Acadian Princes


The Bear Chronicles “Acadian Princes” Waiting in my place of concealment, time seeming to stand still on this warm spring morning. Checking my watch for the one thousandth time, waiting. Finally the new silver Thunderbird turning off the main road, entering the parking area. Arriving at eight fifty five, as she and her daughter did every nice sunny Tuesday morning. Watching her standing outside the car door. Her white tank top, pressing tightly against small firm breast, stopping just short of the elastic band of her dark pink jogging shorts.
A married woman, twenty three years old, with an infant daughter of about twelve months. Robbie with all the looks of an “Acadian Princes”. Short, breast small and firm, nice round ass and full thighs. Standing just three inches over five foot. Dark curly hair laying on her shoulders. Large dark eyes, a little double chin, making up her glowing innocent face. I scanned the rest of the park through my binoculars, as I returned my attention back to her, leaning over getting the baby stroller from the trunk of the Thunderbird. Long shapely legs stretched, dark pink shorts riding high up on the cheeks of her soft ass revealing the sheer pink panties underneath.
My cock throbbing, the tight shorts pulling tight out lining her sweet pussy. I started to understand what Bear had been beating into my head.

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   Referring to her as a one dick pussy, nearly a virgin. Loving to tease and show but remaining untouchable. Myself along with Bear, have plans to seriously change her attitude. Finally she started pushing the stroller in our direction, I scanned the park again, signaled Bear that all looked good. This being my first time to take a women I was strictly following instructions and trying to learn. Bear as I call him is my mentor if there can be such a thing. In his early forties, he has taken several women, I’m not sure of the exact number. But I’m sure he knows, as he’s said, it’s a bad habit to keep count. The Park being small around seven acres I guess, with a paved lane circling the outer boundaries. To the south is the main road, north and west bordered by a small creek, thick woods and under brush bordering the east side. The east side had a low place between two hills, unseen from the rest of the park.
This is the spot we had picked to take her. In my hiding place on one side of the lane, Bear in his on the opposite side. Slowly pushing the stroller, both of them enjoying the scenery and fresh air. Robbie and her baby making their way down the hill, finding it hard to maneuver the stroller with the loose pebbles and other debris covering the lane at the bottom of the hill.

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   Her feet stepped across the spot Bear had marked, I stood up and started toward her, she was shocked to see a hooded man in old coveralls quickly coming at her. Fear and shock in her face, her eyes wide, mouth open taking in a big gulp of air, before she could get out a scream Bear had came up from behind having her hooded and gagged before she had any idea anyone else was around.
Bear being the big man he was, reached around her and with a big bear hug encompassing her arms and waist, picked her up and headed into the bushes. Following a few steps behind, pulling the stroller with me. Stopping to cover up the opening of our trail with brush. By the time I had covered the hundred feet to our spot, she was laying face down on the vinyl covering we had place on the ground, Bear lying on top of her attaching the cuffs to her wrist.
Her small frame body fighting with all the strength she had, kicking, twisting even under his massive weight, her small body doing all it could to get away. Her cries, moans, pleading could be heard through her gagged mouth. Removing my coveralls just as Bear fastened the second cuff to her wrist. Leaving my latex cloves, hood and body stocking on, my cock and balls hanging out their opening in the front, throbbing with every cry and moan coming from her lips. Stepping over, setting the video camera on its tripod, positioned the camera and switching it on. Bear had her cuffs on and was straddling her back still holding her face down. I came to her side, smelling her sweet perfume, sensing the fear radiating from trembling body. Reaching my hand through the leg openings in her shorts. Pulling shorts and panties away from her sweet ass, as she wiggled, squired, kicking as best she could, taking my knife and cutting through them, then making another cut up through the waist band.

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Pulling the sexy shorts and panties off admiring the shape of her ass and legs. Bear taking the knife, cutting the straps of her top and bra. Getting her top and bra gather up in his hand, half standing and bending over, he had actuality lifted her a couple of inches off the ground. Easing the knife under the top and bra material, he cut it, letting her fall to the ground, her ragged top and her thirty four B bra in his hand. Completely naked except for her little white jogging shoes, we stepped back, enjoying our prey, listening to the crying, moaning and pleads as she was kicking, squirming, jerking on the two foot of rope that had her cuffs bound to a small sapling. Cock throbbing as I watch her torment, her small firm breast, and the small amount of dark hair on her mound, leaving her small sweet pussy in plain view.
Removing his coveralls, Bear motion for me to remove her shoes, on my knees, I grabbed one shoe just as she planted a kick center my chest, knocking the air out of me, falling back with shoe in hand trying to catch my breath. Getting up and composing myself, I could tell Bear was laughing under his hood, standing there with nothing on but his hood and body stocking. His large ugly cock hanging out, I had to laugh too. Reaching in the large briefcase we had brought he pulled a small bottle out.
Unscrewing the top removing the eye dropper he moved to the baby and put a couple of drops in her mouth. The medication was just to let the baby sleep. Attention turning back to Robbie, She seemed to have worn herself down. Laying still on her left side, legs pulled up in a fetal position, sobbing and crying. Plan in place, Bear eased to her feet, me on my knees next to her ass.

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   Bear locked his large hand to her ankle next to the ground, with a swift forceful pull, stretching her tense body tight between the rope attached to her cuffs and he’s strong hands.
Coming from behind her, I took a death grip on her other leg, placed it on my right shoulder, moved over and sat my ass on her other leg. Her body stretched tight, my left hand guiding the head of my long, slender, circumcised cock to the lips of her small pussy. Working the lubricated head of my cock in as her muscles contracted trying to keep the intruder out. Hearing her moans and cries as it pushed hard through her labia, invading the semi virgin canal. Stopping with just half my cock in her dry hole, my cock feeling the trembles of fear pulsating from the walls of her sweetness.
Waiting for her reaction, my cock throbbing, not believing how tight she was, waiting for her pussy to realize it was being assaulted, and start its moisture flowing from pure animal instinct. Watching the rise and fall of her chest, every breath being an effort. I slowly started stroking her pussy with my cock. Not pushing in but pulling out and then back to the same spot. Bear letting loose his tight grip on her ankle, moved around and laid down beside her. His hand easing over he started caressing her breast rolling her nipples with his thumb and fore finger. As his hand was moving between her breast and stomach he started talking to her. She seemed to be relaxing, I was slowly pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her now moist pussy. Watching Bear and wondering how a married woman with a baby could have such a tight, hot pussy.

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Bear reached up and pulled the slip knot on the rope, giving a little more slack, relaxing her arms he then reached behind her head and released the gag. Her face still hooded. Crying, sobbing, her scratchy voice begging, please stop, “why are you doing this to me, please, my baby”. My cock seeming to increase in size and hardness with each pleading word. With each stroke getting deeper, her moans and the tightness of her tender canal, the head of my blood filled cock stretching virgin tissue. Reaching into the briefcase, Bears hand coming out with the syringe. “Robbie I’m going to give you a injection, it will sting a little, but will help you breath better”. Much to her protest, the needle was eased into her arm and it’s contents emptied. Reaching back he brought out the sunglasses, normal other than the inside of the lens being mirrored, and two strange round disk shaped objects on each side of the frames. Turning her head down making sure her now damping curly hair was covering her eyes as he slip off the hood and put the sun glasses over her eyes, holding them on was an small elastic strap. The round objects pressing on her temples.
Pulling my cock from her sweet cunt at Bears signal. Robbie rolled on to her back. “Robbie spread your legs and pull them up”. she pulled her legs up and spread wide. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   Bear motioned for me to take her. I could see her cunt open, glistening with her moisture. This time I wasn’t as gentle, easing my cock into her hot cunt I started stroking, the third stroke I plunged my entire length into her. She gasps as my cock hit bottom, “at Bears request”, her ass starting to meet my strokes. Seeing her face a mixture of pain and pleasure, her lust being released.
Pushing in and holding it feeling her cunt rocking on my cock. My arms reaching under her knees, picking them up and pushing her legs down on her chest. Pounding her sweet cunt with the full length of my cock, harder and faster with each stroke. Trying to make her cry and moan, her cunt coming to meet every stroke. Feeling the soft walls of her cunt contracting, squeezing my cock. Thinking to my self, hell the Princes is cumming, all I’m doing is making the slut feel good. Looking up seeing Bear fucking her full lips with his thick cock, my cock exploded pumping cum in her wet, slimy cunt as her contractions squeezed my cock milking it dry. Slowly stroking her cunt with my semi hard cock, her ass coming up wanting more. I pulled out after a few more minutes, wasted and exhausted.
My cum dripping out, her swollen cunt lips wet with my cum and her slut juices, Bear having her get up on all four.

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   Getting behind her with his thick long cock. Hand on her waist the other guiding his massive cock in her already cum soaked pussy. Moans, whimpers, cries, sweat pouring from her tender body. Letting Bear know what his massive cock with the small steel balls implanted into its foreskin, was doing to her sweet young pussy. Robbie crying, her body being split apart, her small pussy, it’s tender canal gripping the monster intruder. Bear holding her waist with both hands started fucking his cock with her body, going deeper with each stroke. Standing watching, Robbie’s body being forced on his huge cock.
Gasp coming from her mouth with every stroke. Smelling the sex, hearing the slushing sounds made by the massive tool pumping hard in her sweetness, my cum and her juices flowing out, running down the tender inside of her legs. Loosing the grip on her small waist, her smooth ass tight against his groin. Her body slowly swaying, her cunt riding the massive tool. Moans of pleasure through her sweet lips, her body stroking the hard cock, riding it’s full length, her ass upturning as it pushed against his groin. The pulsations being emitted into her temples from the cylinders mounted on the glasses. Where causing her to have hallucinations. The mind of the sweet innocent wife and mother was in a different place a different time, the young mothers sex starved body, her nearly virgin cunt, feeding its lustful desires.

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Bear, myself, even Robbie abusing her hidden sexuality. Lifting her head up, gently pushing aside the dripping wet hair sticking to her innocent face, putting the head of my hard cock against her full soft lips. Mouth opening eagerly accepting its mushroom shaped head. Robbie’s tongue licking around it’s head, as it pushes to the opening of her virgin throat, pushing till her breath was cut off, pulling back, as she caught another breath I push in again going further, feeling the resistance of her throat. Gagging, choking with each stroke of my still hardening cock getting deeper and deeper till my sack was bouncing on her chin. Catching her breath as my cock eased out of her accepting throat. Fucking her wet red face, my cum building quickly, my sack full and hard, her wet throat tight on my long slender cock. Moans of pleasure escaping out her cock filled mouth.
Bear now meeting her thrust with his own. With each thrust you could hear her soft ass slapping against his hardened thighs. Watching her ass checks bounce up with every thrust, I was fucking her throat faster and harder. Bear reaching around her waist, his hand her finding her swollen tender clit. Feeling her jerk on my cock as he stroked the head of her inflamed clit. Bear pounding from behind, her knees leaving the ground and falling back with each of his aggressive strokes.
Her body trembling as he rub her clit harder and faster while lifting her off the ground with every brutal stroke of his massive cock.

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   Her orgasm building, my cock in and out of her throat, holding back my cum. The head of my now sore cock dripping cum, down her throat. Feeling her body going into convulsions, I pushed till my sack was resting on her chin. Both hands pulling her used face tight against my groin and cum laden sack. My cock jerking as cum unloaded deep in her throat. Coughing and gagging, swallowing, gasping to fill her lungs with much needed air. Load after load of my cum was being pumped down her sore throat into her belly. Pulling out only after I was completely drained. Battling to fill her lungs with air, cum running from the edges of her used mouth, flowing down the length of her neck. Finished I gently laid her head on the ground as I moved away. Bear now holding her weak body up stroking, pounding with the full length of his mammoth disfigured cock, as wave after wave of orgasmic convulsions rippled through her once delicate body.
Robbie’s tremors slowing, his cock unloading its thick white cum into her ravaged canal. Stroke after stroke more of his hot cum pumped into her womb, pumping till his sack was completely empty, his hungry lust totally satisfied. Hearing the suction as his cock popped out of her wasted abused pussy. Letting her body to the ground he gently rolled her over.

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   Beautiful, soft legs spreading automatically. Reaching down wiping the blood tainted cum from between her legs. Fingers full of cum and her flooding juices he rubs it on her sweet lips. Robbie’s pink tongue licking it from her red blood filled lips. Bear’s cock still dripping of cum and secretions from her used cunt, puts it to her waiting mouth. Licking , cleaning the full length of his cock.
Moans and whimpers of pleasure still coming from her cum licking mouth. Bear getting up, putting his coveralls, hood and sunglasses on, I follow his lead doing the same. Reaching down and removing the well used cuffs from around her small wrist. Tossing me a container of damp wipe things I took the hint and started cleaning our Princes up. Bear picking up and putting away some of the other things. Picking her up to a sitting position. Robbie sat patiently while I cleaned the cum from her hair, then gently wiping her face and neck, realizing for the first time how beautiful she really was, continuing with fresh wipes I wiped her shoulders and arms. Continuing to her firm breast, a little more than a handful, her chest rising and falling from her heavy breathing. Placing his hands under her shoulders Bear started helping her stand “come on sweetie, let daddy help you up”.


   Partially standing on her weak legs, picking up the bottle of douche, inserting the full length of the applicator.
Squeezing the bottle and empting its contents, washing out our cum from her worn cunt. Finishing with the douche and injecting the soothing cream deep in her canal. I then proceeded to clean her legs, filling urges coming back to my cock as I was wiping her pussy, and the inside of her soft thighs. Finally getting this done, Bear sat her down on the clean corner of the vinyl covering. Bringing out a pair of black spandex sports shorts and matching top, putting the shorts over her feet, working them up her legs and over her hips till he managed to get them on.
Putting on her sneakers as Bear was getting the tiny top over her head, pulling the small garment down, barely covering her breast. The shorts and top seemingly to be too small, clinging tightly to her curves. The outfit looked as if it had been molded to her, showing every curve, her cunt protruding, being perfectly out lined. Nipples protruding from perfect breast. The back color of the material being the only way to tell she was wearing anything. Bear having her look down as he removed the glasses, putting a small white sweat band over her eyes. One more reinforcement before we started back down the small trail with her. Robbie you know what will happen if you ever tell anyone, a weak yes coming from her mouth, we want to keep you and little Jennie save don’t we, another faint yes coming from her, tell me how your going to keep yourself and Jennie safe and happy. “By keeping you happy”, that’s right said Bear, and that makes you happy doesn’t it, another yes coming from Robbie’s mouth.

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   We got her and the stroller down the trail close to thee lane where it all started.
Bear motioned for me to head back, getting back I jerked my hood off through it on the vinyl ,folding it up, making sure the rags we had made of her clothes were being wrapped in it, checking around, making sure nothing was left behind. Putting the last bit in the trash bag as Bear returned, picking up our stuff and headed to another location where we removed all our clothing and placed them in the trash bag. After redressing with our street clothes, I headed off with the two bags, placing them in there hiding place as instructed by Bear. Bear leaving with the other stuff. The beginning

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