Lindsay gets her dick - part3


She had the most beautiful breast I have ever seen with pinkish nipples big enough to feels them in my mouth. That and that goddess shaped body was making me feel like I was the master of the Universe. Needless to say that my dick was again erect.
-         “Hey hun, now that you’re dried off, I need to be sucked off again. What do you say?”
Still crying a bit, she said:
-         “John, I know that I was teasing you, but only because I liked you. Now you’re just hurting me. ”
-         “But hun, I’ve seen that you like what I do to you. You’re body is not misleading me” I said smiling.
-         “You know that I’m too young for you and if this ever is going to be find out, you’ll be in a big trouble, don’t you? I’m not saying that I’ll tell but you cannot keep me here forever. ”
-         “Just suck me off and let me think about that. And be careful to make me feel good, otherwise you won’t feel good, you know…”
-         “I will be careful John” and by saying that she went down on me and started to lick the head of my dick.
-         “Hun let’s go to the kitchen and suck me there please”
I took her in my arms and went in the kitchen, by the dishwasher where I put her down and said:
-         “On your knees bitch! Get on your knees and put the back of your head to the dishwasher because I want to fuck your face. Keep your mouth open and be careful not to throw up on my dick because I’ll feel very offended. Have you ever had your face fucked, by someone other than me? And speak the truth because I know when you’re lying. ”
-         “Yes I have sucked before”
-         “I’m not asking you about sucking you dumb slut. I’m asking about throat fucking.

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-         “Please don’t talk to me like that John. I have done nothing wrong to you”
-         “Lindsay you have to understand that I will not accept that kind of comments from you. Just do what I say and be whatever I want you to be. Otherwise, you know what will happen. Now tell me if you have been throat fucked, bitch”
-         “Only one time my boyfriend tried to do that but I couldn’t take him all”
-         “Why? He was too big? Or you felt like throwing up?”
-         “I don’t think that he was that big, but I simply couldn’t”
-         “Was he ever fucked you?”
-         “No I have never make love with him because I didn’t want to”
-         “So instead of fucking you were blowing him?”
-         “Yes”
-         “When did you suck a dick first time?”
-         “When I was about 12 or 13 years old”
-         “Pretty young bitch, huh? How did he convince you to suck?”
-         “He didn’t. He just said that he would love to feel his penis sucked and I just felt him next to my mouth trying to get in. Back then I didn’t think too much about it and I just did it because I wanted him to be with me and I was thinking that he would leave me if I wouldn’t. ”
-         “That was the first time you swallow cum?”
-         “No. I just tasted. I didn’t swallow because I thought that was unpleasant”
-         “And now that you have eaten cum, how do you feel about it?”
-         “It’s unpleasant still, but it doesn’t make me puke”
-         “You know that you were asleep I have given you some cola with cum in it… Do you remember?”
-         “No John. Why did you do that, John?”
-         “Because I felt like it slut. And the following thing that you will do, will be to suck my dick and when I’m about to cum, I’ll put my cum in a glass and I want to see you drinking it” I said smiling. “So start sucking me”
Saying that I’ve just push my dick inside her warm young mouth and start thrusting… From time to time I put my dick out and push it again in her mouth, but missing, just to hit her nose or her eyes. I was seeing myself fucking her mouth and I did still not believe. Like it was a dream.

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   The feeling of her mouth was so arousing.
I start pumping her mouth a little faster and then, from one push I was on her throat. She started choking and tried to get up. I just kept her down and stop moving for a bit, telling her to relax and to try to adapt her throat to my dick. She was still choking. Then I’ve put my dick out for a bit and told her:
-         “Lindsay, try to make your throat accept my dick because otherwise I’ll not take it out next time and you will suffocate. Try breathing thru your mouth and not your nose. In other words, try to make your mouth bigger. I’ll push my dick easier at the beginning and then when you adapt, I’ll move faster. If you choke and bite my dick, I’ll try suffocating you. And don’t believe I’ll not do it. ”
-         “Why do you hurt me John? I can be nice and do whatever you want, but try not to hurt me, I’m begging you”
-         “Ok, you little whore, start sucking”
And by saying that I pushed again my dick in her mouth. A bit at the beginning and then a bit more. Finally I was again down her throat. She tried to breath and she succeeded.

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   Then I’ve held her head and push a little more in. And when I’ve seen that she can keep up the rhythm, I’ve start just fuck her like I was fucking a pussy. A lot of saliva was around and on her face. She was choking from time to time and the saliva was getting out making her mouth very wet and very fuckable.
In a couple minutes I felt like my dick will explode. I start slow down the rhythm and when I felt like blowing up, I took my dick out and let her fell down. I took a glass from the table and couldn’t keep the cum anymore so I exploded in and around the glass. The third splash of cum got on her face, making her look like she was crying with cum. In the meantime she was still on the kitchen’s floor trying to regain her strength by breathing heavily. I was in my own heaven.
I’ve let her breathing and I’ve fill the cum glass with milk.
-         “I think you want some milk now, don’t you slut?”
-         “No John, I don’t want that. Please leave me alone. ”
-         “I can’t do that you little whore, I need to see you drinking my milk” and by saying that, I’ve took the cum glass and raise her mouth making her drinking it.
-         “Get use to it you little tramp because you will not get anything else to drink from now on.

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   Do you understand?”
She drinks all the milk and I’ve taken her up and put her on the sofa in the living room. My plan to make her my slave was going pretty well. With the middle finger I took the cum that was splashed on her face and I’ve put it to her mouth.
-         “Open your mouth bitch!” and so she did.
-         “Now suck a bit of my finger and swallow the cum. How do you like it?”
-         “It’s a bit salty. ” she said looking at me
-         “You mean you don’t like my cum?” I ask wonder if she would resist if I go any bad than this.
She looked at me now knowing what to answer. I’ve put on my poker face, trying to look offended.
-         “It’s ok, John”
-         “Now turn on your four and spread your legs to get a good look at your slut pussy, bitch”
-         “Don’t hurt me John, I’ll do whatever you want”
And by saying that, I started to feel satisfied. She was on a good way to become my slave. I helped her to turn of her belly and to end up on her knees with her legs open. Her pussy was shaved and looked like a pearl. I start massage her clit with my tongue trying to get a good sense of her pussy taste. The taste was wonderful.

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   Like I have never tasted before. Her clit was by now already wet and she started moaning a bit. I inserted my middle finger in between her pussy lips and start fingering her bit by bit. The moisture was growing. After about a minute I’ve put the second finger inside her and her legs moved apart a bit more. That was a good sign. And in the meantime my dick started to grow again. My mind was full of images with what I should do to her and my hearth was pumping loudly. A third finger went to her asshole, but first entered her pussy to get wet.
-         “I am about to fuck your ass with my fingers. Have you boyfriend tried your ass?”
-         “He tried one time to put a finger in it, but I didn’t let him do that because I thought it might hurt me”
-         “You will be hurt if you don’t relax hun. Try to relax and open your ass as much as you can now. I’ll lubricate my finger with your moisture”
My third finger exited her pussy and plunged in her ass bit by bit. She tried to relax and let my finger slide inside her. It wasn’t wet enough so I took it out.

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   I remove my fingers from her pussy and put them all in her mouth.
-         “Suck it, slut!”
She took all three fingers in her mouth making me smile because of her funny face with that big mouth full. My other hand was on her left tit, making her nipple from pink to red.
I remove my fingers from her mouth and slid again two fingers in her pussy and one in her asshole, trying to get as deep as possible. She just shudder a bit and relaxes again, trying to let my finger go deep. I took it out a bit and go down again, beginning to fuck her ass. The combination between the fingers in her pussy and the one in her butt had the effect I was looking for. Bit by bit, moving slow and then fast, I have sense her approaching to climax. I didn’t want her to have an orgasm just yet so I removed my fingers from her holes and just keep on caress her clit.
She looked at me trying to guess what I want to do. Just then I’ve put my cock in front of her mouth. I didn’t need to tell her what to do. She just took it in her mouth and start sucking. I held her head and trust her neck again and again. She tried to put her hands up and push me but then she drops her head on the sofa.

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   I’ve put my hands on her head, opened her mouth with my dick and start fucking her face. I was feeling so good…
I was near to cumming again, but I didn’t want that just yet. So I took my dick out and put her on her four again, wanting to feel her pussy around my dick. The moisture was there so I took the formality to enter her. Was warm, tight and wet. Just the perfect combination. With my hands holding tight her nipples, I start thrusting her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She was a pleasure to fuck. Looking at her from behind, seeing her thrusting back at my cock, I understood that she was to be all mine.
A couple of minutes later, I took my dick out and got to her mouth to be sucked.
-         “Taste yourself slut and let me know how do you like it” I said with an imperative voice.
-         “Hmmm” my pussy taste good John. And the combination between your precum and my juices is very good”.
-         “It’s nice what you say hun. And I don’t need you to forget what’s my cum like.

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   So keeping sucking until I come in your mouth. But this time, hold my cum, don’t swallow it because I want to see you making bubbles out of it” I said smiling.
-         “Urghhh… I don’t want to do that… “
-         “But you will…” and my dick was on her mouth again, getting in and out.
Soon I felt my dick ready to cum, so I took it out and told her to keep her mouth open with her tongue out and to be careful not to miss a drop of cum. And so she did. I don’t know where I’ve had all that cum that came inside her mouth. It was the 4th time I think when I came that day. But her mouth was full again.
-         “Gargle with my cum slut!”
-         “Grrrrrrla… grrrrgle…” she went…
-         “Now swallow a bit, but not all and show my what you have”
She did as I said and then showed her mouth dripping with cum and saliva. I’ve put a finger and took some of that combination, just to insert it in her ass. That was wonderful.