chapter 2 of meeting my master


After the eventful day of my fifteenth birthday , everything started to happen much more quickly in my learning curb in becoming a good wife. With the taboo of watching my father fuck and use my mother, broke down the barriers, and a new liberation fell over my home. Firstly my father took on this whole new persona with my mother and I, he now insisted that my mother was also naked while at home, and I was brought into their bedroom first thing in the morning to watch while my mother gave my father his morning blow job. Even the lay out to our home changed for now there was to be no secrets , my father had all the doors removed from the inside of our home, and a door was added to my bedroom so now it adjoined my parents room, my father had a mirror hung at the right angel so that now when I was in bed the full lay out of my bed reflected onto the mirror in his bedroom so he could watch me the whole time I was sleeping. , also on the instruction of Jeff I was now to be bound when in bed to stop me from learning how to pleasure myself.
There was also changes when it came to my school day, for now there was hardly a day when I didn’t have some marks from my learning punishment , with the marks of the whip being so bad at time that I was unable to go to school at all, and this was beginning to become a problem, for not only was I missing time but my personality had changed so much, to the school I was once a very outgoing girl now I was reluctant to do any sports for fear of my marks being shown , once when I did attempt to go swimming as the marks was faded I still got strange looks from my fellow school friends, so from then on I tried everything to not do any kind of sport in school.
About three months after my birthday, the school was getting to a point where something had to be done. I got home from school with a letter for my parents to go to the school for a talk with the head, not sure what to do about this, as we all knew my training was going so well that it really couldn’t be put on hold, my father saw no other choice but to arrange for Jeff to come to our home and work out what to do. After talking with my father he agreed that they needed to solve this problem and that he would be over the following day, and for me to be there when he arrived. I remember how excited I was, I was tied to my fathers bed that night taking my nightly punishment, when the thought about seeing Jeff made the pain was almost bearable, my father took this sign of lack of response to attack my body more harshly , I also think he wanted Jeff to be proud of the marking he gave me, my father also now insisted that my mother took her punishment at the same time as myself, so now when it was bedtime instead of just me lying over my fathers bed, at first my mother found this very humiliating, but over the weeks she realised no amount of begging this routine was here to stay. My father would get very aroused having us both naked and at his mercy that before he would untie me and retie me in my own bed, I would have to watch my father not only beat my mother but also fuck her , most nights he would fuck her where she was tied , just loosen the rope enough for her to rise to her knees, and I would be bound and tied next to her as he fucked her like some whore , we would so close on occasions that her sweat and cum would drip over me, listening and watching them would drive my near to madness and the burning in my cunt would be unbearable, some night I would find myself begging to my father to allowed myself to touch myself , but each time I was refused, in fact since the last time Jeff was at our home and I cum on his leg like some dog humping away. I hadn’t been aloud to cum again.
The next day started the same as any other my father would come in and untie me and take me to his bedroom to watch my mother suck on his cock, she would always play with her own cunt when she did this, and if she could make herself cum before he did that would be the only relief she would have all day, of course if she didn’t then she had to stay frustrated until my father was in the mood to use her again. She was just getting up on her knees to leave to start to make my fathers breakfast, I always followed her to help and learn, on all the domestic chores . When my father called me back into the room, I went to speak to him when he put his finger to my mouth , he mentioned that as Jeff was coming to the house today that I should make sure that I was ready for him, the look of confusion on my face was enough for my father to carry on the his explanation .
As a good wife he carried on you always have to be aware of your husbands needs, at all times and those needs mean sexual, now you have come accustom as to how I treat your mother sexually, and also that your mother is always ready for me to explore and rape any orifice that I choose, that is because every morning she has a routine to prepare herself for the being a sexual slave, he went on that he had wanted my mother to teach me this, but as time is short today and she had more than enough on her plate getting the home ready for Jeff visit that my father had invited someone else to help and show me what was expected of me to do.

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   Staring silently down no really sure what it was that my father wanted me to say, in walked two women their names was Sue and Katie they was a little older than my mother, but both was slim Sue had the bigger tits out of the two of them but both woman’s tits was impressive. My father was still naked from fucking my mother, as the two girls walked towards him he grabbed one tit each, mauling them as he spoke to them, explaining that Jeff was coming over today and that I needed their help in getting ready , Katie looked at me with a small smile saying that it would be no problem and he could leave me to them, sue seemed more stern I was a little frighten of her. Katie now had her hand on my fathers cock, as he didn’t see why it would take the two of them to just get me ready of a bath he ordered sue to take me, and still having hold of Katie’s tit she remained, while the bath was being run I watched Katie undress in front of my father dropping to her knees she took his cock deep into her mouth, cupping his balls with her hands she set to work her head bobbing at a fast pace, my hand went to rub my clit, if it wasn’t for the hard slap I got off sue, as she had already been warned not to allow me to cum the water was ready it was a little hotter than I was use to and I winced as I got in, sue said I will have to get use to hot baths as they help to take away the aches and soreness from being punished, I was relaxing in the water listening to Katie being fucked by my father, after a while I could hear the moaning of my father exploding his seed into her, it was a sound I had gotten use to. Katie walked naked into the bathroom red marks covered her arse and tits as she bent over to help sue wash me I could see the start of my fathers cum slip out of her, her cunt was only inches from me and I could smell the sex coming off her, I had an urge to run my finger across her cunt lips to get a feel of the heat and wetness that her cunt was showing , her cunt looked ravaged from my fathers attack on it.
Lost in my own thoughts of her cunt , I almost toppled back as both sue and Katie leaned me back into the water holding my legs wide sue got a cut-throat razor out, as I hadn’t been listening to what was said I almost jumped out of the bath, again I got a slap off sue this time much harder, my heart racing I stayed still as they went about shaving the small amount of hair off my cunt, until I was smooth, Katie reached into a bag which they had brought taking out some oil that was almost like baby oil she started rubbing it into my body starting with my arms and neck they both had their hands all over my body rubbing it into my tit’s the sensation got my cunt going again, even though these was two woman older than my mother, the control they held and the movements they used I thought I was going to cum there in the bath, just I closed my eyes I slipped off somewhere in my mind, Katie was ordering me to stand and bend over , just as I did so my father walked into the bathroom , he was still naked and seeing that Katie was now busy with me he ordered sue into the bedroom, now even though I was upside-down I could see my father clearly, he didn’t bother to undress sue he just lifted up her skirt around her waist plunging his fingers into her cunt he order her to get her tits out for him, pulling on the poppers of her dress it flew open with no bra on her tits was soon hanging there, after getting his cock wet with her cunt he pulled open her arse I watched sue face as he stabbed his cock deep and full in one move, she bite down on her bottom lip but other than that she made not attempt to remove my father , watching all this while Katie was rubbing oil over my back and legs the urge to cum was stronger than ever, I think Katie sensed this as she leaned closer to me I could feel her naked body on mine as she rubbed in the oil she also rubbed herself against me her tits felt exceptional rubbing over my arse she made out to be putting oil over my feet, the moaning from me was matched with her own unable to stop herself she placed her palm against my cunt lips just touching my clit she held it there while she allowed myself to rub and grind against it, taking hold of my hand she got me to play with her nipples, feeling them harden between my fingers was enough to push me over the edge slapping my cunt into palm lost in the sensation of feeling the release of mouths of frustration I just started to cum and cum I was lost in my own mind unaware of anything around me , my legs turning to jelly I needed to rest against Katie to steady myself , eyes shut closed getting ready for over wave to wash over me,
when SLAP I shot up straight my hand still on Katie’s tit before I could focus I felt other Slap this time tears sprung to my eyes, there stood in front of me was Jeff. Katie pulled herself away from me trying to get out of his way, but it was to no prevail he was ferocious with us both, dragging myself by my hair out of the bath and Katie by her tit the one not two minutes ago I was caressing forcing us to stand facing each other about one foot apart, in a voice that I knew even then there was no point in begging him for forgiveness, ordered us to stand still and if either of us moved then the other girl would get five more whips, from his flogger, which was one I hadn’t seen before as it wasn’t any like the ones my father used on me.
The pain was like nothing I had felt before and thankfully have only felt a few time since, after the second blow I was screaming in pain begging for him to stop, tears running over my face I was scared to move because of what he would do to Katie but I was also unable to withstand it, sobbing to her that I was sorry for moving I jumped nearly every other whip, by the end I was on my knees crying uncontrollably the pain that I felt even after he stopped was almost as bad as when he was inflicting them upon me, as for poor Katie her back and legs was untouchable, she sobbed but stayed standing , Jeff looking at my mother told her to take her to the family bathroom and help her get cleaned up and dressed.
    She walked towards Jeff and kissed him passionately on the lips thanked him and walked away followed by my mother and Sue.
    As for me I was lying on the floor in a pool of my own piss unable to talk through the sobs Jeff quietly asked my father to leave us. Jeff knelt down beside me, I backed away looking like a frightened rabbit he held my hand and lifted me to my feet, I was shaking and begging him not to hurt me anymore, when he wrapped his arms around me. In a calming voice he whispered that he wasn’t going to hurt me that it was a lesson I needed to learn and now that I have learnt it that I had nothing to fear of him, I pushed myself close to him I wanted him to tell me everything was ok and that I was a good girl again, I wanted him to tell me he loved me and that he would always look after me, I so much wanted him to want me, as he cradled me I reached down finding his cock , desperate to give him pleasure, with the pain still burning into my body , I needed to give him pleasure. He unzipped his jeans taking his huge cock out I slipped to the floor between his legs taking his cock in my hand trying to remember how my mother did it to my father I started to lick and suck , fifteen years old and this was my first blow job and I wanted it to be a good one . I sucked and licked played with his balls did everything my mother does for my father, the urge to bring pleasure to myself wasn’t even there all I wanted , all I needed was to bring pleasure to this man, feeling his balls tighten I tried to widen my mouth more ready to catch all of his seed, to show him that I was almost a woman ready to become his bride, holding my head he was careful not to push his cock to far down my throat as the first gush of his cum came flooding into my mouth, then it seemed like it was never going to stop flowing I gulped and swallowed like my life depended on it, till the last drop was gone , then just as I had watched my mother I took his cock and licked it clean.
    Rising back to me feet my legs a little stiff mainly from the whipping they had just taken but also from the length of time I had been down sucking on Jeff’s cock, sitting me down by his side he informed that was one of the best blow job he had ever had , but there was sadness in his eyes as he spoke , due to the fact he had to offer me comfort after the punishment , I was to be beaten again, tears was filling my eyes as he said this, mostly through fear of other whipping like I had just received but also because I had disappointed him again. He ordered me to stand and bend over, nervous and shaking I did as I was told, thankfully it was just his hand and the 20 whacks came rapid and was over before I knew it .

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    Pulling me down onto his knee, he was stroking and playing with my tit. He told me something that I still feel proud of even today. That even though I hadn’t agreed to any of this, that I have accepted it and learned from it, that never once had I over the last yr or so asked anyone if this all could stop, listening to him I realised he was right and that I had fell into the role, even more than that it felt right that this was what I was born to become, with that he kissed me fully on the mouth taking my breath away. Then standing he told me to go and clean myself up and to join him downstairs as there was people waiting to met me, as I walked passed him patted my arse, from the look on his face I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to fuck me and I couldn’t wait.
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