Dr. Johnson


She woke up very quickly. She didn’t understand what was happening.
Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. She couldn’t move. Something was on top of her. There was SOMEONE on top of her. She was lying on her stomach and her arms were pinned down under her face. Just then, she felt his ragged breath on her neck. He forced his hard cock inside of her again.
She was frightened. How could someone be so strong? How was she unable to get out from beneath his grip?
She couldn’t even move her torso enough to stop him from penetrating her. She had no idea what to do. She was listening to his grunts, when she realized the more she fought, the more he enjoyed it. That thought immediately made her realize that she hadn’t even screamed yet.
She woke up to a man raping her, holding her prisoner in her own bed, and she hadn’t even screamed yet. She was going to have to do something.

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   She couldn’t just lie there and be the victim.
This thought process was interrupted when she felt something dripping from her pussy. It leaked out slowly. It dripped from between the folds of her pussy to her navel. It joined what felt like nearly a puddle in her bed sheets. “How could he still be hard if he’d already cum inside of me?” she started to wonder. But that train of thought left as quickly as it entered. She kept concentrating on the motions of his body. She actually liked his downward thrusts hitting her in just the right place.
It was her body reacting to the emotion she hadn’t allowed herself to process yet. She was thoroughly enjoying this. For the first time she hadn’t been riddled with thoughts of what he thought about her body. She hadn’t wondered if her stomach was flat enough, her pussy tight enough, or her movements strong enough. For the first time she had been able to just feel.
She couldn’t believe that she could get this wet.

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  Just then, a very strong whimper-like breath escaped her lip… she couldn’t deny that the sound was her own. She had only ever heard that sound when she was alone in her bedroom with no one there to judge her. Her body was associating this rape, this assault, with pleasure, with the feeling of her vibrator between her thighs. What was wrong with her?
Just then she heard him speak “I knew you’d love this cock. ”
She was appalled with just how smooth his voice was. It only trembled from his labored breathing. She felt her pussy drip again. She was so angry with herself for wanting him. She started to struggle against his massive force. “It’s useless to try to fight me. We both know that you couldn’t get away, even if you really did want to. ”
She knew she wasn’t going anywhere but she couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t grasp that this was the most pleasure that any man had ever given her. She had no idea that she actually needed this more than her rapist. He leaned his head down onto her neck and took the side of her neck into his mouth as he slowly applied pressure.

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   She let out the most panic and pleasure filled sound she had ever made. It came out of nowhere “hhhhhhuuuuhhh!” She wasn’t in control at all, not even of how she felt.
She could feel his teeth on her neck. But he wasn’t biting her. He was simply dragging his open mouth and bare teeth against her neck. She got the message loud and clear. Her fate was in his hands.
Just then he took his knees that were originally placed on the inside of her legs and placed them on the outside of each of her legs. He then very forcefully closed his knees, which in turn brought slapped her thighs closed. He pulled his massive dick from her pussy and she could hear the smacking sound of her own wet lips. She thought it might be over. She was actually afraid it was over.
She did the first thing she could think of. She knew that the struggle for control turned him on, so she tried to pull away. She fought with everything that she had.

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   But this elicited no reaction from him. She had wanted him to grab her hips tightly and slam his big cock back inside her dripping pussy. The only reaction was a strong gush of blood to his manhood.
He very smoothly placed both of her hands beneath his left. Using only one of his hands, she still couldn’t overpower him. This defined him as a true man in her eyes. She unknowingly wanted nothing more than to be exactly what he wanted. She wanted to be the center of a man’s lust. She loved knowing that this man wanted her so badly that he couldn’t withstand it any longer. He wasn’t going to wait for her to say yes, let alone even ask. She wanted to be his victim. She wanted to be his desires, requiring her to put up futile resistance. This was all new and very exciting.
She couldn’t believe she felt this way, and she began to get angry. Who was this man that thought her wants were so far less important than his own.

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   That he had the right to waltz into her apartment and simply take her as he pleased. She was beginning to feel infuriated. Just then he felt her tense up and start to become anxious so he rammed his dick into her now closed legs. This increased the pressure on his dick tremendously. The sloppy noises her cunt lips made as the head of his penis passed through her lips with each stroke made him wild. The smell of her fragrant sex filled his nose and took him over. His pace and force were becoming more than she could handle.
She begged him to stop. She pleaded with him to let her up. At first he just smiled, finally hearing the desperation he wanted to hear. He put his mouth to her ear and very quietly whispered “Shhhhhh, just be quiet and let it happen. ” So she did. She relaxed and just focused on how he felt on top of her. She stopped thinking about how she should feel, what she should do.
She couldn’t believe that his strong dominant voice could soothe her the way that it had.

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   He told her to stay quiet with such conviction, as if to say, “this is what I want, and this is how you will give it to me. ” The control was what he was after. She felt his rate of breathing increase and the size of his dick growing larger constantly.
She simply focused on what was happening. She had a large man on top of her. He was taking control, of everything. Although she was being raped, he wasn’t hurting her. As strange as it sounded, she felt safe from the normal panic she felt from sex. She had never felt safer actually. She always knew she hated making decisions and being in control, but she never knew it to be to this level.
--His perspective
He had to slow down if he wanted this to last. He had been studying her for months, learning all about her. He watched her every move, how she spoke, how she walked, her body language with men, and most importantly he watched for any signs of dominance that just may exist under those shades of shyness.
He had a talent for analyzing people. After only knowing her a few months, he knew this woman would become his lover.

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   This is the woman he had longed for since this desire awakened in him in his early twenties. He found the perfect woman. The one, that after this entire traumatic episode, would wait for him to crawl into her bedroom window so she could experience it all again.
He knew she wouldn’t go to the police. It wasn’t in her submissive nature. She would just lie around and think about it. He knew it would be sooner than later that she would actually be trying out new ways to keep him happy. She would do everything she could to make sure that he stayed satisfied. She was what he always referred to in his notes as the ultimate giver. All of her pleasures were derived from keeping others content.
Just then he pulled out of her wet hole with a loud suction noise. As he did, the head of his dick rubbed over her asshole, making her tense with fear. He held her hands within his left, and placing his right hand under her right hip, he flipped her over. He was staring directly into her eyes.
There was just enough light coming in from the busy streets outside she could see all of his strong features.

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   It was her therapist. It was her Doctor! This infuriated her. She trusted him. She told him everything. He was supposed to be helping her to understand why her sex life seemed incomplete.
She wasn’t some shy unsure and untried girl. She always opened up with her lovers about the positions that felt the best. She knew that if she wanted to be pleased, she would have to tell her lover where to place his mouth and hands and when. Sure, she would always come, and get sexually aroused, but she wanted to be physically, sexually, and emotionally aroused.
She couldn’t believe that through this anger, she was more concerned about why he pulled out. She had been longing to feel him unload his hot cum into her soaking wet cunt. She was ovulating, and though she didn’t want to become pregnant, it heightened her sexual desires ten fold. She always craved to feel her lover’s dick spasm uncontrollably inside of her.
It was just then that he pulled something from beneath her pillow. He had already attached restraints to her bedposts, just waiting for the opportune time to get them out.

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   Since he had to slow his pace, he thought now would be the perfect time to have complete use of his hands.
He unlatched the Velcro strips and wrapped them around each of her wrists. Her legs were still free to move, while both of her hands were tied to opposite posts allowing for minimal movement and the most access to her body. She knew now this was planned. She had always found him more than attractive.
His weight held down her legs while he slowly moved him mouth from her neck down to her small breasts. Her lightly traced his lips over each one, just taking in their firmness. He lingered on here, sucking on each nipple making her moan with pleasure. He loved knowing that even though she was furious and scared, her body was controlling her urges. He knew she was more sexually aroused during this time of month. It was no accident that he chose this night.
She was becoming louder as he gently rubbed each of her breasts. He was twisting each of her nipples in his fingertips, one at a time. Alternating his lips from nipple to nipple, he moved his hands to her waist, lightly stroking his fingertips up and down her stomach and sides. She had chills from her ankles to her scalp.

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   She was in heaven. She completely forgot to hide it.
How could this feel so amazing? She had never been the center of attention like this, and never thought that she would be able to enjoy it. Just then he started moving his lips away from her nipples. She started using her feet to scoot her body up the bed, to allow her to get away. She had to play this game. She felt him grab her ankles and drag her back flat on her back.
At first the only thing she felt was his breath on her sex. Then she could feel his lips and mouth brushing against her neatly shaved pussy. She couldn’t handle herself. Her back was arching, her legs were tightening, and her breath was growing ragged, all without her consent. He had her wrapped around his little finger.
“You’re such a dirty little girl, you can drop this act. You can beg and plead from me to stop, but your sopping wet cunt contradicts everything you say, You can’t even stop yourself from panting and moaning. ”
It was true.


   Just then he took his tongue and parted her lips exposing her to him. He took her swollen throbbing clit into his mouth and started sucking on it like he did her nipples. She was in ecstasy. This is the only thing that has ever been able to make her come. She had tried every position that she could force herself into. She tried with every dildo and penetrating vibrator on the market. She read self-help guides, listened to friends. She tried it alone, she tried it with lovers, and she just couldn’t achieve an internal orgasm. It was just as she was thinking about that, that she remembered having revealed this to her therapist at one of their more recent sessions.
He was rubbing his tongue in concentric circles, ever so lightly, as if to torture her with pleasure. It was amazing. She wanted this to last. But after only ten minutes she was just about to go over the edge so she wiggled her hips away from his mouth, preventing her from coming. She pretended she didn’t want him to make her come.
He grabbed her hips and slammed her firmly back in place and began his rhythmic pace again.

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   It was perfect, for both of them. This second round for her was different, this time he used one of his hands that was gently rubbing circles around her nipples to begin to finger her pussy, while one of his fingers was lightly tracing gentle circles around her asshole. She had never experienced this before, but two of her best friends said that it led to the some of the best orgasms of their lives.
It took no longer than five minutes before she began whimpering and screaming aloud. She wasn’t just having an orgasm. She was having a full body experience with a man that gave her no other choice. It seemed to last for hours while wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body. She was shaking and sweating. “OH GOD OH MY GOD! OH FUCK YES! OH MY” she shouted repeatedly. She felt him cumming all over her legs. She didn’t even realize that he had jacked himself off while making her cum in his mouth.
She woke up some time later. The experience had been so tiring that she fell immediately asleep. Her hands were untied and he was gone. His cum was all over her legs and the bed.

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   There was a little note next to her bed.
“I know our next session will be just as gratifying. I WILL be billing you overtime as this is a personal house call. I believe this may answer many of the sexual questions you held. ”