on the cold surface, he withdrew his wet fingers from inside her and slapped her ass repeatedly, harder and harder. The smacking sound of his hand against her flesh mixed with her whimpers of pain until, as suddenly as he’d started, he stopped. Her ass was on fire and the burn spread through and heated her entire body, her soul and her mind. In a moment of perfect clarity she saw herself for what she was; a slut driven by passion and need. But she was his slut, just as he’d said. She wanted it no other way, but her stubborn pride refused to allow her to speak those words. Her desire for this man was unquenchable and undeniable. He made her feel alive.

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   The two of them together turned that passion into a living, breathing, tangible entity. That was one thing she couldn’t deny. The leather strapping bit sharply into her flesh, startling her out of her daydream. She gave a sudden gasp as her body swung clear of the floor. She closed her eyes tightly to block out the swaying room and squeaked once as the harness jerked to a halt several feet above the floor. Suspended. Helpless. He secured the strap to itself and gave her a little swing. Walking around her slowly, he observed her from all angles, tilting his head and looking at her as if considering. Coming to a stop in front of her he leaned over and raised her chin with one finger until her apprehensive eyes met his. She looked into those opaque windows and saw only darkness. Cold, hard obsidian. She couldn’t look into those eyes, couldn’t bear the silent fury that remained caged there. Closing her eyes and turning away couldn’t block out the sound of his zipper opening or the deep tones of his voice as he spoke. “I should fuck your mouth, cum on your face, and leave you here.


   You don’t deserve anything better. But no, you’d enjoy that too much wouldn’t you, my little cock-whore?” It wasn’t a question he expected her to answer. As he slapped her cheek with his hardening cock, he watched her face turn and her mouth open reflexively. He struck her lips with the head of his shaft several times but didn’t allow her to take it into her mouth. “That’s what I thought,” he said smugly. She found herself spinning in the air until he was behind her again, running his warm hands over her reddened ass. “I’m going to hear you beg, one way or another. ” His disembodied words demanded her surrender, but he didn’t wait for a response. Taking hold of the strap around her waist he pulled her back towards him, driving his hard, throbbing manhood into her deeply, savagely. Her cries didn’t soften his heart and he pounded into her pliable flesh again and again, swinging her back and forth by the harness. Her pussy was warm, wet and deliciously tight around him and he took great pleasure in enjoying it. Thrusting into her repeatedly, he watched her body jerk every time he sank his cock into her, every time his hips came up hard against her ass, but he didn’t touch her otherwise. This was raw, primal need and nothing more. This wasn’t right, she thought. This wasn’t what she had so desperately wanted.

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   He fucked her hard and deliberately and she moaned in spite of herself. His pelvis slammed against her, impaling her rhythmically and she cried out as he thrust harder, loving it, needing it, and hating it. Her heart filled to bursting with an aching need for him to touch not only her body, but her mind as well. When he spoke his words were punctuated by his hard thrusts. “Just like masturbating in your pussy. I don’t even care if you cum. ”The words registered like a slap across her face. Masturbating… using her as if she didn’t matter, like she was some sort of toy. She felt the tears gathering in her eyes and as one slipped down her cheek she choked off a sob. He pulled her back onto him again and again, pushing and pulling her body by the strap secured tightly around her waist. This wasn’t what she wanted and needed so desperately. She wanted to belong to him, not just be used by him. A second rolling tear joined the first, then dripped off her cheek from the force of his thrusts. She wept openly, her shoulders heaving as the words came tumbling from her lips, her heart aching. She couldn’t stop the words she’d wanted to say for so long.

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   “Please… please… I’m sorry,” she sobbed, “I’m so sorry. ” She dimly realized that he had stopped deep inside of her. “I need you, I want you…” she couldn’t stop the words that fell from her lips or the tears that streaked her cheeks. “I just… want to be yours…” Her voice was barely above a whisper, forced out between breaths. “Forgive me…” Deep, gut-wrenching sobs shook her body as the tears flowed faster. She needed him to need her, to want her, but not like this. She felt him slip from her pussy. The harness jerked once and she was lowered to the ground, her wet cheek coming to rest against the wood flooring as she wept tears born of frustration, longing and fear of being nothing more to him than this. He loosed the straps and removed the harness completely, tossing it aside before doing the same with the rope that bound her wrists. Kneeling down on the floor, he gathered her up in her arms, took her over to the couch and kissed away her tears. He pushed a long strand of soft hair back from her face then wrapped his arms around her and rocked her gently for several minutes. “Please, what?” he whispered in her ear. She glanced at him and tried to look away again, mustering up the courage to speak, but he didn’t let her. The palm of his hand cupped her jaw and he held her with his eyes, the passion that lived in them drawing her in. “Baby, tell me,” he said.

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  Taking a deep breath, she began, unable to look away. “I need you,” she said for the second time. Her hands slipped up around and behind his neck as he leaned in, kissing her lips gently. “You fill that spot in my heart that’s hollow and empty when you’re not around. ” He smiled at her words and kissed her again, holding her tightly. “I want to give you everything, be everything you need. Take me and make me yours, please…” She whispered the final words, hardly believing she’d said them aloud, her face turning crimson. “I told you that you would beg me,” he said softly. Her quiet laugh was cut off abruptly as his lips came down hard against hers, crushing them with his kiss. His fingers wound into her hair as he took possession of her mouth. Laying her back he covered her body with his, using one knee to push her legs apart. Settling in between them he could feel the heat radiating from inside her. He rocked his hips forward, pressing the head of his cock against her aroused clit, feeling himself slide up a little as she gasped and rocked her pelvis. He kissed her deeply, his tongue searching her mouth and caressing her tongue as he slid the long shaft of his member over her clit. She moaned softly against his lips and wrapped her legs around his hips, her ankles locked behind his ass. 

   She took a deep shuddering breath as his lips traveled over her cheek to her throat, kissing her tender, sensitive spots as he pulled her arms above her head and trapping both her wrists with one hand. Her back arched instinctively as he cupped her breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her soft cries echoed in the empty room as he pinched her hard nipple and nipped at the tender flesh where her neck and shoulder met. He pulled back enough to let his cock glide down her slit and find the entrance to her swollen pussy, ignoring her half-hearted efforts to pull him inside with her legs. He nipped and kissed up her throat, leaving little red marks in his wake, slowly pushing just the fat head of his cock inside her. He heard her groan in his ear and smiled to himself, nibbling on her earlobe. “Something you want, baby?” he whispered softly in her ear. “Yessssss…” she hissed, her voice husky and full of desire. “What is it?” he asked, hardly able to keep the laughter out of his voice. “Oh God, please… just fuck me. ” She begged him. He plunged into her deeply, feeling her legs tightening around him as her hips rose to meet his thrust. The scream that shattered the still air caused goosebumps to rise on the backs of his arms. He pulled out slowly, deliberately, watching her take several shuddering breaths and drove back into her again, eliciting another high-pitched sound of pleasure. He pinched her nipple harder, and pulled out again slowly, intentionally.

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   He hesitated for a moment at the entrance to her pussy, just easing the tip in and out until he felt her walls contract around him, trying to draw him in. Slamming forward he filled her completely, the head of his throbbing cock pressed up hard against her cervix. “Jesssusss,” she forced the word from between her clenched teeth. She groaned again as he hooked his arms under her knees, bringing her legs up over his shoulders, bending her back as he started fucking her harder, quickening both the pace and depth of his strokes. The angle of her body pressed his cock against the upper wall of her pussy and nearly drove her out of her mind. She fought to retain some control of herself but with each thrust he wiped away her defenses until she was nothing but a bundle of highly sensitized nerves, responding to his every movement. The increasing volume of her moans only spurred him on and she heard his groans of enjoyment mingled somewhere among hers. “Ooooooohhh god, you’re going to make me cum,” she said the words between gasps for air. “I know,” he grunted as he thrust into her again and again. His eyes were dark and full of passion and his strokes were hard and fast. “Cum for me. ” It wasn’t a request and her body didn’t hesitate. She felt the surge of warmth gather at her center, pulsing hotly. Her legs tightened around his neck, her head tipped back and her shoulders rose up off the couch as her back arched and she was caught up in that heat as it exploded out from her core. Her pussy clamped down on his cock and he groaned loudly, not wanting to cum yet but unable to stop himself from plunging into her sweet, warm flesh.

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   He felt her shiver and leaned back enough to cradle her ass in his hands, one thumb pushing gently against her puckered little star until she started to relax. Her juices dripped down over his thumb and he pressed harder, easing the tip of his thumb past her tight ring of muscle. Hearing her gasp he knew what he wanted and pulled out of her, tossing her legs off his shoulders. Taking hold of her hips as her feet touched the floor he turned her, bringing her back up on the couch on her hands and knees. With one hand he pressed her upper body down against the cushion, her ass remained high in the air as he guided the head of his cock until it was flush up against her tight asshole, already slick from her juices. Slowly, purposely he pushed into her, barely letting her relax. “You are so fucking tight,” he groaned as he filled her to the hilt. Her screams were muffled against the cushions and she shuddered with pleasure as he stretched her, fucking her ass slowly. She pushed back against him meeting those thrusts, wanting him deeper, wanting it harder and getting it. She felt his fingers digging into her hipbones, pulling her back tightly against him. “Mmmmmmm…. Yessssss… harder, fuck me harder,” she begged him wantonly. “You like your little slut’s tight ass, don’t you,” her mumbled words pierced through him like a burning arrow and he slammed into her ass just as hard as he’d been fucking her pussy only minutes ago. Winding her hair around his fist he pulled her head back, leaning forward to whisper in her ear as she gasped with the pain. “No, I fucking love my little slut’s ass.

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  ” He fucked her savagely, watching her body jerk each time his hips met her rounded ass. Holding her against him tightly by her hair, his other hand reached around to grab her breast, squeezing it painfully. “I’m going to cum in your ass, whore. Is that what you want, you little slut?” She growled back at him. “Yessss… fuck yesssss…” her husky voice escalated as he started pumping in and out of her quickly. She could feel his cock swelling within her and she responded by squeezing him tightly, her tight muscles massaging and milking his cock. Her eyes closed and she let her entire focus center around him and how he made her feel. Yes, this was what she wanted. Her muscles tensed and her entire being seemed to fill with a white-hot fire that burned from the inside out. Every stroke brought her closer and closer until she couldn’t stand it any longer. She bucked against him as she cried out, taking him deeply as she came again. Every fiber of her being responded to him. She surrendered her body, her heart and in that moment her soul. Screaming out his name, she shook with a tremendous orgasm. She heard him moan loudly, grunting as he forced himself into her a final time, releasing his seed.

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   His heart was racing and his body trembled with the force of his orgasm as his cock pulsed several times shooting deeply inside her. He felt her surrender and her hair slipped from his bloodless fingers, her head dropping forward to rest on the back of her hands. He drew in a long, slow shuddering breath and exhaled slowly. His softening cock slipped suddenly from her body as she moved, collapsing on the couch, exhausted. His body shivered once and he leaned forward, resting against her back, his heart still thumping in his chest. “God,” he said then kissed the back of her shoulder gently. She murmured something that he couldn’t hear but he smiled at the tone of it. Kissing her again, he whispered in her ear. “I have to go. ” Her eyes fluttered open and she looked back at him, a full pout on her lips but she didn’t say anything. It wouldn’t help. He would still leave, just as he always did. She watched him gather his clothes and get dressed, not wanting to take her eyes from him. He placed the key on the arm of the couch and bent down to kiss her cheek. “I’ll see you soon, I just don’t know when.

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  ”She nodded and felt a vise tightening around her heart as he walked towards the door. “Don’t go,” she whispered, knowing he couldn’t hear her. He turned and gave her a smile then shut the door behind him. A single tear slipped down her cheek and she closed her eyes. By,RomeoXAs Always all Comments and Construtive Critisizm welcomed, Thank you. .
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