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it was the week before my daughter Clair'es birthday, we went shopping for the last few bits and pieces we needed for the party,
as it was such a hot day i wore a skirt and crop top with heels and Claire was in shorts and halter top,
after we had done the shopping we was driving home and got caught in a big traffic jam we sat there for hours before we moved, and i was bursting to go to the loo,
we drove a bot further and come across a picnic area which had toilets , i pulled into the car park it was fairly empty a few cars a truck andsome men and women on motorbikes,
Claire said she wanted to go to so we both got out and walked to the toilets,
when we went into the ladies, the lights wasn't working, which made it a little dark thou somelight come through the window, i went in the first c cubicle and Claire in the second one , the door lock on mine didn't work so i went in the last one again the lock didn't work so i called out to Claire to see if her one worked and she replied yes, so i waited for her to finish, when she come out i went in,
after i finished i come out to find 3 of the motor bikers standing there next to Claire,
i looked at them not sure why they were in the ladies , i reached out to grab Claire's hand and as i did one of the men grabbed my arm pulling it away, what are you doing i shouted,
one of the men walked forward now he said in a calm clear voice you have a choice, you can do as we want or she can,i shouted to Claire to run, but before she could move the other man grabbed her, dint touch her i yelled at him and he just smiled, Claire started to cry as the man held her arms tightly at her side,she was facing me, please i begged let us go we haven't done anything to you, not yet you haven't said the man who seemed in charge,
so what is it going to be you or her we dint mind, i could See the fear in Claire's face as she looked at me, as i stood there not knowing what to do or say the man moved his hand and placed it on Claire's breast, OK OK i shouted i will do it,
good said the man , now let her go i pleaded not until you please us, if you dint we will use her,
now who are you he asked , i am Lena i saidand what is your relationship to each other she is my daughter i replied, o said the man his voice not changing,
you look very good he said how old are you ,i am 38, not bad body he said, now let us see your tits remove the top please dint do this i begged again, do it he said if i have to mention anything again twice we will change and use your daughter,
i put my hands on my top and pulled it down, placing my hands over my breast as i did it, move them he said and i put my hands down, they do sag a bit but not to bad he said as the 3 men looked at them, i looked at Claire and said dint worry baby it will be OK, please let her go she doesn't need to see this i will do what you want, i know said the man but she will make sure,
now the skirt take it off, i undid the zip and let it fall to the floor, i was just in my heels and lace knickers, my trimmed pubic hair showing Through the thin material, take them off to, i slide them down as he told me, i didn't want to take any chances that they would harm my daughter,
i stood naked in front of them,, now Claire said the man i want you to sit on the wash basin worktop and dint move if you move or scream we will use you do you understand yes she nodded and she sat on the work top,
the 3 men all come over to me and each took turns in rubbing my breast, they feel OK they said, for an old bird, then one started to rub my nipples his finger tips flicking over both at the same time, well they seem to like it he said as my nipples become erect, i bet she is loving this said one of the men to the others, then the one flicking my nipples started to lightly pinch them and pull them, get harder as he did it, i didn't want Claire to know how scared i was, so i just stood there, when one of them placed his hand between my legs open them he said and i slightly opened my legs as he pushed his hand over my pussy lips,shes wet he told his friends, she is begging for it, whats updint your old man give you any at home,, as they passed comments to each other the onewith his hand on my pussy started to push his finger between my lips until it was in me , he pushed it harder until it went right in, his nails digging it me as he did it, you like this yes he asked me, i wasn't sure how to answer but i knew i couldn't up set them , yes i saidas i looked at Claire trying to reassure her that it would be OK,
he then pushed another finger in then another all the way moving in and out fucking me with them, its about time we see how good you are at giving head he said and they all took there cocks out , they were all semi hard and of similar size about 8 inches, me first he said and pointed to his cock i knelt down and started to suck it, make it good as i am sure Claire will if you dint, i sucked hard taking his cock fully into my throat, she is good, you should be proud of her Claire he said as i sucked him they then changed and i took each one in turn until they were all fully hard, what shall we do first you pick , what you mean i asked, pussy or arse what you want us to fuck first, i had only done anal once before a long time ago and knew how much it hurt, pussy i said, and he told me to sit next to Claire on the work top, as i did he pulled my legs wide open, now Claire i want you to watch this you might learn something , and he guided his cock into me just pushing straight in as far and as quick as he could that's nice he said,nice and tight, bet you haven't fucked a cock for ages, i didn't answer him but he was right , me and my husband only made love once a month if that,
again they swapped and each fucked me several times before he said right you know whats next, turn around and bend over i just did as he asked, i knew if i didn't do it they would use my daughter, i felt his cock on my bum as he forced it in i let out a scream as it went in, that's good he said, you can scream there is no one to hear you and as he pushed harder i screamed out loudly, as he fucked my bum, i heard some people coming please come inn here i prayed and then i heard the outer door open, and two women walked in it was there friends, thought we come and see what the noise is about said one as they looked at me being fucked,whats up with youone said to Claire as she was crying what you think i said, she doesn't need to see this, i am doing as you ask, give me your hands behind your back said the man fucking me and as i did he pulled on my hands and arms making his cock go in further, i screamed again, making the two women laugh she a virgin arse fucker said one,
tie her hands said the man and they took out a shoe lace from Claire's shoe and tied my hands behind me, once i was tied , the man fucking me stopped and turned me around now open he said as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth,
i could taste whereit had been, and started to gag as he fucked my mouth then his friend pushed his cock in my bum as i sucked the other one,, then as i sucked his cock i see one of the women walk over to Claire, poor you i bet you didn't know your mum was such a good fuck, Claire sat there not saying anything,, then the woman pulled her to her feet and held her arms behind her, i tried to free my mouth to tell her to leave her alone but the Man held his cock in my mouth not letting me move, have a good look said the woman to Claire's she bent her forward over my bum so she could clearly see the mans cock going in and out of my bum,
bet you want it dint you she said again Claire stayed silent, then the other woman walked over and s the first one held Claire the second one run her hands her top, i watched as she then moved them over her breast, nice little ones she said, hardly anything there, i could see Claire crying as the womantouched her, but i could do nothing to help her,
get them out said one of the men and the woman pulled the tie holding her top closed it fell open,
you got a cheek putting them in a bra she said , and she pulled on the bra until it broke, exposing my daughters breast, the men's faces lite up as they looked at her, and i could feel the mans cock who was fucking me get harder, he gave a big push as he looked at them,
then the woman run her hands down over her shorts, just then Claire started to wet herself as she was so scared, all of them laughed as they watched her pee her shorts, give me her wet shorts said the main man, and the woman puled them down and gave them to him he puled out his cock from my mouth and before i could say anything shoved the wet shorts in my mouth, i wanted to be sick as he forced them in, i looked at c claire as he runhis hands over her breast, hold her he said to the two women and each grabbed an arm,
now because you didn't make us cum Claire will have to be punished,i had to watch as he started to pull her nipples pinching them harder and harder making her scream in pain,
that's nothing said one of the women look and see and she pulled her top up to expose her breast she had a large ring Through the nipple,the man pulled and twisted it and the woman just laughed see pain is good she said, the man turned to me now he said Claire is gong to cause you pain and you are going to enjoy it, or she will OK i nodded yes i just wanted them to leave her alone,
they let Claire go and told her to strip naked which she did, her long thin body completely exposed her light pubic hair and her pink nipples for all to see, now what shall we do first he asked his friends , nipples first said one man, OK he said, Claireyou must pinch as hard as you can i want you to pull and twist them , if not you will both get it, i nodded to Claire it was OK, i stood up and Claire put her hands on my breast her fingers closing on my nipples, she pinched hard her nails digging in and she puled them out as far as she could i was in extreme pain as she did it and tried to scream with he wet shorts in my mouth,very god said the man
now slap them hard and Claire slapped each tit more said the man until they are red, and Claire slapped each one in turn until both was bright red,very good he said, nearly finished he said now get on your knees and lick your mums pussy, they pushed her down and forced her head to my pussy She started licking me her tongue going inside my lips, as she licked me the man got behind her and he forced his cock into her pussy she screamed in agony as he just pushed harder and harder the women holding her , lick he shouted at her the first time he raised his voice and she started to lick me again as he fucked her, soon he was cumming and he shot his load inside my daughters pussy, then one of his friends took over until he to shot his load in her, then the 3rd one, until they had all cum in her,, when they finished, they stood us up and and led us to a tree outside i looked around hoping someone would be there to help but no one was about,
they tied us to a tree our arms around it ,one last thing and we are off, then i see the two women pulling branches out of the bushes, they walked up behind both of us, and then started to whip us both on the arse, we both screamed out, as they whipped us more and harder, my bum was feeling very hot as they whipped it and i knew Clair'es would be the same, then they stopped, thhats it said the man we are going andthey walked off leaving us there, it took about 5 minutes before we broke free , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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