Back of the Bus


Meet Andrew Porter.   15 years old. 5'4" 130'bs. light brown hair with piercing green eyes and a kind smile.   Scrawny and weak. Brilliant and kind.
A target.   An unfortunate Victim
Not as such the most popular kid in school, Andy was picked on frequently.   He was given the usual assortment of cruel tricks to crush his spirit: Wedgies, Swirlies, towel snapps at gym class.   Once, they even tried to make him eat a lab frog.   Yes, school was far from pleasant to Andy Porter.   But, he still went, determined to make the best of himself, as his father and mother were long dead from job related illnesses.   His Grandmother cared for him as best she could.   But not even Ella porter could fight the bullies away.
The worst of it started on a tuesday, a day that Andy embraced for this day brought him into his element of literature with English Class.   There, he not only communed with the great writers, learning thier arts and thier passions, but he got to see Danielle, the cute girl who was assigned his table.

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    Though a bit chubby in her cheeks and butt, Danielle's breasts had filled out to a marvelous C. Short, dirty blonde hair fell to her shoulders that, when the light caught it just right, looked like the very rays of the sun in the morning over the horizen.   Atleast, that's how Andy saw it.   The only bad part, was that his peeks at her beauty were fleeting.   You see, at the table also sat Jason Cross, a rather illtempered a jealous boy.   Jealous of anyone that stared at Danielle.   Rumor had it, the two had had sex, a regular scandal in the school.
The day started as usual, a chair was pulled out of the way and Andy tumbled to the ground.   Danielle looked away-He never could tell if she was laughing-and Jason's evil cackle was heard just seconds before the Teacher came in.   Ms. DeLuca was a pear shaped woman with loud curly red hair and a bit more energy than her age permitted.
"Ok ok, Class, Lets begin! we were reading Sidhartha by Hermon Hesse, Right Huh?" she said, daring the children to answer.   A few smiled and, almost mockingly, whoo hooed her. "No, I asked you all to prepare a brief synopsis on the book thus far. "  She looked around the room and her eyes settled on Andy.

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    She smiled and moved her hands in a raising motion.
"Mr Porter, please do us the honor and read what your take on the book thus far. " Andy smiled, proud of his acknowledgement by Ms DeLuca, and stood.
"Certainly, ma'am," he said, ignoring Jason's mocking gestures, "Sidharta, at this point in the book, has left his monastic life to pursue pleasures of the flesh.   He began to eat meat, drink wine and even. . um. . be with. . women" he blushed a bit and turned away.   His eyes, by sheer accident were locked onto Danielle-She was smiling back, he face a bit red.
"Faggot, "blurted Jason's gruff voice ",It's called sex"  The rest of the class laughed, except Ms DeLuca.   Crossing her arms over her chest, she scowled at the young boy.   Baseball player or no, he was not acting up in HER class!
"Well, Mr Cross, should I assume that YOU did this assignment as well? Jason froze for a second and scowled at Andy.

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The locker room was steamed hot as, in towels, jason and three friends sat around waiting for the shower to clear.
"Lil fuck! Saw him looking at her again, "Jason snapped.   His friends, Danny and Todd, backed off a bit.   They knew when ge got mad things often gor violent.   Danny spoke first.
"Danielle won't do anything with him,"He assured, "He's a fuckin' nerd! No way she'll touch that!"  Then, Todd said something. That one thing that will seal fates.
"Guys like that should be gay. " Jason nodded and stood, undoing his towel.   His cut cock was erect, 7 inches long.   He walked to the shower, his eyes narrowed.
"Oh He is. . . I'll show him he is. 

Andy ascended the bus stairs and made his way between the two rows of seats.   He picked out one, empty as usualy, and went to sit down.   before he could, a hand jammed him in the back, pushing him toward the rear of the bus.   he heard a voice behind him, a raspy, gruff voice that he knew too well.
"Move it, fag!  You're sittin' with me!" said Jason, his massive mit slamming into the bookbag on Andy's back.   As they approched the back, Jason slid into the furthest seat in the back on the window side, pulling Andy with him.   Danny, Todd and a group of other boys, all from the baseball team, sat in the three seats nearby.   Danny, moving fast as lightning, lunged forward and shoved a sock into Andy's mouth.   "Got him, Jason"  Jason's voice came from behind Andy as the teenaged boy felt a hand reach around his pants' waistband.
"Don't ever look at her again, Fag.
      I'll fuckin' kill you, you hear?" His voice was filled with hate.   Jason began to fumble with the buttons on his fly.   Andy could only mutter out a response. "What?"asked Jason" Did you say you're not a fag?  Well, you will be. "  The other boys, in on the entire assault, turned to hide the two from view.

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        Most kids sat in the middle, free from bullies and close to the door.   Andy was trapped.   He felt his pants yanked free, his underware pulled away from his smooth butt.   He started to shake, he started to cry.   The sound of a zipper echoed behind him.   With frightened urgency, Andy struggled, but Danny held him at bay.   he felt Jason shift in the seat behind him, something warm and hard against his shaking ass.   What was going on?  What was he going to do?
    His questions were soon answered as Jason positioned his cock between Andy's cheeks and drove headlong into his virgin ass.   Andy tried to scream, but the sock in his mouth muffled him.   He cried out, but none would hear him.   Jason drove, balls deep, and pulled back, pumping ever harder.   The Bus lurched as it moved.   The bus driver had not seen!  jason's savage fucking continued unabatted.   Danny, however, began to stirr.
    "Jeez, Jason, He's just like a girl"he exclaimed as he too, undid his zipper.

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        The sock came out of Andy's mouth, replaced by a semi hard cock from Danny's jeans. "Suck, you fuck piece of shit!  or I'll drive a pencin in your eye!"  Not a very creative threat, but Andy obey, sucking the hardening member into his mouth, jerking forward as Jason's dick ripped him open.   Danny's hands gripped the back of Andy's head, driving his mouth down further over the engulfed shaft.   Jason grunted, pulling back and driving it home with all his might.   A bit of blood coated Jason's dick, as it violated the young teenaged Andy.   Andy gagged, Danny's cock driving further into his untouched throat.   Then, a burst of warmth shot into his mouth, Danny's face winced as he came.   His cock spasmed and shook as he let go of Andy's head.   Crying, Andy said not a word.   Danny's hand clamped his mouth and pinched his nose in one motion, causing poor Andy to swallow the load as Jason groaned and gave him another.   The Bus creaked to a hault, as It had many times during this whole ordeal.
    "Porter, Your stop" said the driver
    Quickly, The Boys got, andy dressed and pushed him out to the aisle.   As andy passed, dumbfounded and hurting, the busdriver stared at him-and smiled.   Andy staggered off the bus and, as it drove away, he fell to his knees and wept.
    The Bus Driver knew all along!

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