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    It started while they were up north in the cabin. She was 13. Her mother and little sister had gone out to do some shopping. It was just her and her step-father.    He started tickling her. It was something they had done before. But this time he began tickling between her legs. They both laughed at it. He slid his hand down her pants and tickled more. Still they laughed. Then he put her hand on the growing bulge between his legs. She tickled it through his pants. He pulled his now rock hard dick out telling her it was getting too big and needed some air. It was the first she had ever seen. Then he took her by the hand leading her to the bedroom and told her he wanted to try something.   Once in the bedroom he began removing his clothes and told her to do the same.

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   She complied. She thought she knew what he wanted but wouldn't dare say "no".   He laid her on the bed and tickled her some more. Then he told her to "be still". He pushed his throbbing cock against her virgin pussy. No matter how hard he pushed he couldn't get it in. He looked around for some lotion to use as lube then realized how much time had past. He tickled her a little more then told her to get dressed. He warned her not to tell her mother because "she will be really pissed at both of us".     Months went by with out incident. Then one night she heard some one in the bathroom down the hall. This was not abnormal because it was the only bathroom in the house. But then her door opened and her step-dad walked in. "Your mothers passed out drunk" he said. Then sat on the bed beside her.

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   "Quite" he said. Then ran his hands over her body. Stopping to squeeze her already large breasts (they had gone up to C cups last summer and those bras were already too small). He unzipped his pants. "I want to try again" he said. She could smell the beer on his breath. He pulled down her shorts. She never made a sound. He climbed on top of her. This time he pushed so hard it hurt her. She whimpered and he told her "Hush". Slowly his dick made its way into her. It hurt her badly but she remained quite.     He finished after about three minutes. Pushing so hard as he came it made her cry out a little.

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   "Like that huh" he said mistaking her pain for enjoyment. He pulled up his pants and left. She laid awake the rest of the night.    This went on for two years. Once a week sometimes more he would come in and fuck her. Most of the time she would never say a word. Most of the time neither would he. One horrible night he lasted almost ten minutes. She thought for sure she would scream but held it in. Sometimes he would eat her out. She never got any real pleasure from it. Once he made her suck his dick. He came in her mouth and said "Tastes good doesn't it. " She nodded in agreement although she didn't really think so.     She knew she shouldn't like it and didn't honestly get any physical pleasure from anything they did.

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   But she did like making him feel good. Made her feel powerful. It was because of this she became a slut at school. She had sex with her first boyfriend at the age of 14. Was cheating on him with in a year. She loved making guys cum. She very seldom came herself. She blew twelve guys her sophomore year. One day she fucked one boyfriend after school, the other when he got off work, and her step-dad late that night. Her pussy throbbed for days.     When she was 16 and her little sister 13 her step-dad began raping her too. A mixture of jealousy and concern for her sister led her to turn him over too the police. But some times for many years after she laid awake at night wishing he would sneak through her door. . is the high-class online escort service in Belgium!

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