Liz gets knocked out and knocked up


Hello my name is Liz. I am 25 yrs old. About 5‘6, 145 lbs Mostly muscle. I try to go to the gym everyday after work. It helps burn off that extra steam my jerk of a boss piles on me. I live in a big city, well I like to consider it big. I’ve lived in the same apartment for 4 yrs now with no vandalism or theft. I thought this was a safe town until one night…
I was laying in bed watching some TV trying to relax after a long day at work. I had already took my shower for the night and had my hair up in a towel. I must have dozed off for a little big because the clock said midnight. I didn’t remember it being that late. My towel had came un-done and my wet hair was all over my pillow. I reached for my remote on my bed side table. It wasn’t there. Strange I always leave it there. I sat up and looked around my room.

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   There it is. On my dresser. I got out of bed with my white thong and big t-shirt on. I always slept in a big t-shirt. Half way to my dresser I heard a sound coming from my kitchen. It sounded like some ones voice. Scared I ran back and jumped in my bed. I tried to lay in bed the same way as before and closed my eyes tight. I didn’t want the person to think I was awake. Hopefully they will just take what they want and leave. Oh boy was I right. They took what they wanted and that was me. I heard footsteps getting closer to my bedroom door. Then I heard the door creak open and someone walk their way to my bed. I went to take a quick peak but before I could even open my eyes a wet cloth was slammed down on my face around my mouth.

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   I tried to get up and get away but I quickly passed out.
I awoken a short time later with my clothes removed and my arms handcuffed to my bed. My vision was blurry but I could make out my TV still on and a tall man standing next to it. He walked towards my bed but I closed my eyes hoping it would all go away and that this would all be a bad dream. He leaned down and whispered in my ear “ Open your eyes. I want you to see my face. ” I slowly opened my eyes and he had sit down next to my naked body. His eyes were green with short brown hair. He was very muscular. He seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite remember where from. His fingers ran along my belly up to my chest. He ran his tips of his fingers along my nipple just enough to make them stick out. He moved his hand up under my chin and pulled it up. He noticed I was crying. “ What is wrong? Don’t you want this?” he said softly.

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   I was speechless. No I didn’t want this. No one wants to be tied to a bed and forced to do things. Do they? “please…. Who are you? What do you want from me? Please just stop I don’t want…” I said before he cut my sentence short with a kiss. “yummy” he said as he licked his lips “ I love the taste of tears”
He stood up and walked to the end of the bed. He faced the TV and turned it off. He slowly pulled his shirt up over his head. He had a tattoo that covered most of his back. It was a large tribal cross. I knew that tattoo! A guy from the gym had it. I knew him. His name was Daniel. He turned and faced me with a smile on his face. “ You know who I am now Liz.

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   I know you do by the scared look on your face. You know what I want. I want you. I’ve been watching you every day at the gym. ” I just start crying harder than I’ve ever before in my life. He walks towards me again. He takes his belt off and his pants fall to the floor. He has navy blue boxers on and you can see his penis hanging out the bottom. He slips them off his hips and noticed how big my eyes got while looking at his growing erection. “Liz do you like what you see?” he said with a cocky attitude. “Please stop and I wont tell anyone” I tried to say threw my tears and sobs.
He just laughed as he crawled on top of me. I tried to wiggle out from under him but my wrists were handcuffed to tight. His lips touched mine and his hand disappeared down past my belly. I felt the tips of his fingers run against my thighs.

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   His was kissing my neck. My body was betraying me. I felt my pussy getting warm and wet, I knew he did to. By then he was playing with my clit which didn’t help me want to stop him. I tried to wiggle to get his hands away. It was no use. He just pressed his body back down on me. I kept saying stop but I don’t think he heard me. He was to caught up in trying to get me as wet as possible. He moved down from my neck to my nipples. It felt so good but I didn’t want it to.
His lips locked around my right nipple. He sucked on it and nibbled a little bit. Just enough to get it hard and sticking out as much as possible. Me moved to the left nipple and used his hand to play with my right nipple.

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   He kept switching back and forth. It felt so good. He stopped and I was dreading the worst. He looked into my eyes and kissed my chest. He kissed all they way down to my hairless pussy. My legs weren’t tied down but I couldn’t move them regardless. My body was numb. He spread my thighs as far as they could go and licked my wet pussy. He used a finger to play with my clit and stuck his tongue in my slit. It felt so good. I was hoping he didn’t hear the moans coming from my mouth. But I knew he did. He picked up the pace and moved his tongue faster up and down my pussy. He rubbed hard on my clit. I knew I was close to cumming.

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   I didn’t want to. I didn’t want him to think I was liking this. He moved his finger from my clit and slammed it in my pussy. Thrusting in and out. It was just enough to send me over the edge. I felt my body tense up and then my juices just began to flow. He continued to lick and suck on my pussy. I finally came down from my natural high and he had stopped focusing on my pussy.
He kissed his way up my chest to my lips. “ I knew you wanted me” he said with a ear to ear smile. I couldn’t resist I liked that but I knew I didn’t want him to rape me. There was sweat all over my body and with him on top it didn’t help. “please stop you cant do this I’m not on birth control” I said in between panting trying to recover from my orgasm. “Does it matter? Not to me. You get knocked up at least you wont be shaking you ass off at the gym.

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   You’ll be here with my child. ” Now I was scared. I wasn’t ready for a kid. Certainly not this way. No sooner than I could get a response in he moved his hand down and positioned his penis at my opening. “Please not this…. . ” I tried to get in and before I could say ‘way’ he slammed his penis hard into my cunt.

    My tears were flowing freely. The pain was so much I wanted to die. He pulled almost all the way out and I thought maybe from my screams of pain he was going to take mercy on me and stop. I was wrong. No sooner then pulling out he slammed it back in. Back and forth. Grunting and grabbing my hips so he could try and get more and more of him in my tiny body.

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       The handcuffs were cutting in my wrist and I could feel them cutting in my skin. I tried to forget about my body being abused and think about a better place. He didn’t help with grunting in my ear. He kissed my neck while slamming his dick in my pussy. I hated every second of this but my body was betraying me again. I felt a orgasm building up inside of me. With each thrust it was getting larger. I tried to hold it back. Finally he slowed down. I thought he was almost over. But he slammed back in me. I thought my orgasm wasn’t going to end. I kept cumming all over his dick as he slammed harder and faster. I could feel him start to take slower strides and finally he pushed all the way in me past my cervix and came. His cum was so warm and shot so hard and fast into my uterus I just knew he did what he wanted to do.

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       Knock me up.
    He laid down on top of me trying to catch his breath. I just laid there trying to hope I would get my period in a couple weeks. Thoughts of what I needed to do to get away from Daniel went threw my head. He leaned up and kissed my lips. I refused to kiss him back. He reached up and slapped me right across the cheek. Tears started to fall and my cheek felt like it was on fire. “ If you are going to mother my children, you better respect me. Now fucking kiss me back bitch” he said as he brought his hand back up to scare me. It worked. I kissed him back. I didn’t want to but I had no choice. He rolled off and to my side. He placed his hand on my stomach and looked me in the eye “ You know why I want you to get pregnant with my child Liz?” “No Daniel I don’t.


       I hope to god I don’t get pregnant with your child you fucking rapist!” I said as I spit in his face. His and fell across my cheek again. “ You seemed to like it when you were cumming you cunt!” he said as he got up.
    He walked out of the room and I heard the phone get picked up in the kitchen. Daniel dialed some numbers and I faintly heard him say “ Hello Mr. Davis? Yes this is Daniel, Liz’s Fiancé she cant come to work tomorrow. She is very sick. She had some bad food and might have food poisoning…. . Yes sir…. I will tell her. Thank you. She will see you next week hopefully. Good-bye. ” I heard him walking back to the bed room.

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       “Good news Liz, You have off work until next week. That will give me plenty of time to knock you up. ” He said with a mean look on his face. I start to cry uncontrollably. “I want you to have my child Liz for a good reason. I see you at the gym. You take care of yourself. You come in with tiny shorts and short shirts. You need to learn to stop teasing guys. No better way then make you just mine. ” He walked over to the bed. Kissed me on the lips and covered me with the blanket. He turned the TV back on and laid down and watched some SNL. I didn’t leave my apartment for the next week. I got to know Daniel a lot during that week.

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       Before he left and I went back to work. He gave me a pregnancy test. It came up positive. I cried. He moved in my apartment and made sure I didn’t get a abortion. I ended up quitting my job and staying at home. I didn’t go out much. Daniel kept me inside away from everyone. He still went to the gym everyday but I never went back. After I had his child the did the same thing over. Raped me every night until I got pregnant again.
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