Am I Your Brother's Keeper?


As my 23rd birthday approaches I think back to my innocence, 5 years ago seems a lifetime now. I was celebrating my 18th Birthday and thought I didn't have a care in the world life was great. I worked very hard my whole life in school and it paid off, I graduated with honors and was awarded several scholarships. As a part of one particular scholarship I was given opportunity to work in my field of study, Psychology. This is where I first met Dr. Faulk, an older very distinguish gentleman, and also a brilliant psychologist and writer. I read several of Dr. Faulk’s books and was thrilled to have the opportunity to work for him well at least for the same facility he was affiliated with. Dr. Faulk was also a very handsome older man, tall at least 6’3 lean not too thin, he appeared to be in great physical shape, his caramel brown complexion appeared as though he never shaved a day in his life. His hair was wavy with the salt and pepper color. Even 32 years my senior I found him a very handsome man. During the time I was to work for this facility one of the perks would be, I was able to attend Dr. Faulk’s seminars free of charge, I again was thrilled, I had the world by the tail, My life would be changed dramatically and I was ready and eager to embark on my new life. Or was I? Looking back I never imagined the dramatic change to be so life altering, nothing could have prepared me for this. Do I regret anything? Would I change anything? I suppose I’ll let you stroll through my life and at the end you come to your own conclusions.

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  It had been two weeks working for the facility; I had the honor of meeting Dr. Faulk on one occasion. I was bringing in some files Ms Harris, my supervisor asked for and there he was. Hi dear come in and meet Dr. Faulk, Dr. this is Tyra our student worker, Tyra meet the famous Dr. FaulkHi sir it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’ve read and heard so much about you. Have you, now? Tyra hmmm Greek for untamed are you untamed Tyra. I stammer for words, his eyes are piercing straight through me and I feel some strange electric surge split right through my body. Dr. Faulk and Ms Harris chuckle as I muttered a lame, no sir I think I'm pretty tame. He then pat me on my shoulder leaving the room saying that will remain to be seen my dear tamed Tyra. Three days after meeting Dr. Faulk, I was sitting mesmerized by his deliberate speaking techniques, excited to be attending my first seminar. Dr.

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   Faulk is known for his controversial ideas on the male vs. female role in relationships both work and personal. Dr. Faulk’s theory is the male takes the dominant role in the work place as well as home. He believes if a female exhibits that, which is believed to be a male trait, it will infest and ruin the whole relationship, Dr. Faulk is very successful in helping many relationships with his role training sessions. I soon learned he not only gave seminars he also had group sessions, and private sessions in his office. He was very sought after and it wasn't easy to get an appointment with him. The waiting list could be quite long. I sat completely still, clinging to his every word, they seem to grab and hold me, I think it was at that very moment when I heard his deep, clear, even-toned voice speak the words…. . "Domination implies the taking of power by force, rather than the acceptance of power"  explaining in detail why he stayed away from the word dominate. He went on to say women loose when they try to take on the male role, taking on the decision making and therefore removing the power from the male, leaves the woman unprotected. The man makes it possible for the woman to express her femininity by taking full responsibility for her he also provides the basic necessities - food, clothing, shelter, creates a structure - rules, routines, etc. - for his family, A true male also protects his family from outside dangers.

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  The woman's role is to makes it possible for the man to express his masculinity by accepting his authority to carry out his responsibility for her, trusting that he will protect and provide all of her needs, without question. I was completely taken not only by his words by his whole demeanor, I breathed in deeply, wanting to inhale every word as if I was hearing each word for the first time in my life. It was two months after that day that Dr. Faulk invited me over for dinner, I was writing a paper on subservient behaviors and he was kind enough to offer his private library. I was thrilled this very busy man taking the time to help me. I was then at his home almost daily for a week when Dr. Faulk offered me an opportunity of a lifetime. I have the responsibility of caring for my brother, and with my schedule I don't have much time to give him the companionship he so needs, Tyra you would have your own room in the house and access to most of my home and transportation. A portion of your pay would be put into an account, for savings. I would allow one expense card for evenings out, I would like to see my brother getting out more. What do you think Tyra? Think? It was nothing to think about, I'll have my bags packed by dinner. I returned that evening with my suitcases, and right after dinner, Dr. Faulk requested I come into his home office. He gave me a contract to sign and some other papers to set up my account also insurance papers. It was that very second after signing everything I realized just how naive I really was, not asking any questions, I had just agreed to giving him my life.

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  Tyra, you will go through proper training in order to give my brother the care he needs, you are to take orders from only myself and my brother. You both have a personal butler. The butler is now going through your suitcases and eliminating any unacceptable clothing. My personal maid will be taking you shopping in the morning. Tyra go to your room and shower, things will be already laid out for you and your butler will assist you in this. Tyra's mind was reeling, even Dr. Faulk's voice took on a different tone, although not loud very authoritative. Tyra found Raymond already in her room, clothes were laid out on her bed. Plain black thong panties, and what seemed to be a dress very plain and thin, tiny straps and it looked as though it would reach her mid thigh. The bathroom was huge, and Tyra had never seen a large living room type chair in a bathroom before. A basket with everything necessary to have a luxurious bath set on the counter top. Raymond remained in the bathroom as I started to run the bath water. Raymond thank you I'm fine now, you can leave. I'm sorry Ms Tyra my strict orders are to remain with you, anything you may need I will be right here to provide.   Tyra stormed out of the bathroom and down the stairs to find Dr.

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   Faulk, she found him in his study. After explaining how Raymond refused to leave her to bath alone, he smiled and told her she would have to get used of servants and they were trained and she need not be shy around them, Tyra bath as if you are alone, get used of being pampered and catered to. Then in a firm but low voice Dr. Faulk told Tyra Go now and bath and meet me in the living area, you have less than an hour. Tyra ran upstairs, not sure why she obeyed so willingly. His low firm tone was quite unsettling and she thought perhaps this is just the way the rich live. When Tyra arrived upstairs she found Raymond waiting in the bathroom, she immediately started to undress and turned and glared at him. As she descended from the tub, Raymond stood with the large bath towel and started drying her wet body, Tyra tried taking the towel from him but he held tight to the towel giving her the most threatening look and she decided not to try and stop him. Tyra stood there very embarrassed as Raymond went about drying her body with special care spreading her ass cheeks and what seemed like slow deliberate movements, he commanded Tyra put her leg on the chair while he dried her pussy, he kneeled down, spreading her lips and carefully dried every inch of her pussy. Tyra couldn't wait until this humiliation was over. After Tyra was dried and lotioned and dressed, she went down stairs to meet with Dr. Faulk. Tyra sat with her legs closed tight together, she felt almost naked with the plain thin dress and thongs. 15 minutes passed and still no sign of Dr. Faulk, when suddenly a maid entered rolling in a serving cart that contained assorted cheese and crackers.

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   Also on the tray was a pitcher of what seemed like lemonade. While Tyra waited, she poured herself a glass and ate a few crackers with cheese. Minutes passed with still no sign of Dr. Faulk. Tyra begin to wonder if she should just go to her room because she suddenly felt as though she was drifting off she couldn't explain it, though she didn't feel sleepy she felt unattached from reality somehow. Tyra begin to awake, she assumed she fell asleep, but how did she get to her new room? She had no memory of going upstairs. As her mind begin to clear Tyra realized she was completely naked. She jumped up startled, when she noticed Dr. Faulk sitting in a chair near the bed. Tyra tried to reach for a sheet to cover her naked body only to discover the bed was completely empty of all bed linens. Tyra begin to cry, what is going on, where are my clothes, how did I get in my room? I want you out of here, I need privacy, she shouted!!! Tyra cried so hard she trembled, her body was aching and she didn't know why. Dr. Faulk calmly told Tyra to shut up, and she was never to talk to him like that again, she was to be obedient and not to question or demand anything. Tyra you own no clothes, they have all been thrown out or given to a good will. This room is a part of my home, it belongs to me as you also belong to me.

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   "You gave away my clothes, you had no right, I need my clothes I'm leaving this house immediately. "  Dr. Faulk, grinned, Tyra you belong to me now, you signed yourself over to me, I have all rights to you now, you will do as I say and you will earn clothes and luxuries. Dr. Faulk then threw Tyra on the sheetless bed and swiftly thrust his large finger into her pussy, swirled it around and removed it pressing his finger to her lips forcing her to taste the juices. He then roughly jerked Tyra to her feet and practically drugged her down the stairs. When Dr. Faulk opened the door to the entertainment room he roughly pushed Tyra inside, much to her embarrassment, seated were Raymond, Carlton the head butler, Ms Deanne the head maid, another man Tyra hadn't yet met. She felt totally humiliated standing naked before these virtual strangers.   Raymond and Carlton sat to the right side of her and Ms Deanne and the other man on the left Tyra was made to stand, when suddenly the large screen started to play.   What Tyra seen was unbelievable, the movie started with Tyra on the staircase she was on her knees Raymond was on the top stair just above her laying  back while she sucked his cock, she watched as she seemed to devour his entire cock down her throat. What was more shocking was Ms Deanne was on a lower step just below her licking and fingering her pussy. Tyra  begin to scream for Dr. Faulk to turn the video off, only everyone just smiled and continued watching. She then tried running from the room, only Raymond quickly grabbed her, kicking and screaming Tyra was held firmly Carlton assisted by grabbing a leg while the strange man grabbed her other leg, suddenly Ms Deanne pushed a chair toward her.

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   To her horror there was a large dildo attached to the seat it looked to be at least 12 inches and at least 5 inches wide. The men carried her over to the chair lowering her down so it barely glazzed her ass. Dr. Faulk faced her and said in a firm low voice if you don't behave, i will order them to drop you on the chair. Tyra suddenly realized her humiliating position held by the men she was spread wide open for view, tears started to flow, as she also understood she was helpless.  Ms Deanne stepped in front of her, she gently almost clinically spread her pussy lips, she begin probing and seemingly examining her pussy. She nodded to Dr. Faulk and he in turn nodded to the men holding her. She was then lowered to her feet. Tyra's legs felt weak and she hoped they would not fail her, she barely was able to stand.  Dr. Faulk begin to speak to Tyra in his speech like voice giving her instructions on how to be subservient how she was expected to be obedient during her training period. The first thing on the agenda was to rid you of your virginity he stated casually.  I will personally take care of that matter, my brother has no interest in virgins and I'm afraid if I left it to him he would ruin you. I will be much more patient and kind, so consider yourself lucky.

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   She listened numbly as Dr. Faulk ordered Raymond and Ms Deanne to start the cleansing process.  The three entered a large sterile looking room one side had a huge whirlpool, Ms. Deanne started filling it with water where a half ounce of bleach was dumped in. Tyra was laid on a large table where Raymond begun cover her body with a soft cream, then he and Ms. Deanne started shaving every inch of her body, until they were certain no hairs remained. Tyra noticed 2 large silver cans one larger than the other, attached above her head with a rubber tube and what appeared to be a cut off valve. She soon learned it was to douche she also found out a fragrance medicated disinfected was added to the douche water. After the humiliating douche, she was horrified to learn of the next cleansing, she was to endure a horrible enema. A 2 gallon bucket was emptied into her bowels and a butt plug was immediately inserted. It felt as though she would burst. She was certain the butt plug would fly out from the pressure of all that water. Finally after 20 minutes she was allowed to release the water and waste. Her relief was short lived, for another can was emptied into her bowels. This was repeated four times until the water emptied out of her anus clear.

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  She was made to get into the whirlpool, Tyra jumped after putting a foot in the water was so hot she couldn't stand it. Ms Deanne smacked her bottom hard and pushed her forward. Tyra screamed as she lowered herself into the steamy hot water, tears filled her eyes as she wondered what else she was to endure, she let her body adjust to the hot water and Ms. Deanne and Raymond washed and scrubbed her, after drying her thoroughly Ms. Deanne kneeled down and sniffed her pussy and ass making sure she was ready, now they felt she was sterile enough for Dr. Faulk. She still was not allowed any clothing only thong type slippers. It was now time to have her virginity taken from her. She was lead to the other side of the room where a king size bed with only white linen, very plain looking, and told to wait there. Tyra was so exhausted she drifted off to sleep after only a few minutes.  Tyra was awaken by a sharp pain, Dr Faulk was twisting and pinching her nipples roughly, instinctively she fought against the pain, in turn he pinned her down by sitting on her chest with her arms pinned down between his legs. He took his cock and slapped it repeatedly against her lips. She stopped fighting, this pleased him, and he then lowered himself between her legs and begin rubbing his big thick cock on her virgin pussy.  He rubbed it in a circular motion on her clit and she felt her clit begin to harden.  Ms.


   Deanne came to the bed and rubbed some type of ointment on her pussy, it was then she realized they were not alone everyone was in the room was watching her. Dr. Faulk then rubbed his cock at the entrance of her pussy pushing slightly against it. He then asked her when she was a child did she prefer the bandaid ripped off quickly or slowly removed?  Her mind whirled quickly on one hand she wanted it over quickly but the thought of enduring so much pain made her say slowly removed. His expression never changed it was one of matter fact coolness, and went on about the business of removing her virginity. His cock seemed very large and threatening to Tyra, it had to be at least 9inches long and 3 inches around, the head so thick she didn't see it at all possible to enter her tiny hole. Slowly the doctor pushed the head of his cock against her unwilling hole. Carlton and Raymond came to her side and raised her legs and spread them so wide she thought she would split in two. Slowly pushing he finally was able to push the head of his cock into her hole, he just held it there, while Tyra screamed out in pain, begging him to take it out. This was the only time she seen his expression change he slightly smiled, as he thrust about two inches of his hard cock into her. She bucked wildly trying to get away, Ms Deanne quickly moved to the other side of the bed and roughly pinched her nipples, changing the course of her pain. Dr. Faulk begin to move his cock slowly before pushing another couple inches inside her, the entire time Ms. Deanne was twisting and pinching her nipples roughly. Finally he felt the obtruction he wanted to break through and knowing it was better to push through quickly he followed through on Tyra's bad decission to go slowly.

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   He slowly pushed against her hymen, as her scream turned to a shrill sounding like death. Burried to the hilt now he just let his cock lay amoung the wet warmth, as she screamed he talked to her telling her now there was nothing special about her she was just another servant. He slowly started to pull his cock out, when he had it half way out he stopped, smiled at her and slammed it all the way in with so much force she thought he had ruined her forever. He continued to slam his cock in and out of her hard and fast, by now she was numb all feeling removed and she felt nothing, NO PAIN, NO PLEASURE!  When he felt his orgasm  approaching he removed his cock and quickly mounted her shooting hot cum on her face, grabbing a fist full of hair he pulled her face to his messy cock and made her suck him clean of all the cum and virgin blood. Ms. Deanne, quickly left for a warm towel to wash his cock. Tyra thought at least it was over, at least that is what she thought. Ms. Deanne begin to suck his clean cock, and when she felt it reached the hard state she stopped. He had the men turn her over and position her on her knees with her ass raised high, pillows were put under her stomach. She wasn't sure who but someone begin to pour a cold gel over her ass and rubbing it onto her hole. Tyra begin to scream NO NOOOOOO YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! She realized he was about to enter her anal hole.   She was held down her face onto her virgin blood on the sheets, she felt his cock pushing against her hole, but she was so tight he decided to put some more gel on his finger and massaging it into her hole he entered one finger pushing it in and out then he inserted one more finger and begin to expand her opening.   When he felt she was opened enough he again begin to push is big cock against her hole, finally boring of the slowness he rammed his cock with so much force her head slammed down onto the bloody sheets deeper she screamed but heard no sounds come out. He took his hands to spread the cheeks of her ass wide and fucked her hard in her ass, she no longer cared he had broken her will to fight.

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   It seemed like an hour of ass fucking, but after about 15 mins he ejaculated into her assaulted hole. when he removed his cock, Ms Deanne spread her cheeks wide so he could watch as his cum seeped out of her tight red ass hole. He got great pleasure from this sight.   He then left the room, giving orders to clean her up and let her sleep before beginning the training process.      Part 2 will be hot. . . . . . . let me know if you even want a part 2. Be honest so I can improve on the second part. .
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