Cop who gave me ticket gets raped.


 It all started one night on my way home. I was doing 79 in a 70. Thats what she said atleast. Im heading home from work doing about 75 all sudden in my mirror a cop car is pulling me over. She comes up says lic and reg please. I was kinda supeized to see a female cop but nothing is suprising anymore. She stood about 5'7 vest gun badge army boots you name it. Short black hair and brown eyes. I handed her my info and said i was sorry about speeding ect. She just said ok hang tight. Well few mins past by she comes back and gives me a ticket. She asked me to sign and i said what would happend if i didnt. Instead of explaining it to me she said Wanna find out what happends? I looked in confusment! She started to reach for her gun and said sign it. I quickly signed it and asked for her badge and unit number. She did so. I went home not thinking much about it.

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   2 weeks later i seen it sitting on the counter. Her full name unit #. I found out where her station was by looking in the phone book.
 The next day i paid the ticket and went home. That night i thought about it to much obviously. It had just cost me 300$ I was pist. I got this brillant idea to go and sit by her station wait for her to come in before she went home. Which i figured all cops did. Sure as shit i was right. I seen her walking into the building. I decided id sit an wait for her to walk back out. Soon enough she did. By herself to her patrol car opens the door and soon enough she has it started. Not knowing of it was the end or begining of her shift i deicided to follow her for a little bit. Just to see.

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   Maybe this could help me in my effort to figure her life out more so i could teach her a lesson. I followed for about 10 miles far enough away not to be noticed. Suddenly shes turning down a small neighborhood. I soon follow only being about to follow her distant taillights. One corner i almost lost her but i managed to keep up. Soon enough she was breaking and i had to break off. I quickly turn down a road tring to catch what she was doing. As i turn and look back her lights completly shut off. I drove around for 5 mins waiting to go back but nervously not wanting to. I could go to jail for this but what. I  was only following her but she couldnt say that for sure. Afterall it could just be i was " in the neighborhood" haha. i thought to myself. Soon enough im retracing mysteps back towards her house. There in lays a patrol car to a small house.

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   I drive by an see that a corner bedroom light was on.
  This is where it all happends.
I park down the street at a uhaul place. I start walking back. Im about 3 houses away when i decide to cut the back way in. I walk the backyards right up to her window thats lit up. I see a light on but blinds down. I check the window its locked. I figured that much. But how about the front door i think to myself. I walk up and the handle is unlocked it moves freely. Perfect i push open with ease very slowly. With noone in sight and the sound of a shower running i sneak in shut the door. Being very careful lock the door. I peakd around the corner to where i herd the sounds of shower.

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   There it was her bedroom door straight ahead. Surely no other car in the driveway noone else home? I do a quick look around before i enter her bedroom. The other bedroom empty literally. Only a couple of boxes. Livining room was fairly bare only a couch and tv. An across the haul the kitchen dark as could be. I start my approach. I get to her bedroom door and there was her gun and gun belt. I grab it with the sounds of the shower still running. I grab it and throw it under the bed. I grab her uniform and throw it in her closer. I sneak up to the bathroom an look in the mirror which displayed a white shower curtain directly in front of it.   I decided to sneak in her closet and lay in wait. Soon i hear the shower stop running and i slip on my ski mask that i had masterminded. She comes out and start dring off infront of the closet door.

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   Her leg up on the bed she dry herself. She turns around soon there after and grabs a nighte off the dresser. It looked to be a long silk red dresss like but stoping at her knees. Suddenly i see her freeze. She was looking at the general direction of the chair where her gunbelt and uniform was. Shes in shock. She stood only 3 feet away from me but im hidden in complete darkness. I leap out .
   The struggle begins.
 I jumped on top of her and pinner her down. Between the bed and the dresser with window above where i had seen the light. Im a fairly big guy and shes kind of on the featherweight side if you ask me. So my weight pins her down with ease. She struggles for a couple of seconds while i begin to punch her in the rips. I kno i had broken atleast two or three.

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   Im on her back and i began to punch her kidneys hoping it will stun her enough. She still struggles and puts up a good fight . In the mist of all this i grab her handcuffs out of her belt and mangange to wrestle her arms behind her and cuff her. Now i was in buisness. I pick her up and throw her on the bed. This whole time shes cussing and calling me name. She quickly relizes what i came for when i began to undue my zipper. She starts to try and kick me off from getting on the bed. I grab her legs not saying anything so she wouldnt reconize voice. She kicks me in the chest and i fall back. I get up and pull a line to the blinds to tie her feet up. I managed to pull the whole damn blinds down from the window leaving it in full view of the neighbors dark house. That didnt manage to stop me tho. I was the devil this night. I grab her legs tie them up and make a fool of her.

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   She lays there now not moving at all cryn. Saying please dont . I  pull my semi hard cock out and began to pull up her nighte. Up her thighs to a thick full black bush. In what id call a landing strip. I pull it up above her head and expose her tiny b cup tits. SHe was a young whore im sure. Id say about 23 24. I pull her legs up. Exposing her slit of her bush i began to insert my finger into it. I reach her thick pubic hair strip and insert a finger into the lips. Very tight hole. I pulled it out replacing it with my cock and begin to slowly push in. Very tight and dry. She wasnt turned on at all.

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   I began to slowly pump inch my inch in her as she screamed in pain. I pumped hard several more times on the verge of cumming i pull out careful not to go just yet. She crys and moan in pain . I began to jerk off slowly while sliding it in all the way and pulling out and jerking it somemore. I continued this till i started to get scared of someone else coming home. I push my 7 inch cock all the way in an began to pump hard this time and deep. To my suprise she began to get wet as i push it deep as i could fell her wet hairy bush agianst my lower regions. I pounded hard and deep till my cock began to get so big it hurt. She was so tight it felt like the 1st time i had fucked my virgin gfs pussy. But she wasnt bleeding and far to old to be a virgin i thought. Just really tight to my enjoyment. I suddenly began the 1st squirt. I pull out not wanting to cum in her but on her . . I pull down her nighte off her face.

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   She lays there looking up in horror. I release the rest of my squirts all over her face while jacking off in front of her face. I sit my hairy stinky balls on her face and she just laid there not doing anything but wanting it to end. I pull off her face and zip my pants back up . I leave and shut the front door nervously. The whole time i didnt say a word but i wanted to. I retrace my path that led me safely in and begin to leave. Around the back and across the back then the break between her house and the neighors. I run all the way back to my car. Not hearing anything on the news. An still seeing her in the same spot i got pulled over on my way home now and then makes me nervous. I get off every night knowing i raped her.   A friend of mine got pulled over by a cop that he described with short hair and a buldging belly. Not in the same area i got pulled over but 5 miles down on the same road. I quickly thought that had to her and that had to be my baby.

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  That one squirt must of ment to be .  I jerk off everynight to this night i had with lust and rape. Now and then ill stalk her at the house she has a newborn and she never replaced the blinds. I guess i made her into a nudist. She always walks around naked with a baby breast feeding. Ive often video taped these for my own pleasure and i think she knows cause she pleasure her self at timess