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“This is too fucking easy,” he said as he pushed opened the window and went in the bedroom.
There they were fast asleep in their warm cozy beds.   But he wanted her!  He wanted her husband to watch and hubby could do nothing about it.
He had waited two hours after the last light was turned off.   By the looks of the couple on the bed it looked like they had a little fun before drifting off to sleep.   The room had the stench of sex in it, which made the intruder's dick stir to life.   He watched them lying naked in each other’s arms.   Shit that wasn’t going to last very long.
It got even better.   There was an ovulation kit next to the bed this chick was trying to have a baby.   This shit is too good to be true he thought he always wanted to get a white chick pregnant to have her carry a black baby.   What would all her snotty friends think that she fucks big black cock?
He chuckles softly to himself “Fuck this I am going to have a party with this bitch”
He takes out his gun and walks over to the husband’s side of the bed.   He slips the knife under the mans chin “WAKE UP YOU FUCK, try anything stupid and you're dead, got it. ”
The man nodded his head. Just then the wife started to wake up.   She sat up quickly not realizing she was naked.

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“My god woman they are huge,” he said as he reached over and twisted her nipple.
She screamed in fear not because of her nipple being twisted but at the gun at her husband’s neck.
The intruder made short work of tying the husband to the chair and the wife to the headboard.
“So you want to have a baby, how about a black baby.   You want to carry a black baby in that womb of yours. ”  He said patting her belly.
"I am going to make sure that happens starting now!”  He got on top of her and spread her legs and rammed his 9-inch cock into her waiting fuck hole.
She screamed in agony.   God he loved that sound she was so tight.   He pounded away and as he pounded away her pain soon became pleasure.   “Nooooooooo I can’t, I can’t ……… she reared up in an intense orgasm.
“Gonna make you a baby right bitch.   Gonna fill that fuck hole with my seed. ”  He pounded away in and out harder and faster.
“It seems like that hubby here likes to see wifie being fucked by a big black fuck and I am going to fill her up soooo good.

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His pounding got faster she could feel him getting harder and bigger.   She knew that he was about to blow his load.   With his last thrust he empted his load in her womb.
And pulled out with a plop.
Just then the doorbell rang.
“Oh did I forget that I called some of my friends.   They want to fill this baby up (grabbing her cunt) with baby making juice. ’
Her eyes opened wide in horror of what was to come in more ways than one.
Four more men came into the bedroom.
Then in no time they were undressed and climbing on the bed. They untied her and flipped her over on her belly with her round sweet ass up in the air.
She felt someone enter her from behind he was just as big as the first only thicker.   Another one pulled her head up and stuck his cock in her mouth pushing it deep to the back of her throat.   Making her gag.
“Yeah that’s it take it, take it all the way bitch.

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  ”  Said the guy at her head. The guy behind her let his load fly into her; another cock quickly replaced him.   This one was longer it felt like he was trying to break into her womb.   She was in pain but she loved it she wanted that cum inside her.
She wanted to be filled so much that it hurt, she wanted her belly to swell not just with a baby but their spunk she started to push her hips back on the cock, and a small moan escaped her lips from around the cock that was in her mouth.
“Hey I think she likes this, she is giving as good as she’s getting” and let his load fly into her too.
The man in her mouth pulled out and entered her from behind. “You like this cock in you”
Just then she looked over to her husband in time to see him blow his load all over himself.
“Yeah that’s it your nothing but a breeding mare aren’t you?”
“Yes I am”
This went on all weekend more and more men came in by the time they were done her belly looked like she was pregnant already but really she was filled with good old protein. And a promise to come back next weekend_________________May all your dreams be dark and sweet
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