Getting back at Nadia pt 2


Nadia was sitting in front of the vanity mirror in her room slowly drawing a brush through her hair. Her dark locks shone faintly in the small light from her bedside lamp having just been washed in her en suite bathroom. She sighed in irritation as her towel slipped down past her 38 C breasts exposing both light colored nipples to the dimly lit room. It wasn't that she minded being naked, she was alone after all, but it was cold and the towel was the only she had to keep her warm. She supposed she could have put clothes on, but she didn't want to do that until all of her make-up was finished. Pulling it up she finished her hair and began to carefully apply her make-up. She finished in about fifteen minutes and looked at her clock. It was only 6:30, she had plenty of time before she had to be at school. She slowly wandered across the room letting her towel drop off of her 18 year old body. She pulled a skirt and top from her closet and quickly slipped them on and opened her top drawer to get socks. It was filled with only socks because she never wore underwear of any sort. As she finished dressing she looked at herself in the full length mirror hanging from her closet door. The white shirt she wore was buttoned up right to her chin and the red skirt she wore went down to about the middle of her shins. Normally she dressed much more provocatively, but since the afternoon Rafe and the INS agent had basically forced themselves upon her she was feeling a need to cover herself. The socks went up past where her skirt fell so that none of her legs would be exposed unless she lifted the skirt, and her shoes were fairly expensive black half boots with raised heels. Suddenly the phone rang and Nadia picked it up.

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   "Hello?" she said into the receiver. "Nadia, how good to hear your voice. " She froze with terror as she recognized that voice. It had been almost a week since she had and was almost starting to feel normal again. Now it all came crashing down. "Rafe, what do you want? How did you even get my phone number?" Nadia was scared and sat down hard on her big four poster bed. She had never been nice to Rafe. Never actually openly hostile, but she had done her best to make his life difficult. Almost a week ago he had gotten his revenge. Somehow he knew that she and her mother were illegal aliens. Using this he had phoned the INS causing two agents to come to her house. One of the agents, a large black man whos name she had never caught, and Rafe had both raped her in exchange for not deporting her. She had thought Rafe was cute, much more beautiful than any man had a right to be, but after that afternoon the thought of him made her ill. "I have resources Nadia, and right now all of them are going to making your life a living hell," there was a sick pleasure in his voice at knowing the terror he caused her. "And what I want is you Nadia.

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   I can see your bedroom window right now, and your front door as well. When your mom leaves for work go to your window and open it. Then remove all of your clothes in front of it. And dont bother covering yourself, I have several interested parties that have payed very handsomely to see what you have to offer. " "Oh my god Rafe! No! I am not stripping for a bunch of perverted guys who payed to see me naked!" she tried her best to sound indignant, but it was something she had done regularly before the incident with Rafe. The men hadn't payed, but she would often stand in her window and strip for whoever happened to be looking. "Bitch you'll do whatever I tell you to or those two cops will be back with handcuffs for you and your fat ugly mother," Rafe hissed angrily to her. "After youve undressed lay yourself down on that four poster with your legs spread. A few wealthier clients will be up to visit you shortly after. " He let out a cackle of glee and hung up trusting her to obey. Sighing Nadia pulled a full body bathrobe over herself and grabbed a handful of tissues. She opened her door and called for her mom in the most sick voice she could muster. Her mom appeared a moment later concern lining her face. "Oh my sweet girl are you not feeling well?" she asked pressing her hand to Nadia's forehead. "Noo," Nadia moaned in the most pathetic voice in her hooky aresenal.

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   "I feel just awful mom. " "You'll need to stay home from school then. Do you need me to call in to work and stay with you?" she asked in a caring mom voice. "No, I should," she paused for a round of fake coughs, "be ok on my own for a while. " "Ok dear, get back into bed, I'll be in to check on you before I leave," she said and Nadia went to bed. Nadia's mother came to see her, asked her again if she wanted her to stay, and after Nadia said she would be fine for the second time, her mother left for work. Nadia quickly jumped up and moved to the window. She opened the curtains and blinds and look around to see if she could spot the guys. After a few minutes of not being able to find them she just assumed they were there and began getting undressed. She started by unbuttoning her shirt, but didn't open it so that they would just get a peek of her skin. She then lifted her left foot up to the window sill and slowly took off her sock having removed her shoes earlier. She did the same with her right and then shrugged out of her shirt. She shivered as the air conditioning played across her nipples causing them to stiffen and her to gasp. Then she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor exposing her neatly trimmed patch of hair. She stood there for a few minutes letting the wind play over her nude body and then moved to her bed with her legs spread per Rafe's instructions.

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   After maybe fifteen minutes Nadia heard footsteps outside her door and slowly it creaked open. Rafe stepped in followed by three men, one of them was leading a St. Bernard by a thick leash. Nada got so excited with all those eyes on her nude body. She was sure they would see the juices leaking out of her cunt. "Look at the whore, she's nice and ready for us," Rafe said walking over to the bed smacking Nadia's pussy with the palm of his hand. "She's gonna be sweet to take," a tall black man said. "Tight little pussy just waiting for some big black dick. " A short mexican guy in the back snickered and said, "More like a fresh mouth waiting for some beaner cum drowning her like the slut she is. " "Are you guys all talk or is someone going to give me some dick?" Nadia shocked herself with that. She just stared at them, eyes open wide and mouth agape. She was hornier than she thought. "You heard her," the only white guy other than Rafe said. "Let's get to it. Get the fuck down here on your knees you fucking slut.

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  " Nadia looked at Rafe who nodded and then she moved from her bed to the floor in front of the three men and kneeled. Licking her lips nervously she looked up at them. All three of them unzipped and pulled their dicks out and she just stared in shock. Rafe's and the black INS agent's had been the first dicks she had ever seen and thought that they were about average, but these three were only about six or six and a half inches at best. They pressed them against her face and she took the black guy in her mouth first. Slowly she slid her otngue up and down the shaft and then sucked it into her mouth, her cheeks caving in from the suction. She slid all the way down and then back up like she had read in stories on the internet. "God you skank, suck my black dick," he said in a hoarse whisper. "Fuck me with your mouth ho. " He stared pumping in and out of her mouth fucking it like a pussy. Nadia tried to cough but every time she went to breath in he shoved his cock in again. "Choke the whore, kill her with your dick," the mexican shouted with glee as the black guy rammed her harder, grunting as he came close to cumming. Nadia struggled in vain trying to get her head away from his thrusting pelvis but the white guy moved behind her and held her head in place and the black guy backhanded her hard. Her left eye puffed up quickly and it closed with the swelling. Suddenly the black guy stopped and was just grunting as cum filled her mouth.

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   "Fuck I'm cumming you fucking whore, take it all you slut," he screamed as his cum filled her mouth and started drooling out of the corners of her mouth. He pulled his dick out and all the cum she hadn't swallowed started pouring out onto her chin and dripping to her tits. He back handed her again for good measure as the dark haired mexican pushed his dick into her mouth forcing her to swallow the cum that hadn't poured out. She began to suck him in earnest, almost starting to enjoy it, when she felt something start licking her tits. It was that huge St. Bernard they had brought with them!! She tried to get away from him but the white guy held her in place and the black guy punched her in the top of the head a couple of times. She writhed trying to get away from the dog's rough tongue almost gagging as she felt it sliding across her nipples. "She seems to like old Ben here," the mexican guy said taking her squirming as signs of pleasure. She shook her head no but he just thought she was trying to get away from his dick and grabbed her head. She was almost able to ignore Ben's tongue and started sucking the mexican shaft again and began to hum as she rubbed her tongue along the bottom. After only a minute or so of this he blasted his cum in her and she made sure to swallow it all so Ben would just leave after he got what was already there. Before she even had time to catch her breath the white guy was there stuffing his cock in her mouth. He was the smallest at just barely six inches and Nadia got into a good pace bobbing her head on his dick. She was almost disappointed when he shot his load in only a few seconds. He must have been horny as fuck.


   "Damn this whore gives good blow jobs," the black guy sighed. "It's too bad we can't fuck her. " Nadia looked up at Rafe who was shaking his head adamantly. "I told you three that your filthy dicks aren't touching her pussy. You're lucky I accepted the money for the blowjobs, now get your nasty asses out of here. " "Alright homes we're going,"the mexican said. "Just relax, vato. You didn't even let Ben get some, he needs a blowjob too. " The three guys walked out leading the dog, and after a few minutes they heard the front door shut. "Good work Nadia, maybe next time you'll get a cut of the money," Rafe said and walked over grabbing her by the hair and dragged her out of the room. She screamed in pain and sat panting staring at him when her dropped her in the bathtub. "We need to wash those filthy bastards cum off of you. " He turned on the shower head and switched it so that it was only hot. Steam quickly filled the room and she was almost screaming in pain from the nearly boiling water. When all the cum had gone down the drain he shut the water off and threw a towel at her and went down to the living room and sat on the couch.

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   "What the fuck was that about?" Nadia demanded as she came down the stairs wearing a terry cloth robed cinched tight. "You just fucking bring some guys in here and make me suck them off?? You can't do that to me. " Her eye was still swollen shut from where the black guy had smacked her. "I think I just did tramp. Now, I have some fucking questions for you, answer them honestly and you may be able to put some clothes on. But for now drop the robe," Rafe commanded. She hesitated for half a second and then dropped it getting a slight thrill from exposing herself to someone she had been attracted to for quite some time. "Sit over there," he said pointing to a chair that was opposite the black leather couch. "What kind of questions are you going to ask?" Nadia asked as she sat and crossed her legs, instinctively behaving like a lady as her mother taught her. "First of all, when those cops and me first came here, you were masturbating in your room and you cried my name. Why?" He asked almost politely. "Well because I've always been attracted to you, you've got a nice body, and then your cock! God damn I've never seen a piece of sausage that big," she said with a lustly groan. "I knew it, you are a slutty whore, that's why yo uwere so eager to guzzle some cum earlier, and you didn't even push that dog off of you. I ought to fucking slit your throat," Rafe said angrily. Nadia's eyes darted down to a large knife strapped to his ankle, but he didn't reach for it.

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   "Now, since you find me so attractive you can get down on your knees and suck some more dick. " He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 10 1/2 dick and waved it at her. Nadia licked her lips greedily and darted across the living room to take it in her mouth. She moaned in satisfaction as it filled her throat and began bobbing her head up and down quickly on his dick. She reached under and started playing with his balls and moaned again. He grabbed the back of her head tight and started fucking her mouth like a pussy. She started screaming as he forced it into her wind pipe and held it there. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she tried to pull away but he held her too tightly. Her eyes opened wide in terror as she began to run out of air, she looked up at Rafe and he had a look of pure ecstasy on his face. Suddenly he slapped her hard and started cumming straight into her lungs. He let her go and she immediately began coughing hard, cum came spewing from her lungs and she started to spew her guts up. Suddenly the door opened and Nadia's mother walked in. She didn't see them at first and just called out, "Nadia, I came back to check on you. " "She's there on the floor mom," Rafe said to her. She looked down and screamed as she saw Nadia on the floor lying in a puddle of cum and vomit.

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   She looked up and saw Rafe's dick and gasped again. Suddnely she screamed again as Rafe let loose a volley of piss that hit Nadia in the top of the head. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DAUGHTER??" she shrieked. "Oh my god Nadia! Get up we're leaving!! Where's the phone, call the cops!" "No mom, I was perfectly willing, this wasn't rape," Nadia choked out as some more cum was coughed up. "Oh god, you're the same boy that was here the last time, what have you turned my daughter into?" her mom wailed. "The same thing I'll turn you into," Rafe said and went to the front door and opened it. Just as he though the white guy was still there with his dog ben. Rafe whistled and the man and dog both came to the door. "Ben's gonna have some fun. " Rafe let them both in and backhanded Nadia's mom. Rafe pulled the knife and quickly wipped it down Miss Saleh's body slicing through her clothes. The only thing that didn't get cut were her panties. Rafe reached down and ripped them off. "God damn you are one ugly bitch," he said and pushed her to her hands and knees. He then led Ben over there and tried to get him to mount her but he kept just whimpering and moving away.


   "God damn you whore, not even a dog will fuck you. " "HAHAHA," the white guy let out. "I'll give her a good rutting. " He climbed on her doggy style and started to fuck her. Rafe couldn't watch. .

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