Birthday Surprise


If you want to skip the build up and go straight to the good part scroll to the first time it switches birthday kept getting worse. To start things off not even half the people she invited had shown up, and the few people who had shown only came to drop off her presents. The party was planned to be an oudoors one.  Naomi and her mom had worked all of the previous day setting up decorations, but it started to rain just an hour before her party. Her dogs, Twizzler and Sasha, found their way into the refridgerator and ate the party's food. Starting the party on a bad note.
The people who stayed included Logan. She wasn't much to look at and she was a little on the heavy side, but Naomi and her had been friends since they were six.  Alexia, she acted like a wild cowgirl, she had been Naomis friend since middle school. Alex was currently dating my cousin Adam, who was also there. He had an outgoing personality ,which fit pefectly with Alex, and a very womanish figure. We poked at him about it alot, and even though he built an immunity to them, it was still very fun.
And of course I was there.  I had dated Naomi on and off when we first met in middle school, but ended up being just friends because I moved and the long distance washed out our flame. I was a year older than Naomi at 17. She had a mixed personality, happy and outgoing usually but she had a darker side to her.

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   A more sensitive side.
I tried everything I could to keep her party going. I was the only thing that kept her from crying into a pillow all night.  We moved through the events quickly, we socialized and caught up, we ate cake, she opened up her presents. Most were crappy gifts, I got her this computer game that she had been telling me about so much about.  After all the easy events I started to tell jokes, get everyone laughing. I ended up haveing an hour's worth of funny stories and zippy one liners.  I told one that went like.  
"Me and a couple of friends were helping Joe's father load some equipment into his truck at the Walmart. Before we leave I see this guy carrying a small tree out to his car.  The way the guy was holding it made me think of the funniest thing. I turned to my friends and say, "Hey look, that guys hiding from the cops. " They look over and see him and burst out laughing. "
Anyway. Naomi's parents decided that because her birthday had turned out so horribly that she could have the coed sleep over she wanted.


   This was a delight to her. She loved to spend time with me due to the fact that even though we had a troubled past we were still good friends.
Adam and Alex were all too happy. This was their first time being together for a whole night. They were excited to be alone later that evening. Logan had left at 8-ish. She was going on vacation an her parents wanted to leave early. Which left me and Naomi alone. We were all in the basement, but Adam and Alex were making out in the small room down there.
I had gotten her to start talking about her love life. Naomi didn't go ouut with a lot of people. She was beautiful, but shy when it came to that sort of thing. And all the guys she liked were usually to shy themselves to ask her out. I stared into her eyes, lost barely paying attention. I still had feelings for her.

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   She went on for a good ten minutes before she said.
"He wants to start being sexual. But i'm not sure I want that yet. You've been pretty good about advice. Could ya help?"
She had caught me off gaurd. I thought about it for a second. She looked at me with almost pleading eyes.
"Do you maturbate?"
I asked and her expresion turned to an almost shocked one.  I kept a cool expresion.
"Look if you want any helpful advice I need truthful answers. "
"Yeah I masturbate. "
She said blushing. Looking away from me. I prepared my second question.

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   Who do you masturbate to?"
"Uhhh. . . I. . . I do it to umm. . . hot guys. "
"Well that helps. " i said sarcasticly. "Cause I can judge on whos on. How long have you two been going out?"
"Four months. I thought I had already said that?"
I had no idea.

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"Just needed to hear it again. Alright one more. Do-"
I was cut off by loud footsteps raging down the stairs. Alex and Adam came out of the small room. Joining Naomi and I over by the couch.   Naomi's father David peeped his head out of the staircase and annouced.
"Your mother and I have an urgent matter to attend. Girls, go upstairs and get ready for bed. " 
One of the girls went to ask something but were cut off by Dave.
"C'mon! We gotta go. " 
"Goodnight. " The girls said simutaneously. Dave motioned the girls impatiently. Alex and Naomi walked over and up the stairs followed by Dave. Adam and I laid down.

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   I was on the couch and Adam on the floor. I out-streched my arm and hit the light switch. Naomi's house was built on a hill in the middle of nowhere. So the basement came out into the driveway. We saw her parents drive off in the woods.
"Give them a second to make sure they don't come back. "
I mentioned to Adam. I could feel his anticipation emitting off him.  
Just before I went to say "Go" the sound of wood breaking came from the door.  I got up to check it out. Looking out the windpw didn't help. The door was out of sight. Another loud cracking sound was followed by the door swinging open. Adam was sitting up starring at the doorway as I moved over to get a better look.
Three men walked into the basement.

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   One sprinted over to me and took me down before i had a chance to react. Adam got up and tried to run but a second guy caught him before Adam got to the stairs.
"Quick tie 'em up, we've probably alerted anyone else here. "
I fought to keep my self free. Struggling when one hit me square in the back of and I heard loud thuds coming from the basement.
"They're just goofing around. "
Alex said comfortingly. I fell onto my bed boucing a little. My nightgown hiked itself up revealing my underwear. It was my softest nightgown but also my shortest. It was also my only clean one. I pulled it down and turned to Alex.
"So are you going down to Adam or are you gonna let him come to you. "
"Hes gotta come up if he wants any of this cowgirl. What about Victor?"
I looked at Alex with a confused expression.

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"What about Victor?"
"Well, Your boyfriend didn't even show up,"
"And. "
"And, you still have feelings for Victor, right?"
"What if he doesn't still like me in that way? Besides, our last relationship was torn apart by long distance. "
"Wait. Did he tell you he's moving back?"
Loud footsteps ran up the stairs.
"Ohhh, that must be Adam. "
Alex opened the door and ran out into the hall. I sat there thinking about Victor when a loud scream was followed by silence. I got up and slowly made my way over to the door. I peeked my head out to see three men around Alex's sqirming body.
"You guys go check out the rest of the house, I got her. "
Two of the men started to walk down the hall. I got on my bed and lifted myself onto my closet. It didn't go all the way up and left room ontop. I laid my body flat on the top. Hiding behind some stuffed animals.

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   One of the guys walked into my room and looked around. Under my bed, in my closet, then he moved back and looked up at me and called out
"Found another one!"
I jumped off my closet and ran as fast as i could out the door. I turned to the closest exit and felt big arms wrap around my waist. I screamed, even though I knew no one could hear me. The man in my room came out and stuffed something in my mouth. I was dragged over to Alex who was gently sobbing. The three men gathered around us.
"This it?" The first one said.
"Yeah. " The second replied.
"Damn!" The third one injected. "I was hoping that we could have one for each of us. "
"Don't worry," The second guy told him. "I'll take the girly looking one downstairs. "
"Alright," The first one said.

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   "so we'll start up up here, then go down, and finish with these two. "
"Sounds like a plan. "
Two of the three men un-zipped their pants.  I knew what was coming.  So I couldn't help but start to sob. Two penises poppped out their pants. One looked to be about 5' inches and the other about 4'. It was more understandable now but the act they were about to comit was still horrifying. The man with the 5' inch penis walked over to me and removed my gag. The other one did the same to Alex. The man grabbed my head and slowly entered my mouth.
"Bite and you wish I would kill you. "
His penis was warm and moist. Some wet sticky stuff was already around the tip. Tears streamed down my face.


   Once his penis was close to back of my throat I gagged. He pulled back quickly and started to thrust his penis in faster. every time he went all the way in it made me gag. Breatheing was becomeing easier as he went on. After a few minutes he tightened up and grabbed my head with both hands. Moving my head back and forth faster and faster. Suddenly his prick started twitching and warm, sticky liquid shot out into my mouth. He just came! He pulled out, as I tried to spit out his cum. I came to I saw Adam struggleing around trying to break free. I instinctivly paniced, but grabbed a hold of myself. Panicing wasn't going to help anyone. I took a deep breath and analysed the situation. My hands were tied and so were my feet. I searched for a sharp object in the dark. Nothing.

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   I squinted my eyes for anything, anything at all. On the coffe table I saw my wallet. I kept a pocket knife in there. I wiggled over to the table. Trying to move as quickly as possible.
I used my teeth to open my wallet and take out the knife. As the knife dropped to the floor the men came down the stairs. I moved behind the couch and opened up the knife.
"Put 'im on the dryer!" One of the men said.
As I cut through the rope the men picked up Adam and slammed him on the dryer and cut the rope between his legs. . They held him in place while the one man pulled his pants off. I cut the rope around my hands and now I had to do my feet. I cut furiously, trying to cut through before they penetrated him. The rope broke and I jumped up and sprinted to the men.


   The knife in hand I stabbed the one with his pants down several times in the back. I moved back to give him some space to fall. As he did I saw one of the guys go for something in his coat. I closed the distance and stabbed him in the gut. The third guy had his Knife out. It was twice the size of mine. I threw my knife at him and hit his collar bone. All the men were down. Bleeding profusely they crawled away.
I walked over and took out my blade from his chest. Turning to help my cousin I cut the rope around his hands. He pulled up his pants and said with a soft voice.
"Thanks. "
I put my hand on his shoulder and told him.
"Here help me kick these guys out.

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He nodded and we started kicking the guys toward the door. When they were outside I said.
"And stay out!!!" I laughed as they got up and ran away.
"That was fun to say. "
He smiled a little.
"Hey sorry abou-"
"No. Cause at least you got there before he. . . "
"Yeah. " We stood there akwardly for second . "Oh crap we should check on the girls. "
We ran up the stairs and heard paniced muffles in the living room. As we turned the corner they settled down. The girls were a mess.

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   Tied up with cum drizzling out of there mouthes. They were both crying hard laying on the floor. I ran over to Naomi and freed her first. She hugged me tightly. I returned the hug with one hand and gave Adam the knife with the other. As soon as he grabbed it I wrapped my other arm around her.
"Are you guys okay?"
Naomi pushed away from the hug to look into my eyes.
"I'm gonna live. "
"Adam, I'm gonna take Naomi to her room. "
He nodded and continued to help Alex with the ropes. Naomi and I walked down the hall to her room. Her nightgown rode up as we sat on her bed. She was wearing her pink lingerie. I held her in my arms and told her that it was gonna be okay.
"This has been the worst birthday ever!" She said inbetween her sobs.

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   I wanted to say something comfortimg but I couldn't find any words.
"The rain, the food, no one even showed up, not even my boyfriend, and I was raped. " She cried even harder. I smoothed some of her hair down and tried to be comforting by saying.
"Well at least you didn't lose your virginity. " She looked up at me with her big glassy eyes.
"Yeah. But I wasn't that far from it. And I don't want to lose it to someone who I don't care about. O-"
"Or someone who doesn't care about you. "
"Yeah. "
"Don't worry you'll find someone. " I ended the conversation as I held her body slighty rubbing and I were sitting on the couch in the living room. I had cleaned the cum on her face. We were kissing when some of the cum still in her mouth went into mine.

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   I pulled away spitting the cum onto the floor.
"Oh! I'm so sorry Adam. "
"No no. It's not your fault. "
"Y'know I was imagining you when I blew him. " She kind of smiled.
"Well did you imagine his penis was bigger too. " She giggled at me and I smiled back.
"What. You think you penis is bigger?"
 "Baby I know mines is bigger. " I made a gesture towards my penis. "Six inches of pure man!" I laughed a little.
"Can I see?" Her eyes widened.
"Uhhh. .

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  . I guess. " She squealed with joy as I lowered my pants revealing my flaccid dic. which was only about 3' inches out.
"It's bigger when it's erect. "
"I bet I could make it bigger. "
"I don't doubt you can. "
She got on her knees and played with my penis in her hand. She stopped playing with it for a second and removed her nightgown.  and unhooked her bra. As her bra dropped to the floor my dic became erect.
"Yay!" She yelled. pretending to clap.
She sucked on my cock for a couple minutes. It was heaven.

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   She held it at the base stroking it. I felt myself about to explode so i tightened up. As soon as I did she stopped.
"Now it's my turn. "
She moved up onto the couch as I moved down. She was playing with one of her nipples. I got inbetween her legs and grabbed her underwear with my teeth. I pulled them out and over her legs. She moved her legs up onto the couch. I moved in for the kill.
I moved her legs onto my shoulders. I began to slowly lick her vagina, using my entire body to rock her. I started at the clit and moved my way down. Just before I reached her asshole I moved back up repeating this motion for awhile. Her moans started soft and became louder.

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   She moved her hips in unison with my licks. She pushed my head into her vagina. Alex all of a sudden pulled my head out. She was looking down at me when she said.
"Put it in me!"
I was so excited. I stood up and removed my pants. Fully erect I moved on top of Alex and inserted my penis. I rolled her over on top of me. She took control and stared to move up and down like she was hopping. Her breasts moved up and down with her. They jiggled slightly as our pelvises hit. Only after several minutes I felt myself about to cum.
"I'm gonna cum. . .

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   should I pull out?"
"No. No, leave it in. I'm on the pill. "
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. "
After a couple of thrusts I shot my load into her belly while she were sitting on the bed still. Naomi had stopped crying. We heard Alex and Adam in the living room.
"Sounds like their having a good time. " I said.
"Heh, yeah. " She stared off into space.
"You want to say something?" I asked her.
"uhh, Alex said your moving back. "
"Well I am but not till christmas time. "


  Why did you tell Alex and not me?"
"I. . . I wanted to ask you back out. But I wanted to wait till I moved so I was gonna keep it a secret from you. "
"You were going to ask me out?"
"Yeah. Now that the cat's out of the bag it's going to a pain to put back in. And now that you know i'd ask you but you already have a boyfriend. "
"Well I was going to break up with him because he didn't show. "
"Then would you go out with me?"
"I would love to.
I gently put my hand on her face and brushed her hair back. She went in for a kiss so I moved forward. When Our lips met it was unlike anything I had ever encountered. It was the most passionate kiss I ever had. I slowly moved my tounge into her mouth only to be met with her tounge.

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   Our tounges circled each other. The kiss lasted for what seemed like hours. We slowly backed away from each other. I stared into her eyes.
"I want you to be my first. " Said Naomi.
"Yeah. I mean if i'm ever goona have sex I should start with someone special. " 
"Okay. I'll try to make it as special as possible. "
I stood her up and we started to kiss. I lifted up her nightgown, Her breasts lifted up with her dress and fell, jiggling. We broke the kiss for a moment as I moved the nightgown over her head. Our lips met again as she started to remove my shirt. I undid my jeans.


   When we broke our kiss again the two of us were left in our underwear. I stared into her eyes as she slowly walked over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and swung me onto her bed. I looked up at her. The moonlight hit her body so perfectly.  I sat back up and threw her onto the bed. She giggled. I rolled over, suspending my body above hers. I kissed her lips and made my way down to her left nipple. After a little of sucking and kissing I continued my way down to her underwear. I moved my hand to the elastic band and removed her underwear. I moved my head inbetween her legs and went for to vagina. She started giggling even more.
"Victor, your hair's tickling me. "
The comment made me smile just before my tounge touched her vagina.

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   She shivered on contact. I tried several different things while eating her. Using her body motions to tell if it was good or bad. I kept going until she said.
"Oh my. It feels so good. Take me. "
I moved up on her until my prick touched her cunt. I slowly slid it in when I felt something. I counted in my head, 1. . . 2. . .

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   3. And i shoved quickly breaking the membrane. She cringed for a second and then relaxed. With my penis still inside her we rolled over. now that she was on top we moved together. Naomi pushed against my thrusts. Our pubic areas mashed together. She moaned softly until she abruptivly stopped for several long seconds. She was cumming and our sexes became wet with her juices. I kept going for another minute or two before I felt myself coming to that.
"Are you on the pill?"
"Yeah. "
I continued to thrust until my sperm shot out in several womping loads. I slid my penis out and watched my semen spill out of her.
"I love you, Naomi. "
"I love you too.

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I moved to her face and kissed felt myself in a world of bliss. I had just been fucked for the first time by a 7' inch dick and it was better than I expected. Not only that but my love for Victor had been rekindled. He laid next to me and nothing could bring me out of this feel-good state I was in.
"So what are we going to tell your parents about the break in. "
Except for that.

If you made it this far than all I can say is- Thanks For reading and I hope you leaves comments.
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