Charlenes Destiny


Casius walked along the streets of the town where he lived, it was night. he looked up into the sky and could see the stars and the full moon, he thought about the order he got from his master and how he should made it. he grabbed into his pocket and took out a lil plastic bag with some pills. 'hmm' he thought 'that could become easy if it works'. he put the bag back in his pocket and walked around the corner. he saw the disco 'la coo', started to smile and walked over to it. the bodyguards looked at him, saw that he was old enough and let him in. casius walked through the dancing people over to a table and sat down on a chair and watched the women which where dancing. After a while he saw a girl, maybe 16 or 17, dancing in the middle. 'hmm that could work' he thought and stood up. he walked over to her and said "hi!" she looked at him and smiled "hi! how are you?". Casius smiled back and answered: "im fine, whats with you? wanna go and drink something?" she laughed: "yes sure, why not, can you order me a beer please, during i go to the toilet and make me fresh?" that was it, casius smiled: "yes sure, cya then at the bar. " he turned around and moved to the bar and the girl disapeared in the back of the disco. "hi, i wanna 2 beers, please. " he said to the woman behind the bar. She gave him the beer, he paid it.

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   As he was sure that none was watching him he get out the bag with the pills and put 2 into the one beer. it foamed a bit. After 5 minutes the girls came back: "thank you. " "no problem," casius said with an evily smile. she grabbed the beer and drunk it at once. "oh, thursty eh?" "yes, was a lot of dancing. My name is charlene. " "thats a nice name, my name is casius. hey, do you wanna go outside? i need a bit of fresh air" he asked her. "sure, hmm. . . i feel kinda weird" they both stood up. 'yeah sure you feel weird' he thought. they left the disco and walked around the corner.

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   she fell down onto her knees. 'geez crap,' Casius thought 'i didnt know that the pills would work so fast'. he helped her up and brought her over to his car which he parked there the day before. Opened the door and sat her onto the seat. he looked down to her, shook his head and remembered what his master said. . . the pills work on every person differently then he closed the car door and walked over to the driverside, sat down and started the car. after 20 minutes he left the town and drove up a hill to the old castle ruins. he looked over to charlene she was still sleeping. the car drove around a corner and they arrived at the ruins, he parked the car at the middle of the ruins. he went out of his car and walked over to charlenes side. he opened the door and at same time she opened her eyes. she looked around. "where are we?" she asked.

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   "oh. . . uhm. this is a special place i wanted to show you, look there is an old well and. . . do you see the moon? isnt it pretty? come out of the car, then we can walk a bit around. " She came out of the car, she felt how her legs were shivering. Casius took her hand and helped her to walk over to the well. then he sat down on the stones of it and she turned around and looked over to some trees. Casius looked down the well and pressed a button that was inside of it. It gave a noise and Charlene turned around and looked scared at the ground. a hidden door slid open. she looked over to Casius, he smiled and stood up, she wanted to run away but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

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   "what you wanna do with me?" she asked with a frightened face. "i will do nothing with you, i will bring you down to the door and then i will go again. " the door was opened and he pulled her down a long stone stairway. on the walls were torches which gave a bit of light. Charlene screamed and tried to escape from him, he stopped, turned around to her and said: "thats enough now!" he hit her with his elbow into her belly and she fell onto her knees. Casius shouldered her and carried her down to the door. He knocked on the door and let charlene fall on the ground. she coughed and went onto her knees to get a bit of breath. the door opened and a black robed man walked out of it, he had a hood over his head and it hid most of his face, only his mouth and chin was visible. he looked down to the girl and said: "well, i think you did a good job, Casius. leave me alone now. " Casius looked down and said: "yes, master. " turned around and went up the stairs. Charlene could hear how the door closed as casius left. The man crouched down next to her.

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   He grabbed her chin roughly and saw her frightened eyes and smiled evilly. He stood up, grabbed her wrist then pulled her through the door. He threw her onto the floor then closed the door and locked it with a big padlock. Charlene looked around the room, it looked like the inside of an old church, there were many benches in the room leading up to a large X on the far wall. There were some pillars near the outer sides of the room and on the walls hung some paintings but she didnt really look at what was on any of them. She also noticed two large doors, one at each side of the large X. The man grabbed her arm tightly and yanked her to her feet. He led her to the centre of the room and then the door to the right of the large X opened. A woman in leather and high heels walked out of the door. She looked at charlene and the man then walked over to them and looked down at the mans feet. He looked at her and said: "here take this crap and prepare her for the ceremony". he pulled charlene close to him then grabbed her chin roughly again and said: "dont make any trouble, you worthless girl" he then let go of her and the woman said to her: "follow me" she followed the woman across the room and through the right door, then down a corridor and through the first door on the right that they came to. The room looked like a bathroom. The woman looked to charlene and said: "you should take a bath now then change into the black robe that lays over there. no bra.

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   no panties. only this black robe. you have one hour then i will come back and you should be ready then. " she then turned and walked out the room and closed the door and locked it. charlene sat down on the floor and started to cry. she wondered what would happen to her and why all of this was happening to her. she remembered what the woman said and took off her clothes and got into the bath. she noticed there was some bath oil in the water and it smelled like patchulie, she started to get a lil dizzy from the smell. after 30 minutes she got out of the bath and dried herself then dried her hair and thought 'thats disgusting, no panties' so she grabbed her panties and put them on then put on the black robe. She looked into the mirror and saw her red eyes from the crying, and then she heard the sound of the door unlocking. The woman walked back into the room and she had in her hand a black blindfold. She walked over to charlene, turned her around and put the blindfold over her eyes and tied it tightly. She put her face next to charlenes ear and whispered: "i hoped you would not be ready in time, but it looks like you did it" she then kissed her ear then kissed down her neck and charlene moved away moved away from her and the woman started to laugh evilly and said: "if you think that is embarassing or disgusting when a woman kisses you, then you should stop thinking for the next few hours". She grabbed her wrist and led her out of the room and along the corridor and stopped in front of the door. Charlene could hear lots of voices from the next room.

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   The woman opened the door and the voices became quieter, she then led charlene to in front of the large X and tied her there on the X. Charlene heard the man saying to the woman she could go and sit down now. The man turned around and the voices stopped completely, he started to speak: "my brothers and sisters. . . and worthless slaves. like every month when the full moon shines we come together to sacrifice blood of a girl to our god. " The people started to whisper among themselves. He turned around and noticed charlene was moving around, trying to get out of the hand and feetcuffs. He removed a whip from his belt and cracked it on the ground. Charlene stopped moving. He then began to whip her, slowly ripping off parts of the black robe and also leaving bloody marks on her skin. He whipped at her chest until her boobs were uncovered. Charlene began screaming and begging him to stop. he walked up next to her and said "you should be quiet!" and shoved a ball into her mouth then tied a leather strap around her head to hold the ball in.

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   He looked down at her boobs and started to play with her nipples, stroking, flicking and pinching them. She moved her body left and right trying to stop him but she couldnt move very far because she was tied tightly on the large X. He stopped playing with her nipples and grabbed into a tear in the robe and pulled down hard, ripping the robe off of her. He looked at her and shook his head slowly: "well well well. what is this huh? i thought you were told not to wear any panties. " He clicked his fingers and the woman stood up from her seat and walked over to him and put a sharp knife into his hand. "that could hurt now" he said. He moved back up to charlene and slid the knife down her side cutting one side of the panties and also into charlenes side. she felt a sharp pain and blood running down the side of her leg. He moved over to the other side and did the same, cut the panties and charlene too. The panties fell down onto the floor. The man looked down between her legs and said: "hmmmm. . . nicely shaved huh?" He turned and grabbed a chalice from a table next to charlene then turned back to her and put his mouth next to her ear and whispered: "if you are still alive after everything that happens tonight, you will be my slave.

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  " He moved the knife up to her arm and cut across it , about half way up, then put the the chalice under her arm to catch the blood as it came running out. when the cup was full he walked over to the altar, that was a little bit infront of the X,it had a small fire burning in a silver dish on it , and started speaking something in latin. when he was finished speaking he poured the blood into the fire. Two men stood up and walked to the altar, picked up the dish and carried it away so that there was nothing on the altar now. The man clapped his hands once and two men stood up and walked over to charlene and started to untie her. Charlene felt someone untieing her from the X, she felt so weak from losing blood and the pain, after the men untied her they carried her over to the altar and layed her ontop of it on her back, the altar was cold and she shivered a little. The man said: "the ceremony is now over. have fun with her. " he then turned and left the room through the left door. A group of men stood up and walked up to the altar, everyone else stood up and walked out of the room through the right door. The first man that got to the altar took out a bandage and tied it around the cut on her arm: "we cant have her dying before we have our fun right?" he laughed loudly and some of the other men laughed too. he then grabbed her left boob and started playing with the nipple, sucking and biting it. one of the other men grabbed her right boob and did the same and then another man grinned and stuck a finger into her pussy and started moving it in and out slowly. Charlene could feel all of this but she felt so weak she couldnt even move her arms or legs or try to fight them, only lay there and feel the pleasure and pain. There were five other men standing around the altar but a bit further back, they were of lower rank so were not allowed to do anything until the other men let them, so they just took off their robes and stood their watching and playing with themselves, waiting for when they could do something.

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   The man that was fingering her pussy took out his finger and grabbed her feet and pulled her down to the edge of the altar then put his head between her legs and started licking her pussy. The man playing with her left boob smiled and said: " i have a better idea to keep her quiet" he then untied the leather strap from her head, took the ball out of her mouth, then took off his robe and got up onto the altar. He kneeled above her head and grabbed her chin and tilted her head back then shoved his dick into her mouth and began moving it in and out. The man playing with her other boob moved his hand over so that he could play with her other nipple while still sucking the one he was on. The man licking her pussy looked up and thought 'ah ya. . . i want some fun too' so he moved back, took off his robe, then moved back to charlene, grabbed her legs and opened them wider then shoved his dick into her pussy hard and started moving it in and out roughly. He noticed after a few times of moving his dick in out that it had blood on it and he laughed evilly: "so this is your first time huh? is it anything like you thought your first fuck would be? dont worry if you live through this it will be a fuck youll never forget!" Charlene began to cry The man with his dick in her mouth grinned and said: "ah crying thats great, that turns me on" He started moving his dick in and out of her mouth faster and after a short time he cummed into her mouth. He then took his dick out of her mouth and looked down at her evilly. He grabbed her lips and closed her mouth then said: "you have to swallow that now bitch" She looked at him with teary eyes and felt the slimy cum in her mouth. She thought about how disgusting and degrading this was, but knew if she didnt do it the men would probably hurt her more or kill her, her stomach cramped at the thought of it, then she screwed up her face in disgust and swallowed the cum. The man laughed: "ha! i knew you would do it!" He got off the altar and put his black robe back on then walked out through the left door. The man playing with her boobs looked to the man fucking her and said: "hey dont cum in her ok? i wanna fuck her after you, just cum on her belly or so" the other man laughed: "yaya dont worry ill leave her good still for you" He then started fucking her harder and faster and she began making some small noises. He grinned: "you like that eh? dont worry i'll fuck you nice and hard bitch" He started breathing a bit faster then quickly pulled out his dick and cummed all over her belly then grabbed his dick with his hand and squeezed the last bits of cum out onto her belly too.


   he smiled to the other man and said: "hey shes all yours now" then let her legs fall down the edge of the altar, put his robe back on, then walked out through the left door. The man playing with her boobs stopped, took off his robe, then got up on the altar and grabbed her and moved her onto her hands and knees for the doggy position. He moved behind her and started to talk: "you know why i like this position? its deeper and tighter and i like to see a girl on all fours" He then grabbed her hips and thrust his dick into her pussy hard and deep. She screamed loud and it echoed through the whole room. He grinned and started moving his dick in and out very roughly, hitting his pelvis hard against her ass. With every inward thrust she let out a loud moan. He banged her a few more times then reached down and grabbed her boobs and pulled her up so that she had only one hand now on the altar. He squeezed her boobs hard and she groaned. She could feel something like a wave moving through her body from her feet up to her head, she began to breath very quickly. The man could feel the muscles inside of her pulsing so he moved faster and harder. She began to shiver and felt a good feeling through her whole body. The man felt her cumming and it turned him on, he felt a tingling in his feet then the feeling moved up his legs, he felt a pressure build up at the base of his dick, so he moved even faster, then he knew he couldnt hold it any longer, he cummed inside of her, slowed down his moving, then when all the cum was out he pulled his dick out and let her fall onto the altar, he could see his cum dripping out of her pussy. he grinned and got off the altar and put on his robe, he turned to the five men that were playing with themselves earlier, he could see they had all cum on the floor and put their robes back on, he pointed to three of them: "you three take her to 'the room', leave her on the bed and lock the door", the other two of you clean up here, he then turned and walked out of the left door.
one month later there was a knock on the door, the leader man opened the door and looked down at a girl and then to the boy who was standing there. "this time you can come in too, Casius!" he grabbed the wrist of the girl and threw her into the hall.

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   Casius walked in too and looked around. After the leader man closed the door he walked over to the girl and yanked her up. he walked over with her to the middle of the hall and casius followed them.   then the right door opened and a girl walked out, Casius looked over to her and saw that it was Charlene in leather and high heels. . .  
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