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Dan ordered us out of bed. I felt self conscious standing there naked but there was nothing I could do. Amy trembled and asked the man what he wanted. Dan walked over to her and pulled a knife from his pocket. Still pointing the gun at me, he deftly sliced the straps on my wife’s nightgown. It fell to the floor exposing her supple breasts, flat belly and nicely rounded ass. Two more cuts and her panties were also on the floor. Amy’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed and Dan stood back to admire her. I wanted to protect my wife but felt helpless. Dan had the gun and besides, he looked too strong to overpower. With a wicked grin he said we had work to do. In a gruff voice Dan told my wife to get down on all fours in front of him on the edge of the bed. Even though I was frightened, I couldn’t take my eyes off my naked wife in such a vulnerable position. I thought Amy was scared too because she was kneeling motionless and staring straight ahead with her eyes opened wide. As I followed her gaze I saw she was actually staring at Dan. He had un-zipped his pants and exposed the largest cock I had ever seen.

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   Even flaccid it was at least six inches long and 1½” thick. Stepping closer to Amy, Dan ordered her to take him into her mouth and said “you better be good at this”. Even though Amy had rarely performed this act on me, she complied. In short order Dan’s cock had grown to what must have been a full nine inches long and at least 2” thick. Although I was scared, the sight of my wife’s mouth and tongue sensuously moving up and down this huge shaft caused me to get aroused. While being serviced by Amy, Dan apparently noticed my more modestly endowed 7” hard-on and motioned me with his gun to get behind Amy. She had never allowed me to try this before, but of course she was in no position to argue. As I placed my hands on Amy’s ass and gently entered her pussy I noticed that she was quite wet. Was she turned on by this animal act? Dan told me to push harder and with each stroke my balls slapped against the top of Amy’s pussy and forced her mouth deeper onto Dan’s cock. In a few minutes I came, but Dan was still going strong. Removing himself from Amy’s mouth, Dan told her to be quiet and not to move a muscle. My wife complied and the only movements were her breasts swaying gently back and forth because of her heavy breathing. Her erect nipples seemed to vibrate in time to her rapid heartbeat. Dan commanded me to trade places with him. As he moved around to Amy’s exposed pussy she started to object but Dan slapped her hard on the ass and said: “Shut up bitch, you’re going to love this.

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   Now suck on your husband’s dick!” Without further protest, Amy took me in her mouth and I was surprised to feel myself getting hard again. Dan then proceeded to tease Amy’s clitoris with his hand while slamming his enormous cock home again and again until Amy shuddered with several orgasms. As I was about to shoot my load for the second time I closed my eyes . . . . The next thing I knew, I was waking up on the floor and had a splitting headache. Dan must have knocked me out with his gun when my attention was elsewhere. As I came to, the sight before me was truly unbelievable. Dan was now lying on the bed and Amy was riding him! She had both hands on his chest and was moaning and sighing as she moved up and down his monster cock. All the while Dan was fondling her breasts and pinching and teasing her incredibly erect nipples.
    Amy came again and again, but Dan still wasn’t finished. I pretended to remain unconscious and watched as Amy rolled onto her back and took Dan’s still-throbbing member between her breasts. She had never done this with me before either! After several minutes Dan shot his enormous wad all over my wife’s neck. She then proceeded to gently cup his baseball-sized sack in one hand and to squeeze his cock from base to tip and lick up every last drop before falling back on the bed with a very contented look on her face.

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       Dan simply got dressed and left without another word, leaving my wife and I to wonder what exactly had happened. We were both physically and emotionally spent. I don’t know how long I was out but Amy said that Dan had fucked her three different ways before she climbed on top. Despite the criminal nature of the experience, Dan taught us a lot that night (I could have done without the headache though). Actually my wife got more out of the bargain – she had more orgasms in those three hours than in the previous six months! And judging by our frequent lovemaking in the months afterward, the experience actually drew us closer together as we both have a new-found appreciation for sex and each other. .
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