Drunken coupling.


A Story about drunken sex.

My mate,his wife and myself had been drinking at their home and we just had more than was wise. Jean his wife had conked out and in her drunken state we'd watched as she'd slid partly off the settee. With the sliding motion,her dress had risen slowly up until now we were taking in the nakedness of her thighs and a very sexy pair of panty's being strained deeply into her pussy slit.

"You two ever thought about anything a bit,you know! like now,with her showing everything,do you reckon she'd know if,you know! you and me done something with her" - Being pissed,he drooled at me, - "You mean like,fucked about with her?" - "Yeah,she ever said anything about doing stuff other than with yourself" - "Fuck mate,she's my wife you cunt. I know you got the hots for her,but she'd fuck us if she woke up and you were playing with her cunt. Fuck if we were both fucking about with her I haven't a clue what she'd do or say. . . divorce me I expect!"

"What if she didn't wake up,that is not until its all over?" - "All over,you mean,we fuck her and hope she doesn't wake up while we're doing her!" - "She's pissed and well out of it,if she thinks she remembers something happening,we just say, 'You horny bitch,you dreamed about that' she couldn't be sure could she?" - By now I had a hardon and I could see my mate was hard as well. Clearly it must have appealed to him to let me have her.

Looking at me thro' blurry eyes, - "Wan-a-see it?" - he staggered towards her on hands and knees until he was sat close in and gently pulled at her panty's. I thought,you're not as pissed as you're making out,I wasn't either! - It wasn't easy but he managed to pull her knickers enough to one side to give me a look at her furry mound and half hidden slit. Smoothing her he said, - "She's not responding,she must be out-for-the-count"

I took the hint and moved in alongside him to help with her panty's. Our activity made her respond, - "Whose that why are you moving me?" - Whispering now - "Its okay Jean,I'm just making you more comfortable" - Flipping a loose arm about as tho' swatting an irritating fly away - "I'm alright as I am" - Nothing more as we now eased her knicker's from over her ass and helped them down her thighs. - Her strong white thighs and silky brown pussy fur was more than our hormones could stand.

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   We both started touching her ass and pussy, until there was no doubt about it,her pussy was leaking love juice.

"Fuck,she may be out of it,but with us both at her she's getting randy,what do you think we can risk doing with her?" - I stood and stripped from my waist down - "If we're ready,we could try using them on her - them being my cock and balls,indicating he copy me and we both ready ourselves for one almighty fucking of his wife. It seemed as tho' he now had in fact forgot it was his wife as he stripped as I had and a large hard cock pranced around between his thighs.

Trying to get each side of her didn't work so I indicated we need her on the floor. So we started fingering her more aggressively and while doing so,we got her onto the ground. - I was sure she had heard all we'd said and was perfectly aware of our intentions,but she remained asleep to all intense and purposes. Disturbing slightly she mumbled and turned on to her back and after waiting a short time we went back to working her up.

Her juices were flowing nicely now and I helped them slide down thro' her ass crack as well as adding the precum off of my own hard offering. Her husband done the same and in no time we had her cunt and sphincter as slippery as an eel. Rolling her onto her side as she gave signs of reaching an orgasm,her husband got against her belly and offered his cock to her cunt. I watched as with him pressing at her belly she lifted her thigh up and across his hip.

His cock disappeared deep into her vagina and he started a steady thrusting into her. I moved spoon fashion behind her ass and pressed my cock against the groove there. Not with it pointing at her hole,no, just sliding it up and down the crease. She excepted this.

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   I assume she thought I would take her after her husband had cum off. I wasn't that far off cumming myself what with the sensation of her already getting fucked. Enough I thought,if I don't get it up her now my cum will go to waste!

She was now thrusting with some haste at her husbands cock. So lining up my penis with her asshole I just pressed at it,not hard but firmly. a little whimpering voice said, - "What are you trying to do, oo no! please no! I'm! I'm!. . . My cock popped into her sphincter,the tightness of which gripped the helmet like a fist. . . No! No! it'll hurt,its too big for me,please not up there" - She obviously felt what happened next as my cum spurted deep into her rectum as I pushed as hard as I could - unintentionally as it happened, as I shot my load - All was lost in the sexual activity of her and her husband cumming off and I pounded at her sphincter as tho' my life depended on it.

She met his thrusting and my thrusting from each side with her thrusts until our joint orgasms subsided. We all lay there sweating and panting with the excitement of the moment. - Jean broke the moment - "You won't try to put it in my vagina will you after what you just done" - "No I wont,not without washing it!"- She relaxed and let us both stay inside her body until we fell out of her during the night while asleep together on the floor.

She's never mentioned if she really was that drunk or why we were all asleep together!.

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