I've got to have her


The moment he saw her a fantasy entered his mind. He pictured himself buried inside her, thrusting in and out, watching her tits bounce as he fucked her.
She was a vision. Long red hair, bright green eyes and the nicest pair of natural tits he'd ever seen. Every girl he'd been with had huge breasts so he'd become an expert in cup size. He estimated that this particular girl had to be about a 38E.
The tight white shirt she was wearing wasn't helping his arousal. His hard cock strained against his jeans as he watched her serve her customers. His eyes followed her every move so he could catch a glimpse of her impressive cleavage every time she leaned down to set down a plate of food.
Closing time for the restaurant was coming close and the last of the patrons began to leave. The cold winter air would breeze through the place every time another customer would leave. The change in temperature made the object of his obsession's nipples harden and make themselves known through her shirt. His hard cock became even harder as he watched her long nipples poke through even more.
He stayed til the last moment. He always did. He knew her schedule and the schedules of every other employee and he stayed until he was absolutely sure that the big titted red head was the only person left.

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   They were alone.
Her tits bounced enticingly as she jogged up to him to give him his check. She left it for him and made her way back to the kitchen.
She locked the back door and turned around as soon as she heard a noise. The last man in the place, the man that was there almost every night stood there in the kitchen staring at her with an expression that made her nervous.
"You're not supposed to be in here. " She said, her breasts heaving with fear.
"I know. " He said. "I couldn't help myself. I just had to have you. "
She gasped and tried to run past him but he grabbed her arms and shoved her against the fridge watching her tits sway frantically as her back hit the solid door.
"What do you want?" She said, backing herself into a corner.
"Don't you know?" He asked, stepping closer. "I want to fuck your brains out.

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She started to run but he stopped her with his massive muscular 6 foot 3 inch frame. He grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto the large counter in the middle of the kitchen. He spread her legs with his knee and stepped between them pushing his hard jean clad cock into her.
"Do you feel that? Can you feel how much I want you?"
"No. No. Please. . . " She whimpered.
"Shut up. I can tell you're a slut. I know you want my cock in your pussy. "
She shook her head. "No. No, I don't.


He suddenly ripped her t-shirt in half watching her tits heave as mounds of flesh spill out of her lacy bra.
"Yes. " He insisted. "You do. "
He palmed a lace covered breast, squeezing until he could feel a nipple in his palm. He pulled down one side of the material and exposed one dusy pink nipple. He flicked it with his thumb and to his surprise a breathy moan escaped her lips. Her nipples were long and he ached to suck them. He pulled on the center of the bra and forcefully ripped it off her body freeing her massive tits. They bounced out and down and he immediately lifted one huge mound from underneath and brought it to his lips.
He sucked one long lucious nipple into his mouth and pressed it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue. She let out a strangled groan and he smiled.
"You are liking this aren't you. "
She remained silent. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

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"Aren't you?" He yelled. "Answer me!"
"I can't help it. I love to have my tits sucked. I forgot how sensitive my nipples are. " She said, looking ashamed.
"No need to be embarrassed. I'd prefer it if you enjoyed it while I shove my cock in you. " He smiled sardonically. "Take off your pants. "
When she didn't obey him he took them off for her, forcing them down her legs.
"Wear a skirt next time. I'd rather not have to do this much work before I fuck you. "
He undressed himself at lightning speed, his huge cock bobbing in front of him. Quick as a flash, he pushed her down so she was lying on the counter, her legs dangling off the edge. He roughly spread her thighs and slid two fingers in her pussy.

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"You are a little slut, aren't you? Wet already? Your pink pussy shaved just the way I like it. You get a lot of cock don't you?" He continued to ask unanswered questions and he slid his fingers in and out of her heat.
"Play time is over. " He said.
He lunged his hips forward and buried his cock in her hot wet pussy. She yelled out at the feel of it which gave him a sense of pride and power. He shoved his cock in and out hard, liking the sound of their flesh slapping together. The more he thrusted the more he could hear the slurping sound her pussy made as it got even wetter. Every time he jammed himself to the hilt, he watched as her tits sway violently up and down.
"Harder. " She whimpered.
He pulled out of her and grabbed her arms til she sat up.
"Get on your knees. " He commanded.
She obeyed.

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   He watched her in that position for a moment. Her tits hung down so low that they almost hit the counter. He shoved his cock in her pussy from behind and reached forward to grab hold of her tits as he fucked her. After a moment he released her tits and let them bounce freely. He could hear the clapping sound her titties made as they as they bounced from side to side and then collided.
She began to moan loud and he knew she was close to what would be an explosive orgasm. He began fucking her even harder watching her tits swing like pendelums. As she orgasmed, she screamed and he could feel her pussy juices flow over his cock.
He pulled out his still hard, dripping wet cock.
"I want you to ride my dick now, bitch. "
He shoved her off the counter and lay down with his cock bobbing in the air.
"Get on my cock NOW!" He screamed.
She jumped up, breathing hard and straddled his waist. She slid easily on his dick and instantly started bouncing up and down.
This was his favorite position, as he was able to watch her fleshy tits flop around as she fucked him.

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   She leaned down for a better angle, her tits now swinging in his face. He grabbed them both to still them and took turns sucking each nipple into his mouth. Every time he sucked on her tit, she'd fuck him faster. He finally felt like he was about to come so he stilled her hips and lifted her slightly off of him.
"Stroke my cock. Aim it at those nice tits of yours. "
She did so until he came all over her tits. He watched as his cum dripped off her elongated nipples. He reached up and rubbed his cum into her tits until those massive melons looked all oiled up. She gasped and moaned while he kneaded her tits and tugged on her slippery nipples.
When he was finished he simply got dressed and walked out, leaving her there panting with satisfaction.
The next day when he returned to the restaurant as always he saw his big titted waitress. She was wearing a skirt, just like he asked her too. Sometimes having a big cock has it's perks.
The End

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