''Do You Know?''


During dinner he would look at her and smile. She found it hard to think about eating. He would look at her and his face would seem to say, I am going to get you. All through the evening, Gordon was reaching and grabbing some part of Dianne. Once her butt, then her thigh, another time her breast. He even cornered her in the bedroom and groped her all over, kissing her deeply. The whole night was a big tease. Soon it was time for bed. They headed down the hall and closed the door. Gordon walked up behind Dianne and wrapped his arms around her, kneading her breasts. Slowly he moved his hands to her buttons and undid her shirt. Reaching inside, he began to caress her fresh naked skin. Starting with her stomach, he gently touched her moving his hands up her body until his hands were at her shoulders. He pulled them back removing her shirt, letting it fall to the floor. Gordon's hands continued over her shoulders and moved down her back. Soon her bosom was released from its confines.

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   Gordon slid the straps of her bra down her arms and let it join the already dis-guarded shirt on the floor. His hands once again explored her and now enjoyed the soft fleshy breasts, massaging them. His fingers kneaded the supple mounds and lightly pinched the nipples, rolling them around in his fingers. Taking a good hold of her breasts Gordon squeezed and released them several times, causing the blood to flow through them and fill up her pert nipples. His hands moved lower as they stroked her belly and continued to the top of her pants. The nimble fingers went right to work on the button and zipper. He pushed his hands inside the flaps of her pants and ran them over her panties and thighs. Gordon's arms pushed her pants down as he lowered himself to his knees. The whole way down his lips kissed and nibbled at the back of one leg and back up the other leg. Dianne, as if on cue, stepped out of the pants and pushed them aside with her foot. Gordon began to massage each leg, starting at the thigh. His hands cuddled every square inch of her thighs. As he moved to the inside of her thigh, Dianne let out a soft moan. Slowly he rubbed her legs down to the floor. Reaching up, he grabbed the top of her panties and gradually pulled them down her legs.

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   As she stepped out of them, His lips kissed the round cheeks now desiring his attention. His tongue licked each cheek and slid up and down the top of her crack. Gordon got up and walked Dianne over to the bed, laying her down. He moved on top of her and grabbed one of her hands. He quickly put it into a wrist cuff that was attached to the bed. Dianne offered no resistance. Gordon finished with both of her wrists and then moved to her legs, pulling them apart and cuffing her ankles. She was totally his, spread out on the bed, and naked. Gordon looked at his captive prey. His eyes rolled over every part of her body as she lay there. The anticipation building in Dianne as his eyes molested her being. Moving between her legs, he parted her pussy lips with his fingers, exposing the moist, wet contains that were already working there way out of her love hole. Gordon just looked at the wetness of her lips. He took the time to gaze at the juices as they were pushed out by each contraction of Dianne's pussy. Moving his head forward, His tongue every so lightly licked up one of her pussy lips, tasting the excitement of her juices.

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   Dianne moaned at his touch. Teasingly, his tongue stimulated her anticipation. She wanted his tongue to touch her everywhere at once. The playing and teasing was more than she could handle, as she began to drive her hips up and down, trying to get some relief for her aching pussy. Gordon backed off until she stopped bucking. Gordon watched her face as the frustration of not cumming set in. Finally Dianne stopped and Gordon returned to his work. He gently blew on her widen, moist lips. Dianne groaned at the feelings. Time and again, Gordon blew gently on her wetness, causing even more wetness to come from her hot hole. Suddenly, Gordon lunged forward and latched on to her clit. He sucked it up into his mouth with a hard pull. His tongue danced all over the little pink nub. As Gordon's mouth sucked hard, Dianne sucked in a hard gasp of air. His tongue continuing its dance sent waves of tingling pleasure all over her body.

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   Her whole body controlled by one little spot on her body. Her breathing was erratic, temperature rising, muscles in a spasm, even her vision was a little blurry. Gordon let go of her clit and moved down to her pussy opening. His tongue darted in and out of her fuck hole, fucking her with his tongue, tasting her fresh juices. His tongue assault was tireless. In and out, rubbing against the walls to her most private opening. Pushing his face harder into her, his nose rubbed on her now sensitive clit. With each thrust into her, he buried his nose into the soft pocket that held her love button. Moving back up, Gordon again sucked her clit into his mouth, rubbing it hard with his tongue. Dianne, now almost in a state of panic, moaned at her loudest. Gordon positioned his teeth behind his lips and pressed down hard on the little nub. Shooting waves of ecstasy ripped through her body. She was losing control of her movements. Her body trashed about and pulled at the binds restraining her. The more she lashed about, the more pressure he applied and the more his tongue did its ballet over her clit.

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  Deep within Dianne's body, a massive explosion was building. Her entire body was tingling with passion. Each wave of lust pushed her higher and higher. She began to feel her body tightening up, ready to release its orgasm. Gordon, feeling her body tense up, sucked just a little harder, bit a little more, and rubbed a little faster with his tongue. Dianne was lost in pure lust as the orgasm broke. She arched her back up and pushed down with her head. She let out a scream of excitement as her pussy gushed forth its honey of pleasure. As her orgasm began to subside, Gordon let go of her clit with a pop. Dianne's body limply dropped back down onto the bed. Covered in sweat and breathing hard, she was slowly riding the wave back down. "I think you like. " Gordon said, smile a wet smile. "YESSS!!!!!!" Dianne hissed from closed teeth. Gordon reached up to her pussy and began to play with her pussy lips.

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   He took one in his fingers and pinched it, causing Dianne to moan in joy. Soon his fingers made their way up to her swollen clit. He lightly touched it a few times, causing sparks to shoot through her. "I think this is just the beginning. I like seeing you like this. It is a real turn on. Tied down and thrashing about. Wanting more but wanting it to stop. " He teased. Gordon pushed on her clit with his finger. "Want more, don't you. " He asked. "Yesss!" She answered from the height of a small wave of excitement. "What?""Yess, I want more. " Her words trailing off in a moment of passion.

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  "Beg for it. Tell me you want it. Tell me your fuck hole needs it. ""Oh, god. Please! I need it, I want it. Please make me cum. ""More. Think dirty. " Gordon said as he lightly teased her clit. "UUhhhhh! Yes, please. Ohhhh! I. . . Ohhh! Please. I want you.

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   Ohh, yes. I. . . Ohhh. " Her mind was racing against itself, the passion trying to out run the words. Finally Dianne pushed her head back against the pillow and yelled out in a moments lust, "Fuck my sloppy wet pussy. Lick me, eat me, fuck me. I am your sex slut. Please, Master, fuck me. Fuck your slut. Use my pussyyyyyyyyy!"Gordon began to massage her clit, rubbing it all over. Her body was tossing about, living on the edge of yet another orgasm. Soon, her pussy sprayed forth with a flood of juices, covering Gordon's hand and arm. Again, his fingers went straight to her clit and massaged it.

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   Dianne's breathing was fast and hard. Her whole body glowed with a sheen of sex. With an orgasm that tried to double her over, a surge of juice squirted out of her pussy with a scream. Still fingering, squirt after squirt covered her legs and his arm. Gordon moved his head down between her legs and began licking her firey hot pussy. She was wild with feverish lust. Gordon moved his tongue all around her pussy and lips, sliding on the slick juices that flowed from her hole. "Ohhhh! Yesssss!" Dianne was in a frenzied state. She wanted everything done to her and all at once. His wandering tongue soon found its favorite spot and Dianne instantly squirted all over his face and passed out. "Are you back?"All Dianne could do was moan. "You were out for several seconds. I think that deserves a replay. " Gordon said before diving his head back down to Dianne's soaked nether region. His tongue danced and flicked everything in its path, devouring her sweet juices.

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   His mouth would suck hard on one of her lips and pull his head back, sending her into yet another orgasm. Sucking on her clit, though, brought the most reaction. His mouth sucked it in and smashed it between his lips, all the while rubbing his tongue over it. Each time this happened, Dianne's vision would go black, her body would tingle, and she would pass out again. This continued until Dianne lost count of the times she blanked out. As she would wake up, she would plead with Gordon to stop the orgasm-causing onslaught of licking. Finally, Gordon agreed and gave her a few moments to recompose herself. "You passed out fifteen times. That was great. " Gordon said with a huge wet smile. All Dianne could do was moan as aftershocks hit her. Gordon moved his hand forward and pushed two fingers down her wet pussy. In and out they moved with skill and precision, fucking her pussy. A third joined them. The rhythm changed to a brisk massage of her inner walls.


   Ripples of passion moved from her cunt and out over her whole body. Struggling against her binds, Dianne's contest with her restraints was useless as a fourth finger slid into her warm love hole. A feeling of fullness absorbed her pussy and her mind. Now all four fingers, side by side, began to stroke her insides. A fiery lust built up in her bowels. The hand curved and in popped the thumb. The whole mass of fingery flesh began to pound into her cunt without mercy. The sensation of the five fingers being stuffed into her was driving her mad. As the fingers pushed in, the thumb would rub against her g-spot, heightening the fever in her pussy. In and out, time and again, without stopping. His hand was up to the knuckles, and Dianne's pussy wanted it all. Gordon stopped his pounding and left his hand hard against her, pushed in as far as he dared. Diane arched her back in a big orgasm, screaming as she did, then pushed down hard against his hand. Gordon nearly came when his hand pushed past her outer pussy lips. He could hardly believe how hot and moist it was against the back of his hand.

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  Dianne let out a big scream of passion as his hand push farther in and completely filled her up. Every small movement of his hand pushed Dianne's orgasm higher and higher, never ending, always on the top of the wave. After twenty seconds of the never-ending orgasm, Dianne screamed out, "STOP!"Gordon slowly removed his hand from her pussy. He amazed at its wetness, glistening from the top of his fingers down. Dianne collapsed as the orgasm finally overtook her and she blacked out. As she came back, she found that her pussy was again full, but this time it was different. She found Gordon's rock hard dick and the big vibrator in her pussy, thrusting in and out of her. The trembling of the vibrator spread throughout his manhood, as it was urgently beating her well used pussy. Earthquake sized tremors forced their way from her cunt to the very top of her head. She was lost in a world of pure animal lust and a craving that wouldn't stop. Gordon's dick was full and the feeling of cuming was soon approaching. He picked up speed, with relentless abandon, slamming into her with each stroke. With a finally hard thrust, Gordon drove his dick and the vibrator to the very back of Dianne's pussy, as his cock spurted its warm lusty seed into Dianne. The vibrator drove the both of them to the top of a huge orgasm, climaxing in perfect union. Gordon and Dianne just laid their, the vibrator still on and working its magic on them both.

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   Gordon's dick became limp and Dianne, in the throws of a vibrator induced cum, squeezed his dick out of her pussy, spilling his seed and the vibrator at the same time. "Want out of those binds?"Dianne just nodded. "Then you have to clean me up first. " Gordon reported, with a fiendish smile. His quickly mounted her head, shoving his cock into her mouth. Her tongue went right to work, tasting a sexy combination of juices. She worked hard, with every last bit of energy she had, to clean his now spent manhood. Gordon climbed off after a short time, and untied the straps of her lusty prison. Gordon brought in a washcloth and wiped off her pussy lips and cleaned the bed where their passions had spilled out. Soon, Gordon joined his exhausted wife on the bed, holding her tight as they drifted off into a blissful sleep. .
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