Julie's heartbreak led her to trouble...


     Julie looked around cautiously. A girl of 17, alone in Brooklyn all by herself. She had just ran out of her apartment in rage and sadness when she found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her all of these 3 years. Julie sniffed. And to think that she was about to lose her virginity to him. . .
     Julie was a beatiful girl, really. Full, perky breasts, with hard nipples almost ripping her delicate blouse from the intense cold. Soft, long blond hair, and a figure with the right curves. She looked around uneasily, shrugging. There was no way she was coming back to that apartment now.
     It was nearly 2 in the morning. Julie sat down near some long-closed deli and cried quietly. She wasn't really thinking about what could happen to a girl like her, alone, in the middle of the night, on the dark, empty streets of Brooklyn. .

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  . .
     "Are you alright?" suddenly heard Julie. She lifted her head, and saw a stranger, about 40 years old, looking at her in pity.
     "I don't know," she sniffed.
     "You don't need any help now, do you?"
     "No, thank you," Julie answered cautiously. She had just realized where she was, how she was dressed, and that she was far from help. If that stranger had something on his mind. . .
Which he did.
Noone would help. She pressed herself closer to the brick wall, partly trying to gather some warmth between her and the cold bricks, partly because she was getting a fluttering feeling of fear in her stomach. The stranger looked around. Then his steel-gray eyes narrowed on Julie.

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     "Are you cold? Want to come in and I could warm you up?"
The feeling was growing.
     "N. . . " Julie was about to say 'no' but the stranger suddenly gagged her with a dirty hand.
     "You're coming with me, you little bitch, like it or not," he hissed in Julie's ear and dragged her into the lobby of the house across the street. Julie was so terrified she couldn't fight at first, but then, on the stairs, she started kicking and punching any part of the stranger she could reach. He growled, then pushed her through the door and threw her on the bed with a strong punch to the face. Julie cried and licked the blood off her lips.
     The stranger's face split into a satisfied grin. He fixed his brown greasy hair a bit with one hand, then turned to face Julie. Without a word, he grasped her wrists and tied them to the leather loops in the upper corners of the large bed. Then he did the same with her legs. Julie couldn't fight, she was just sobbing quietly. Finally the stranger spoke to her again.

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     "You were such a good girl. I might not cause you as much pain as I thought I needed to before. . . " He grinned again, then noticed her hard nipples. "Ooh, excited, are we?" He licked his lips in lust.
     "No. . . Please. . . Let me go. . .

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   Don't hurt me. . . " finally gasped Julie hoarsely. "And please. . . water. . . "
     "Oh, you won't need water, my dear. . . " laughed the man. He closed in on her, and took out his pocket knife.

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   Julie winced, but he was only cutting her clothes, revealing the perky cups. "Beatiful. . . " he chuckled.
     "You are quite the silent type, my dear," he laughed at Julie who was petrified. Then, without a warning, he jumped at her and forced his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her roughly for about a minute, while massaging her breasts with his hands. Then he ripped himself away. Julie saw a familiar bulge on his pants, like the one she saw on her boyfriend when she was about to do him a handjob. Her last hope was blown away. "No. . . "
     "Yes, you bitch, YES" groaned the man and pulled his pants off.

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   Julie gasped at the size of his dick. It was 10 inches, or nearly that. The stranger hopped onto the bed and almost sat on Julie's face. "SUCK IT"
     Julie sobbed and licked the man's dick hesitantly.
     "I said suck it,"
     Julie, tears in eyes, let the man's cock enter her soft mouth. "Aaaaarrrrgghh" moaned the man. She started sucking it like she had seen in porn movies. Then the man grabbed her head and gagged her with his monster. Julie let out a muffled cry, gasping for breath. "Oh, you've never given throat before? Let me teach you. . . " For the next couple minutes he was ripping her throat apart with his cock. Then he came. The sperm tasted disgusting, but Julie had no choice but to swallow it.

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   Tears were streaming down her face, mixing with sperm and a little bit of blood. The man licked some of it off. "mmm," he mocked her.
     He then started slowly licking and kissing his way down, closer and closer to her tight Part 2 is coming soon