Topic: Bounty: Chapter 1No one felt good about giving jobs to Deacon even if he was an effectivebounty hunter. He was built for the job and he possessed intellect and skillwhich easily surpassed others in his profession, but he had an alarming lackof ethics which made everyone uncomfortable. Of course, bounty hunters arehardly known for their ethics and clean living, but Deacon stood out as aparticularly deviant individual. His vices ran much darker than booze, cardsand loose women. Deacon pushed limits other bail agents never neared for fear of legalaction. He was however unscathed by his reckless disregard for restraint. Despite three fugitives dying in his custody, consistent moonlighting as amob goon and multiple previous injuries inflicted upon persons in hiscustody, he was still consistently legally hired and maintained a spotlessrecord. On paper he appeared to be the most ideal bail agent. Even all civilaction against him seemed to mysteriously evaporate. Whether through designor fortune, Deacon pretty much did as he liked and literally got away withmurder. His current employer, Arnie, strongly suspected Deacon's darker nature andconsistently assigned him only the badest of the bad. Rapists, murderers,and violent offenders were recaptured with impressive speed and turned inbruised and broken by Deacon's skilled hand. Maria, however, hardlyqualified as a hardened criminal, and it was with much reluctance that Arniehanded over Maria's file to Deacon. Maria was trouble, for sure --- she had eluded two other bounty hunters, andescaped a third. Time was running out, which is why Arnie had to turn toDeacon, but Maria was barely a violent offender. Her whole mess hadapparently started with some overdue tickets, but it had quickly escalatedto a slew of charges including assault and resisting arrest when a smalltown cop had pulled her over for reckless driving.

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   Somehow the cop had beenshot in the foot, so a charge of attempted murder was added to the list, butArnie's read on it was the cop had discharged his weapon accidently andblamed it on Maria to save face. The judge must have read it the same way orMaria would have never made bail. Still, the bail was set relatively highmaking Maria a lucrative target when she skipped. "Don't get excessive with this, ok?" Arnie had pleaded as he handed over thefile. He might as well have said "The average yearly rainfall in LA is 15inches. " Deacon could have cared less. Deacon gently ran his fingers over a black and white mugshot of Maria,tracing her defiant pout. He sat no more than four feet away from her, athin cheap motel wall separating them. It was a small roadside stop off onInterstate 8. None too far from Calexico, and more specifically damn nearthe Mexican boarder. She was serious about running. It was a done deal. She was not going to make it anywhere without Deaconright behind her. In the morning he just had to literally toss her into theback of the SUV and drive her less than 50 miles. Pretty simple task forsome $40k.

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  Deacon was restless. Horny. He had been looking at Maria's mugshot sofrequently that he could close his eyes and see her face. He was mesmerized,enticed. Something about the look in her eyes --- fierce and angry, yeteager for something. It was as though she was reaching through the picture,begging him to come tame her --- daring him to --- and she was right nextdoor. He heard her get up and turn on the shower. Instantly he envisioned Mariawet and naked --- streams of soap suds across her tits and running down herass, almost like cum covering her tanned body. Her nipples stiff and perkyas she moved the water over them. He could almost feel her soft, slipperyflesh in his hands and he knew right then what he was going to do.
Deacon broke into her room with such ease anyone watching him enter wouldhave assumed he had a key. He made himself comfortable in the corner chairnext to the bed. He reached over and flicked off the bed side light. Propping his feet on the bed, he pulled out a cigarette and idly rolled itbetween his fingers. .

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  . waiting. She twisted the water off, and stepped out of the tub. She stubbed her toe,sucked in her breath and let out a moan in pain. The sound was sensual, andhe felt his dick stiffen in anticipation. She cursed, and then went aboutbrushing her teeth. Finally she opened the door and froze. Maria knew she hadleft the light on. Her eyes had not fully adjusted to the dark room, and Maria clearly wasunaware of his presence. She had put on underwear --- a black lace bra and astrappy little thong. She was still toweling off her damp hair as shecautiously made her way across the room toward the table lamp. Deacon lether get within arms' reach, and then flicked his lighter. She froze,mid-step. He took a drag on his cigarette, inhaling till it was lit. "Hello, Maria,"he said, exhaling smoke and putting his lighter away.

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  She instinctively backed up, hunched over and modestly used the towel to hideherself. She looked ready to scream. In a fluid motion Deacon pushed himself up from the chair, dropping hiscigarette in the ash tray and advanced quickly towards her. He grabbed her,then spun her around so she was facing away from him. He pulled her backagainst him, covering her mouth tightly with his hand and burying his faceagainst her neck. She smelled sweet, floral. He breathed her in. "Shhhh, you wouldn't want to get the cops involved, would you?" he whisperedsoothingly. He gently kissed her neck. "This can't be too much of asurprise, Maria. You knew someone was coming for you. Just your luck it wasme. Here's the deal, " he paused, and dragged her backwards so he couldreach his cigarette. With only one arm to control her, he released his gripon her mouth and slipped his arm around her neck, keeping her in a loosehead-lock. Her hands wrapped around his forearm, but her effort to pry hisarm away was half hearted.


   She apparently wanted to hear the deal. He bidedhis time, and smoked slowly. "I can arrest you, bring you in and you'll have to face whatever it is youthink you can run from. Or, " he paused and leaned over to ash hiscigarette, arching her backwards as he did so. He held her that way a briefmoment since he enjoyed seeing her breasts from that angle, her nipplespoking at the lace material. "you can suck my cock and I'll get you toMexico. ""What?!" she shrieked outraged as she wriggled free and spun to face himwith an angry glare. Her arms were raised slightly, her hands were balledinto fists and she looked ready to throw a punch. He smirked back at her. Healready could tell she was the type of girl he needed to get his rocks off. "What do you think you're you gonna do, sweetheart?" He pulled himself up tohis full height and flexed his muscles slightly. He knew how to lookintimidating. "I suggest you relax and get on your knees. ""Fuck you," she shot back.
He would have loved to see her pouty red lips stretched around his thickcock as saliva and precum leaked out the corners of her mouth with eachthrust.

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   He was patient though, and secretly thrilled that she was notinterested in submitting. "Tell you what. You make it through that door", hegestured to the exit behind him, "in three minutes and you're free to go. I'll give you a sporting 24 hours head start. That's plenty of time todisappear south of the boarder. "She stood, dumbfounded, unsure what to do. It was an entirely bizarreproposal, more nonsensical than his last offer. Finally she spoke, "And whathappens if I don't reach the door?"He thought about it while he smoked. "Well, I'm not sure. But I'm bettingit'll make you wish you had just sucked my dick. Really that was the onlyeasy out for you. "She remained motionless, stunned. "I suggest you get moving," he put his cigarette out and casually glanced athis watch. "You've got two minutes and ten seconds left. "This spurred her into action.

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   She swung her fists, throwing two quickpunches, both of which he evaded easily. She stumbled forward caught offbalance. He put an arm out and steadied her. "Come on, sweetheart. You'llneed to do better than that. "She jerked away from his touch. Her eyes were wide, panicked, as they dartedabout. She dove to the left of him, back to the corner chair and snuck intothe small space between the wall and the chair. Picking up the old woodenchair, she charged at him with it. He caught the legs before they droveinto his chest and wrenched the chair away from her. He put it downsoftly, shaking his head mockingly. She glowered at him. And then, her fist flew. It connected with his jaw, and it was immediatelyapparent to him she had focused every ounce of strength into that one punch. He blocked the second one, and then kicked her.

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   Not a hard kick, just enoughto knock her off her feet. She landed on her ass, the wind knocked out ofher and sat there stunned. Deacon wiped his mouth to check if his lip was bleeding, and smirked when he sawglissening red streaks. Then his eyes focused on her and the sheer menacingintent in his gaze prompted her to scramble to her feet as she backed up. "Time's up, princess. " He got to her before she had fully gained herfooting, and lifting her into the air he tossed her on the bed. She attempted to roll off the bed onto her feet, but he was on top of herbefore she could. He gripped her upper arms and held himself above her as hepushed between her legs and ground his pelvis into her. Maria froze, "Don't. Please don't. "He wrapped his hand around her throat. With her free hand Maria grasped hiswrist and tried to pry his hand away. "Don't!" she growled. He lowered himself and pushed his face into her neck. "Shhh.

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  " he saidsoothingly as he softly kissed her neck. He kissed down her neck, her chestand then bit her nipple gently through the lace. She inhailed and moaned. Hemoved to her other breast. He felt her hips move, subtly, lifting up intohim. "Don't," Maria repeated, but this time she whispered it softly. Almost like asigh. "Don't?" Deacon questioned tautingly, as he kissed back up her neck. Hekissed her mouth softly. "Don't?" He kissed her again, gently caressing herlips with his tounge. Slowly, gingerly, she kissed him back. As her kissesbecame more passionate, his grip on her relaxed.
He felt her slowly trying to move out from under him, somehow thinking herkisses were enough to distract him from noticing. Deacon suddenly tightenedhis hold and pressed his lips hard against hers. He forced his tounge deepinto her mouth.

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  His hand on her neck was warning enough to keep Maria from biting down, butshe squirmed and wimpered trying to adjust to the sudden invasion. Deaconpushed even harder into the kiss forcing her to open wider for him. Her handmoved from his wrist to his chest, where she attempted to push him back, buthe was unmovable. He took a moment to focus on taking things slowly. She was going to takemore than just his toungue for him, but he wanted this to last. He pulledback slightly, to ease her discomfort, but continued to probe her mouth withhis tounge. Eventually she returned his kiss. He had slowed it down enough. Deacon released her neck and pressed his forearm across her chest. With justhis arm pinning her, he removed a knife with his free hand and deftlyslipped the blade between her breasts and under her bra. With a flick of theblade, her bra sprung open, exposing her plump breasts. He lifted his bodyoff her enough to access her underwear. He wrapped her thong around theblade and in a swift movement, he had cut her free of it as well. Maria was thrashing and attempting to roll away from him, so he placed theblade against her neck. Immediately she settled down.


   "That's it,sweetheart. Just take it easy. " He withdrew the knife from her neck sat upand settled back on his knees. "Behave," he warned her, but the look on herface told him she was not going to sit still for long. He pushed his hand between her legs and cupped her pubic mound in his palm. He ran his finger along her opening from ass to clit, pleased with how warmand wet she was. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. Her eyeswidened in fear and she quickly sat up and moved to get off the bed. Springing forward Deacon knocked her back, still maintaining his placebetween her legs. He caught her flailing arms and held both her wrists inone hand. He locked her arms above her head. In a last attempt to keep himout, Maria clenched her thighs together but his weight forced her legs topart. He reached down and adjusted his position, placing the his dick inline withher. Deacon was ready to split her pussy wide, but he resisted ramming himselfin. He settled himself on top of Maria and gently brushed her hair from herface.

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   Slow he began to ease in. She moaned loud and arched her back. Unsurehow loud she would be, he clamped his hand down over her mouth. "Justrelax", he instructed her, "and take it. All of it. "He continued to ease himself in. Her eyes grew wide and she began to squirmupwards to avoid being penetrated by the full length of his shaft. Hereleased her wrists and grabbed her shoulder to prevent her from inchingaway. She pushed against his chest with her newly freed hands, but onlylightly, resigned to her fate, and no doubt looking forward to it as well. Using his grip Deacon pushed her down onto his dick, "I said all of it. " Hefelt her open up slightly and it became easier to push into her. "That's agood girl," he encouraged her. "Just open for me, and you'll enjoy thistoo. " Maria thought she had taken all that she could, but he suddenly rammedeven further into her. She screamed against his hand.

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  Deacon paused, now fully in, his balls flush against her ass. She began rockingher hips, rythmically and gently --- moving herself ever so slightly up anddown his cock. He remained motionless, enjoying the sensation. Suddenly hefelt her pussy muscles spasm. Sporatically at first, but then her musclesclenched his dick multiple times in rapid succession. Her body was alreadypreparing to orgasm for him.
He could not hold back any longer. He pulled himself nearly out and thenthrust into her, hard. He began pumping into her roughly and without mercy,rocking the bed. Maria's muffled cries indicated he was hurting her, but hewas not persuaded to slow his onslaught. He uncovered her mouth, not caringabout the concequences. He wanted to hear her scream for him. Maria's cries became more urgent, but increasingly they ended in sensualmoans. She was again building towards her climax. She stiffened and suckedin air, her legs clamping against his side and she remained still forseveral moments as he continued ramming into her.

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   She suddenly bucked andlet out an explosive cry as she came with insane force. Her pussy clencheddown tightly and he paused, waiting for her muscles to relax. After several moments, Maria went limp, moaning softly. Deacon resumedthrusting into her, but she barely reacted as she lay there enjoying thetail end of her orgasm. Annoyed with her new found passiveness, Deaconpulled out. He grabbed a pillow and placed it by her hips and then roughlyflipped her over onto it.   The pillow proped her ass in the air, just enoughto give him perfect access. He threw himself onto her, sinking his dickcompletely into her wet, swollen pussy. Surprised, Maria yelped. "That's right, sweetheart, it's not over yet. " Grabbing a fistfull of herhair, he continued fucking her in earnest, drawing cries and moans out ofher. He lifted himself up enough so he could watch himself repeatedlyentering her. Her ass and back muscles tense as she struggled to endure histhrusts. His breath was coming hard and fast as he neared orgasm. He pulled out lastminute and blew his load all over her back and hair.

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   Deacon stood, andzipped up his pants, leaving her sprawled across the bed, naked and coveredin his cum. He enjoyed the sight of her ravaged body. She took a few moments and then got up slowly as though she could not trusther legs to hold her weight. She staggered to the bathroom, grabbing ahandful of clothes as she went and he heard the shower running again. Healso heard her messing around with the bathroom window. When she struggled and worked her way through the bathroom window, he wasthere, outside, waiting for her in the alley behind the hotel. He stood between her and the only exit to the alley.   "Going somewhere?" Hemoved in quickly to grab her, locking her tightly against him. "I'm far frombeing done with you," he hissed in her *       *       * 

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