Little School Girl Learns Her Lesson


On one Thursday afternoon, during Lunch, Mr. Smith was grading his papers for his history class during lunch in his classroom. Mr. Smith was 45 years old. He was 6'2", 200 lbs, African American,  was very strong, and married. His room was located on the first floor with a window that showed the tool shed near the eating area and playing field. Near the tool shed, he couldn't believe his eyes, he saw Nicki sucking another students cock. This aroused him and made him angry, because he hasn't been getting anything from the Mrs. Smith for a long time when a student of his got any whenever he wanted. He started to get really hard by the site and then the bell rang. Three minutes later, he looks outside to notice that Nicki and the boy were still outside. He then noticed that the boy took his cock out of Nicki's mouth and cumed all over her hair. Mr. Smith's cock grew even more and then was startled when he heard some of his students come in. He then soon relized that Nicki was in the class coming in.
Ten minutes after class began, Nicki enters the room.

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   "Ms. Nicole. . . your late! Why is this?" When he was saying this he noticed some of the cum still left in Nicki's hair.
"I was just helping another student out. " said Nicki with an inocent face.
"Come see me after school in my office so I can teach you a lesson. Now go to your seat. "
"Ok Mr. Smith. . . "
Then Nicki went to her seat. There Mr.

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   Smith saw her start to arrose herself. Rubbing her nice white wet pussy. He started to get a boner that the whole class noticed but didn't say anything. Mr. Smith went to his desk. He then assigned the class some work to do so they wouldn't distract him. When he sat in his seat, he noticed how unbelievibly hot Nicki was. He then unzipped his pants and started to rub his hung 9" cock. He was watching Nicki very closely. He then saw Nicki take the boys hand that was sitting next to her and put it up to her pussy. This made Mr. Smith even more jelous. He was determained to have Nicki. . .

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   One way or that day after Smith was waiting in his office for Nicki. Then he heard Nicki walk in.
"Ms. Nicole. . . Take a seat. " When he was talking he closed the door behind Nicki and locked it.
Nicki took a seat in front of Mr. Smiths desk. There she sat with her legs open showing off her little white G-string. Mr. Smith took a seat in his desk.
"Ms. Nicole, do you know why you are here?"
"I was late for your class.

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  . . I have been a bad girl. . . "
"Thats not it you slut! It because you screw any guy that asks you, thats why you were late!"
"Thats not true, I just help students"
"Oh yah you slut! I saw you sucking some cock behind the tool shed today. So, since you like cock so much. . . suck me. "
"Mr. Smith. . . I can't!"
"Why not you slut.

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  . . you suck every other guy! So get over here and suck my cock"
"No Mr. Smith!"
"Thats not an order you bitch!" So at that moment Mr. Smith grabs Nicki and slaps her across the face. "Oh. . . so you'll suck and fuck every other boy. . . but you've never had a real man before. "
Nicki then starts screaming.
"Ok. .

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  . so you want the hard way dontcha Nicki. "
At that moment, Mr. Smith grabed Nicki and threw her on his chair when he tied her up. He then ripped of her blouse and skirt. He then took off her panties and put them in her mouth so she wouldn't scream.
After he tied her up, he noticed how wounderful her size c breast were. "Oh Nicki, you shouldn't be showing yourself to meer boys, but real men. "
At that point, Mr. Smith undressed at revieled to Nicki his hard 10" cock.
"Nicki, by cock does not compare to what you have had in the past. "
Mr. Smith then went to suck Nicki's tits. He sucked each nipple hard and bit them. Nicki was squirming from the pain, but yet she was getting wet.

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"Wow Nicki you are a slut. "
Then Mr. Smith went to tity fuck her.
"Do you like my 10" cock nicki? Well to bad, cause you are gonna get a piece of it. "
Then at that moment, by suprised, he went to fuck Nicki as hard and fast as he could.
At this point, Nicki was crying and squirming with the pain.
"Oh, Nicki I thought you liked cock?"
With each thrust Mr. Smith got farther into Nicki's pussy. Then after 30 min, Mr. Smith was ready.
"Nicki since you like cum so much I'll put it in your hair so everyone can see it. "
Then at that moment, Mr. Smith shoot loads of cum into Nicki's hair.
Mr. Smith then put his clothes back on.

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"I hoped you learnt your lesson Ms. Nicole, you always get whats cuming at you. "
Nicki nodded, hoping that she would be able to leave.
Mr. Smith then untied her. " If I catch you fucking or sucking anymore guys, you will have to come report to me again. And dont try telling anyone about this, because they won't believe you because you are such a big slut!"
Nicki nodded her head in shame when she walked outside in her torn clothes. She then learned that all her buisness should be taken care of outside of school hours.
The End.
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