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I could feel that someone was watching me, I turned and I could see one of the men watchin me. I felt weird, so I headed back to the office. I could hear them makin remarks about my ass and big tits. I hoped that the other girls would get here quickly. Just then one of the men came into the office, it was Sean. He asked for more work to do, so I showed him to the next building. I showed him what to do he said no he was not doing that today. I said if you do not want to do it he could leave. He told me to shut the fuck up you white trash bitch. Then he slammed me against the wall, I yelled out. He told me to shut up or he would shut me up. I was scared at this point so I agreed with him. He told me to put my hands behind my back, I did. He grabbed some duct tape off the table and taped my hands and arms together. He then pulled my shirt up and started to rub my tits. He then reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his cock.

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   He let it out it was hugeabout 13" inches long. A big hard black cock, I was starring at. Then he pushed me to my knees and told me to suck his cock. He said suck it like the white trash that you are. Pulling my hair, he glided me to his cock. It was so big I could not get my mouth around it. He had me suck his cock for a few minutes. Just then the rest of the guys walked in, they said what the are you doing Sean. Sean then said this white bitch was makin fun of us black men. The other men starred to get mad and said grab this bitch and drag her into the other room. The other men started to take off thier clothes, all with huge black cocks. They each took turns letting me suck on them. Sean then pulled my pants down and bent me over the table. I could feel the head of his black cock at the opening of my pussy. He started to push it in and it was so big that I lost my breath.

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   It was painful at first, then he slowed it down lettin the huge cock fill me. He began to increase the pace of his fuckin. Faster and faster he was fuckin my white pussy. Slammin that big black cock all the way in me, while another man filled my mouth with his black cock. The pressure was building in me as he fucked me hard & harder. I was about to cum and let out a cry OH Yes. He said you like this you white bitch, I said please don't hurt me. He started slappin my ass as he plowed my pussy. He keep asking me do I like it and I said yes. I was cummin on his black cock , I begged him to fuck me with his big black cock . Harder he pushed his cock in my pussy my legs shaked as I was cummin for time first time with a black man. Just then he started to cum himself. Then the rest of the men flipped me over onto the table. With my legs in the air another guy entered me. Fuckin my pussy like a animal in heat, jammin his large black cock in me.


   I was cummin again, each takin thier turn on me. Each of the men bring me to a orgasm each time. My pussy was so tired and swelled, but it felt so good. Then Sean told me he was not done with me and to get down on my hands & knees. Spittin into his hand & rubbing it on his dick. Then he spreads my cheeks of my ass. I begged him no please don't he said shut up slut. Sliding his black cock into my ass pushin all 13" inches in me. Slow then fast harder & harder. He felt like he would split me in half with his huge cock. But it started to fell good, I could not beleive it I was starting to cum again. I came so hard I must of blacked out. I woke up and I was untied so I cleaned my self up. I got dressed and ran for my car. Just then Becky's car pulled in , I looked around and the van was gone.

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   The girls asked me if I was ok and what was wrong with me. I said nothing to them but they just laughed about something. A few days later I found out that they set me up to be raped to get even with me about being the person in charge. .