If you go down to the woods today, beware of a big surprise...


It was late, around 10pm, Sarah was sat in her room listening to some music and trying to catch up on some coursework when her mother knocked on the door. "Sarah?" her mom called out. "Yes mom?" Sarah replied. "The dog needs walking, your father and I are busy, you need to take him" Sarah detested taking the dog for a walk, especially on a late night such as this. She glanced at the window, the rain was pouring down and it looked cold. . . she could also feel something was going to happen, and really didn't want to go outside incase that something was something bad. "But mom. . . it's cold, and I need to catch up on this coursework!" Sarah moaned "Look, you only need to take him out for a five minute walk in the woods, then you can come home!" Sarah's mom replied, "here's your coat, the sooner you go, the sooner you can get back. The dog is downstairs waiting" her mom smiled and shut the door. Sarah was left with no choice. Sarah got on her shoes, put her coat on and put the leash on the dog, she walked out of the door and up the lane into the woods. It was a rather windy night, the rain hadn't stopped pouring for days, there were puddles everywhere.

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   Sarah really didn't want to go into the woods, she was quite happy taking the dog for a walk around the block, but the dog dragged her into the woods. Sarah and her dog wandered around, she let him off the leash to have a run around as she leaned against a nearby tree. She didn't hear the van park up near to the tree, as she lit a cigarette and puffed out the smoke. As she was looking up at the sky, she felt an arm grab her stomach, she tried to wriggle free but the grip was tight. She turned around to face the person who had grabbed her, and saw a man, about 5'11" with a bag in his hand. He hit her across the face just to shake her up, then put the bag over her face. He then proceeded to take her into the van, whilst two other males tied her up, the van drove off leaving Sarah's dog barking, and the leash near the tree. Two hours later, Sarah woke up and looked around, she noticed she was no longer in the van, but tied to a bed. She also noticed it was a bit chilly and had no idea why - until she looked down at her body, she was naked. Sarah began to call out. "HELLO? IS THERE ANYBODY THERE?! HELLO???" Sarah shouted, fearing for her life. "Well, hello there," A male stepped out of the shadows, not the one that had kidnapped her mind you. He sat down on a chair next to her and glanced her up and down, "well, my boys have done a good job, haven't they?" the male replied, stroking Sarah's stomach. She felt disgusted but at the same time was getting slightly turned on by his soft touch. "What I'm about to do to you, won't hurt.

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  . . well, maybe it will a little, when I break you in," the male winked at her as his hand moved down slowly towards Sarah's pussy, as he edged closer Sarah could feel herself getting wetter, much to her disgust - he was about to force his way into her and she was slightly turned on by it. The man's hand stopped just above Sarah's pussy, he then proceeded to blindfold her. "This will make things more. . . interesting" the man laughed as he finished tying the blindfold to her. Ten minutes passed, and Sarah figured that the man had left her blindfolded there, until all of a sudden she felt a wet sensation around her clitoris. The man was eating her out! The mans tongue darted around her pussy, paying special attention to her clitoris. Sarah squirmed, she didn't want to enjoy this! Why was she enjoying it?! The man moved his tongue towards her hole and darted it in and out of there, whilst playing with her clitoris with his fingers. Just as Sarah was about to unwillfully orgasm - he stopped. Sarah heard a click, and then soon felt the wet sensation around her breasts - someone was sucking on her nipple. She was getting so hot and turned on by this, as someone was biting her nipple softly whilst someone else was eating her pussy, she soon orgasmed. Waves of pleasure road through Sarah's body as she pushed her pussy towards the man that was eating her out wanting more.

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   The man left her there for five minutes to get over her orgasm. He then unbuckled his belt and zipped down his fly slowly - Sarah could hear everything, and knew she wouldn't be a virgin for much longer. "What you're about to experience will hurt, but I'll get it over and done with as quick as possible" the man said, as he positioned his cock at the entrance of Sarah's pussy hole. Sarah relaxed as he slowly dragged his penis around her clitoris, it felt quite nice - why was he warning her telling her it would hurt? Then it hit her, the man plunged his cock straight into her hole. Sarah screamed out in pain as he ripped her hymen, but he just kept going, banging his cock in and out of her wet, bloody pussy. Once the intial pain of her hymen breaking had passed, she began to enjoy this stranger pushing his cock in and out of her. She began to moan with pleasure as the orgasm started, he kept banging in and out, harder and harder until she'd orgasmed, he then took his cock out of her pussy and slid her blindfold off. "Suck it. " the man said "What? I can't do that!" Sarah replied "SUCK IT. " the man repeated "No!" Sarah shouted, as he slapped her across the face "I don't want to hurt you, but if you don't suck it, I'll have to. " Sarah moved her mouth towards his cock, she'd only ever touched a cock before, never sucked one. She slowly slid her mouth around it, as he moved her head up and down and began to moan. Sarah quite enjoyed sucking his cock, despite the fact tears were rolling down her face, she was trying to mask the pleasure she got out of being raped. The man thrust his cock deep into Sarah's mouth - she nearly chocked it went that deep. Until suddenly, he started to cum, he came all in her mouth and all over her face and ordered Sarah to lick it up.

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   Sarah obayed - she didn't want to be hit again. "Yes. . . you're quite a good cock sucker, I think we'll keep you" the man said zipping up his fly and stroking her breasts. "Welcome to our world" he said, as he left the room and locked the door. Sarah was now trapped there - their slave to do with as they wanted, and secretly, she was looking forward to it. --- If you liked this story, let me know, and I'll get a sequel written up. This is my first story so be gentle :P, thanks for reading! :).