He's My Master, I'm His Slave (Chapter 1)


Topic: He's My Master, I'm His Slave (Chapter 1)Chapter 1:
Where Am I?
How much did I have to drink last night, I thought to myself.
I don't even remember getting back home, and here I am tucked up in bed.
Hmm, maybe a friend helped me home.
I squeezed my eyes shut and got ready to open them and face the morning sun's glare through the window, but as I did everything was hazy. I tried to raise my hands to my eyes to rub them, but found that I couldn't. My wrists were bound to what felt like my bed posts, and so were my ankles. For a second I thought, haha okay which one of my hilarious friends has done this, but that thought soon subsided and my heart started pounding nervously as I finally opened my eyes to realise that I wasn't even in my room.
I turned my head rapidly, glancing around the room to see if I could recognise it.
I couldn't.
By now the only word circling round my head was fuck, fuck, fuck.
Where was I?
What had happened last night?
An even worser thought hit me when I realised I was naked.
Who had done this? Had my drink been drugged? Had they raped me? What were they going to do with me?
I was so scared, I tried tugging at the ropes which bound my wrists and ankles to try to pry them loose, but to no avail. They were tied pretty tight, obviously someone didn't want me to get out. My breathing had become really rapid, my chest and throat were tightening up. I was having a panic attack. I needed to calm down and think this through so I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing.

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   As I did, I re-opened my eyes and looked around the room. It seemed really elegant. Crimson red walls with black floural patterns printed over the top, long golden drape curtains which hung to the floor, beige carpet, the bed I was tied to was a big four poster bed with drapes hanging round and the sheets felt pretty silky.
Whoever's house this was, they certainly weren't lacking money.
I once again tugged at the ropes, trying to somehow wriggle out of them. In the end I managed to at least pull the ropes enough so I could close my legs, as they had been prised open before. I jumped madly when I suddenly heard a bang outside of the door and it started to move. Someone was coming in. I hesitated, but closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. Maybe they'd already done what they had to do with me and wake me up and let me go.
Although my optimistic thoughts soon swept away as whoever it was who came through the door walked swiftly over to the bed, pulled some sort of lever to prise my legs open again and began touching my clit. I wanted to scream out loud for the person to stop and fight and punch and kick, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't want to open my eyes to see the face of the person who was violating me. As they carried on slowly circling their finger round my clit, my body responded and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I could feel that I'd started to get wet and it was slowly oozing out my hole.

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   The person chuckled, it was a deep chuckle so obviously it was a man, he'd noticed how wet I was getting and he slowly slid a finger into my tight hole and he carried on circling my clit with his other finger.
But that was the last straw, I didn't want this stranger touching me down there any longer so I suddenly let out an earpiercing scream and opened my eyes, and as I did he looked down at me in shock. The man seemed round about my age (20) and he was also naked. He was quite tall and his hair was a shock of messy black. He had a light natural tan, perfectly toned muscles and a pretty huge cock. He was really hard and all the blood was pulsing down to his head, he looked like he really needed to cum but was somehow holding back.
"So," he began. His voice was deep, but soft and really seductive. "You've been awake all this time?"
I wanted to scream at him and tell him to let me go. But as I opened my mouth, my voice cracked, tears began to flow down my face and the only words I could choke out were,
"Please. . . s-stop. . .

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  let me g-go. . . please!"
"Oh don't worry, in time I'll let you go. But first I intend to pleasure you for some time. " he explained.
His soft voice seemed to hypnotise me and I almost just wanted to agree with him and let him continue, but I shook my head violently and cried even more.
"No p-please. I don't want you too, I don't n-need pleasure. . . I just w-want to go h-home!"
"Oh, believe me I think you do need some pleasure. I've been watching you for quite a while now. I know you live alone, you have no boyfriend, you visit you parents every few days and. .

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  . judging by how tight you are, you haven't had sex in quite a while. " he laughed at his own words while I choked on my tears.
He'd been watching me? He knew where I lived and what I did? I said nothing more as I tried to wriggle free once again and I pulled my legs together. He mearly laughed softly and brought his hand down to tease my clit once more.
"Oh please don't do this! Don't touch me, please!" I cried as I tried to force my legs together tightly.
"You do realise that this lever here will just pull your legs apart and I will have access to you. This is going to happen whatever you say or try to do, so you may aswell go along with it or I'll just force you to comply. Your body will respond greatly to me anyway and you won't be able to help but just enjoy the pleasure that will be surging through you. " he muttered, almost as if he'd been through this before.
But he was right, as he slowly started pinching my clit through my closed legs I couldn't help but feel some excitement. My body was telling me to go along with it and my pussy was hot and gushing but my head was saying no. I'd try to get him to stop no matter what it took.
[More chapters to come. If you'd like me to continue, please comment.

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   I appreciate you all taking the time to read this. ]

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