"Fresh Meat" by M. Satyr


by Marq Satyr

The three deer hunters had spread the busty young woman on the top of the pickup by tying her arms painfully behind her to the side view mirrors and her legs to the deer stand in the pickup bed. Her name was Carlene Edwards, and she was a gorgeous 20 year old newlywed. They had taken her from her motel room and now had her deep in the woods. Her body bounced on the top of the cold pickup as they drove through the woods on a very brushy, muddy trail. Her breasts were 36D and they swayed and jiggled as the pickup bounced over the rough road. Her lightly haired pussy was stretched open by her tightly stretched legs. Her rib cage stretched tight. She felt the pickup stop, and the three men crawled out. One of them climbed on the pickup bed and inserted his middle finger in her tight young vagina grinning at her evilly and removed the ball gag from her mouth.

"Let me go," the woman screamed, "you fucking sonofabitch. My husband will make you pay for this!"

"Seeing as how he doesn't have the slightest idea where you are, bitch, he cain't very well do that," said the smirking stranger.

"What are going to do with me?" she asked, knowing full well they planned to rape her.

"You are fresh meat. We're going to have a little fun with you, baby. That's all. We won't hurt you, well maybe a little.

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   When we're finished fucking you in all your holes, we'll turn you loose. So relax and enjoy the ride. "

The man next released her from her painful position, and carried her beautiful white body kicking and screeching to a fallen tree. He placed her over the tree trunk and while the other two men held her belly down over the rough tree he fingered her cunt and anus for several minutes. He put two fingers up her cunt and soon had her ripe pretty hole lathered up.

"She's wanting it awful bad, ain't you, Carlene?" one of the men holding her arms said.

The man who had untied her took down his overalls and pulled out his already hard 7 inch cock and pulled her legs apart. He adjusted her ass on the log and plunged down into her tight vagina with full force. He rammed down into the helpless beauty as she struggled and screamed.

"Might as well forget about anyone hearing you, cunt. No one around for miles. "

He power fucked her pussy and came in her deep in great spasms of cum. Each of the other two men took turns fucking her furiously with their big hard shafts. In spite of herself she found she enjoyed the deep hard fucking. It was so much better than her husband had fucked her on their wedding night last night.

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   She screamed in pain, but found herself thrusting back against their cocks as they rammed her deep.

They took her back to the pickup and spread eagled her on the deer stand. They lashed her arms high above her head stretching her body with its beautiful full breasts so that they were thrust outwardand her legs stretched wide. They then took turns lashing her across her flat belly with leather straps raising red streaks.

"Don't cut her sweet body," one of the men said, "we don't want to ruin her beautiful body for her husband's sake>"

Carlene screamed as the men beat her. They moved from lashing her across the belly to lashing her tender cunt lips evoking screams of pain from the young tethered lass. When they tired of that, they decided to double team her with one man fucking her virgin anus and another fucking her tight vagina. They did a round robin on the two holes and mauling her ripe tits as they raped her in each hole two or three times each. When they had exhausted their cocks they raped her with the barrels of their deer guns in both holes. She screamed as she felt the rifle being pushed deep into her ass and cunt and moved in and out with deep thrusts.

"How'd you like it to be shot in your pussy and ass with this deer rifle," one of the men asked her as he mauled her tits and sucked them while the others continued to fuck her with their guns.

They kept Carlene there through the day and one night fucking her in all her entrances until she was sore and bleeding from the constant attention to her cunt, ass and mouth. They released her near a town the next day and she stumbled naked along the highway until a motorist picked her up. She told her story to the local police and they were never able to apprehend the three rapists. .

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