Amy's Being Punished


Amy was at the Mall in no time, and saw Carrie standing by the entrance, waving frantically. "Hey hunny, how are ya?" Carrie asked as Amy had reached her. She gave her best friend a tight hug. "I'm great thanks chick. " Amy replied, returning the hug. Together they walked into the Mall to do some serious shopping. After about 3 hours, Amy said goodbye to Carrie and promised to call her later on. She walked home, with about 6 bags in her hand, all full of clothes, most of them in the sales. When Amy got home, she went straight into her room and dumped the bags on her bed. She then had a shower, taking adavantage of the fact that her mum was now at work. She felt horny while in the shower so she placed her hand on her clean shaven pussy. She pushed her puffy, pussy lips open with her thumb and forefinger, and pushed her middle finger into her tunnel. She then started to move her finger in and out, slowly pushing herself to a climax. She started to move faster and faster, then felt herself shudder as she had her first orgasm of the day. Amy hadn't finished in the shower yet, and was still feeling quite horny so she played with her tits, twisting her nipples between her fingers. 'God, this feels so good!' She thought to herself.

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  Amy finally finished in the shower, got out and wrapped a white fluffy towel around her. By now it was coming onto 8 in the evening. Amy had to be up early the next morning, so she decided to dry off, and try and catch an early night. 10 minutes later, she was in her night clothes and in bed, with her duvet wrapped around her. She started thinking about wether she was going to meet any nice guys at the camp, and if she'd make any new friends. She was single, and was hoping for a good time. She feel asleep with dirty thoughts in her head. At half 6 the next morning, Amy's alarm clock could be heard throughout the whole house. Amy smacked it, and it stopped beeping. She sluggishly sat up, rubbing her eyes. She climbed out of bed, and creeped into the shower, hoping for a quick wash. She climbed out a few minutes later, dried herself off, and put on some of the clothes she had brought yesterday at the Mall; a pair of tight, cotton shorts, with a t-shirt which said "100% Cute" on it. She tied her hair back, and quickly packed her new clothes in her almost-packed suitcase. She then trudged downstairs, and placed her suitcase by the front door. The coach was going to pick her up in 15 minutes.

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  Shelain was already up, busy making some pancakes in the kitchen. Amy walked in, and was greeted cheerfully. "Morning hunny," Shelain smiled and gestured towards the already cooked pancakes. "You want some?""No thanks mum, I'm being picked up in about 15 minutes. " Amy grabbed a glass out of a cupboard, and opened the fridge. She poured herself a glass of fresh orange juice, and drank it quickly. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, then placed the glass in the sink. She gave her mum a kiss on the cheek, and went to wait outside. 5 minutes later, the bus turned onto Amy's street, driving up to her house. "The bus is her now mum! I'll see you in two weeks!" Amy shouted behind her. "OK hunny! Have a nice time. Don't forget to write!" Her mother shouted back, still busying herself in the kitchen. 20 minutes later, the bus was driving down the freeway towards a secluded camp area in Salt Lake City. Amy noticed that there weren't any guys on the bus, only pretty, girly teenagers. All of the other girls looked roughly about the same age as Amy, and had no idea where they were about to spend the next 2 weeks.

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   It was going to be 2 weeks of pain, not pleasure. A few hours drove past, and Amy was getting pretty bored. She wondered when they were going to arrive at the camp, and when she was going to be able to swim in the lake her mother had described to her. It was then, that Amy noticed that they had passed through a large iron door, which was slowly closed shut, and locked behind them. Amy was a bit freaked out, but thought it must be some new form of security. One of the girls screamed as she looked out of the window. She saw this man in his mid twenties, whipping this young girl with a 3-tailed whip. Amy was wondered what the hell was going on, when the bus came to a halt and a woman stepped onto the bus. "Welcome to the Camp Of Punishment. You have been tricked, and sent here by your parents to be punished, for whatever reason they can think of. Now, I am going to be your Master for the next two weeks. You will only call me Miss, and you may only speak with permisson. If you do something wrong, you will be severely punished. Now if you will all follow me. You will not be needing your bags.

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  " Miss walked off the bus, and waited for all the girls to get off, and stand in single file behind her. When everyone was off the bus, she lead them to a hall, where they were to strip, and put on the clothes they were given, except Amy. A very handsome man, who must have been at least 25, lead Amy into a room that was next to the hall. He locked the door once Amy was inside, and ordered Amy to strip naked. He did not explain why Amy was there, and why she had to strip naked. She didn't strip immediatley, until she saw the 9 inch blade the man held in his hand. She started crying, as the man's eyes darted over her sexy body, taking in her perfect sized tits, and her shaven pussy with full, puffy lips. He walked over to Amy, and she shivered as she felt his breath on her neck as he kissed her there. He then kissed her shoulder, then just above her left tit, then on her nipple. He nibbled softly on the nub, then pulled it. This caused Amy great pain, and she cried out. "You'll be experiencing more pain then you've ever experienced before, you dirty slut. I've heard all about your evenings in the shower when you're home alone. " The man eventually spoke out, speaking in a husky, sexy voice. Amy shuddered when hearing that sexy voice.

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   She felt her pussy becoming wet as the man then continued sucking and pulling at her nipple. The man must have noticed this, because he suddenly reached out, and stuck his middle finger of his left hand up her pussy, making Amy gasp in surprise. This turned Amy on even more, and she pushed her body down onto this mystery man's finger, making it go deeper inside of her tunnel. The man, known as Alex, stuck another finger inside. He now had 2 fingers inside of Amy's gorgeous pussy, which was now soaking wet with her sweet juices. Alex moved his fingers in a circling motion, trying to get as much of this beauty's juices on his fingers as possible, then took his fingers out and licked them clean of her juices. "Mmm you taste sweet. I'm gonna make my dick take you now. " Alex said, once again in his husky voice. He forced Amy to bend over, whilst he unzipped his jeans and took out his rock hard cock. Amy was crying by this time; she wasn't planning on being fucked at so young an age. But she kept seeing that nine inch blade, which was in Alex's right hand. He rubbed the 9 inch length of his cock, and rubbed the head against Amy's pussy. He felt her squirm, as if to try and get away, so he quickly thrust into her, making her take all of his 9 inches. She screamed out in pain, as she had just felt her sweet virginity being taken against her own will.

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   Alex ignored her screaming, and carried on thrusting into her, making sure she took all of his cock each time. He pushed as hard as he could, and felt his seed growing in his balls. He was so turned on by this beautiful goddess. He thrust into Amy a few more times and felt himself shoot his load into her sore pussy.
    "OHHHHHHHHH GGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!" He had a mind blowing orgasm, and felt he could have loads more. He could fuck this girl all night if he wanted to, which he could. He pulled out of her pussy, which was so sore and dripping wet from his thick 9 inch cock. He grabbed Amy's ass cheeks, and pulled them apart to reveal her sweet looking asshole. He ran his finger over her rosebud, and thought about fucking it and shooting his load up her fine ass. He reached over, and grabbed Amy's shoulders, pushing her ass onto his still hard cock. He pushed it in slowly, forcing about an inch in each time. He didn't care how much pain he caused for this girl, he just wanted to fuck her until she was so sore she wouldn't be able to sit down for weeks. After 3 inches were in Amy's tight ass, he pulled on her shoulders hard, his cock forced into her asshole, stretching it tighter than he could imagine. Amy just screamed her lungs out, and she thought she couldn't cry any more. She just wanted to go home; she was so scared.

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       But no matter how much Amy pleaded with Alex, he wouldn't take his cock out of her ass. "Your ass is tight! I'm gonna fuck your ass until it can take my enormous cock fully, then I'm gonna get me a mate to help me fuck you through the night. " Alex whispered in her ear. He carried on pushing his cock into her ass, until almost all 9 inches were in. Then he pulled back, until only the head was in, and then he pushed back into her. He kept doing this untl he could slide into easily, making his hips bang into her ass each time. He exploded in her ass 2 times, before drawing out, and cleaning himself up. He then ordered Amy to stay still, and not move until he came back with a friend. 10 minutes later, the door opened, and Alex came in with Ben; a fit guy, around 18 years old. Amy hadn't moved an inch; she was too scared to. She knew what was coming next. She was going to have two cocks inside of her, but she had no idea how huge Ben's cock was. All she could do was watch helplessly as Ben undressed, and pulled out a 10 inch cock, which was at least 3 inches around. He walked over to Amy, and postioned himself on the floor. He ordered Amy to lie on top of him, so he could enter her pussy.

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       She hesitated, but moved over and sat on Ben, while Alex watched. Ben grabbed his cock, and pushed it in the direction of Amy's aching pussy, and entered her. She gasped, but didn't say anything. Ben grabbed Amy's shoulders, and pulled her down on to his large cock, making her take about 9 inches. He forced her down onto the last inch, until his hips touched hers. He then forced her to bounce up and down on him, which she did sloppily. Alex didn't like this, so he grabbed Amy from behind, and forced himself into her ass again. This time he showed no mercy, and pushed all 9 inches in in one go. Amy screamed, but this time in pleasure as two gorgeous guys were fucking her at the same time. As Ben pulled out, Alex pushed in. All this time, Amy pushed back onto Alex's cock, then onto Ben's. This rhythm carried on for more than 10 minutes, when Ben, Alex and Amy had an amazing orgasm at the same time. The feeling was incredible, and they were all exhausted. But they never let Amy rest, for the whole 2 weeks she had to stay there. .

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