Mikaila's Violation (Part 2)


The cabin didn't have much to distinguish it. It was a simple looking building, quite plain and pretty much just dirt around the area. There were no pretty flowers to brighten it up, it was clearly a mans domain. The porch was simple, with rounded rails made from local tree branches, with the top being about waist height. Stepping out of the truck he watched as she cowered on the seat and a savage smile crossed his face. "Come on bitch, or am I gonna have to yank ya out by your hair?"Despite the pain she slid across the seat, trying to move despite having her wrists bound. He chuckled and reached in and hauled her out by her arms. She winced as pain shot through her shoulders, but she didn't try to yank away. He set her down on her feet and led her towards the cabin. She looked at it, looking there under the trees, and dread filled her mind. As he led her up to porch steps, she knew as soon as she set foot inside, there was no getting away. She glanced around the surrounded area and earned herself a cuff to the head. She blinked as white filled her vision and she stumbled on the last step. "You ain't going nowhere bitch. " he said in a too quiet tone. "Ain't no one around to help ya and ain't no where to go.


  " He paused a moment on the porch and looked at her. "And for you be getting in silly notions in your head about leaving. I've got me a couple of huntin' dogs that'll be right pleased at having some new quarry to chase. " She blinked and then she heard them, off somewhere behind the house barking. "They've not had someone to chase in a right long time. They certainly enjoyed chasing that sweet little cunt. "She shivered at the thought and was pushed inside the cabin. Darkness greeted her and it took her a moment to realize that there were heavy curtains across all the windows. The light was turned on and she looked a little more around the area. It was certainly plain in design, but the walls were filled with the heads of long dead animals staring lifelessly at her. He continued to take her through the house and he shoved her into one room and locked it behind her, not even bothering to flip on the light switch. "Welcome home bitch. " he chuckled "You're going to be staying her for a right good time. " She shivered as she stood there in the dark and then tried feeling along the wall for the light switch. Her shoulder rubbed up against it finally and she flipped it on.


   What greeted her was enough to make her fall back up against the wall in horror. This wasn't some simple little room, it was hell incarnate, a medieval torture chamber with some modernizations. There was no bed, instead there was a padded table with stirrups for the feet and manacles for ankles and wrists. Some sling like chair hung from the ceiling, but there didn't really seem to be anything to actually really rest on. A cabinet dominated one corner and she could see various things through the glass doors. Her eyes widened at what seemed to be large dildo's and other implements. In another corner, a few different sized crops and whips where hanging up, along with several types of cuffs. She slowly sank to the floor as most of the other items in the room seemed to fade away into a growing grayness around her eyes. Hot pain in her shoulders suddenly woke her up. It took her a few seconds to realize that she was suspended from a pair of manacles attached to some sort of support structure in the middle of the room. Another second brought the realization that she was naked of her clothes but there was something else on her. She looked down at herself and found herself bound with a collar that had several small looped chains. Four lengths of chains held up straps that formed part of a triangle across the tops of her breasts and a straight line across her back. Hanging down from the triangular straps, from the mid point in between her breasts to the sides of her breasts are three chains of increasing lengths. She shifted a bit trying to relieve the pressure on her shoulders, but to no avail.

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   She whimpered a little around the new gag she found in her mouth, the leather straps wrapping around her head, holding whatever object that was attached to the gag in her mouth. Nothing bound her legs, but as she twisted she soon found there was little need. With only just her toes able to touch the floor and help support herself, there was little hope of even kicking without feeling as if her shoulders were going to dislocate. She heard a chuckle behind her as he watched her antics. Blood rushed to her face as she realized she was being watched. She heard his foot steps as he came up behind her. "Enjoyin' your new home slut?" he asked as he walked around her. He hadn't changed from his clothes, and for some reason that relieved her, though she knew it was unreasonable. Clothes didn't change her position any. He ran a finger down her side, making her skin twitch. "So soft. " he murmurs and then licks at her breasts. "I'm thinking this'll be a right treat. " he added as he walked back behind her. She heard him getting something, but she couldn't see what he was doing.

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   It didn't take long before she found out. She heard the crack of the whip, the barest of split seconds before it met her flesh. She screamed out into the gag as her entire body stiffened in reflex. Another lash landed on her ass cheeks, tears streamed down from her cheeks as pain lashed through her body. His fingers ran down her skin, feeling so soft and tender in comparison to the whip. He ran his fingers across her nipples and he chuckled again. "Enjoying it bitch?" he asked as he pinched the rock hard nipples. She tried shaking her head and earned herself a slap. He asked the question again. She hesitated a moment and then slowly nodded, humiliation in her eyes. She earned a smile from him however and not another cuff. "I knew you'd be likin' it" he noted, "Time for a little reward. "He left her again and within a few seconds she was suddenly on the floor as the straps holding the manacles were released. She sobbed in relief as she sat there on her knees. Course, the relief was short lived as she was yanked up by her arms.


   "This ain't no time to be sittin' around sweet thing. " he said to her as he lifted her up. "Lyin' around would be more what's called for. "He led her over to the table "Lets be gettin' you settled up on this here thing. " he told her as he pushed her towards it. She rubbed her arms and looked back at him. Bad mistake. He hit her upside the head again "I'll tell you this one last time bitch. I tell you to do something, and you damn well better hop to it without a second thought if you know what's good for you. "She didn't need to be told twice. She wiped at the tears on her cheeks and sniffled a little as she climbed onto the padded table. He helped her feet into the stirrups and closed the manacles around her ankles. He then strapped her wrists down as well. She shivered a little as she felt his hand run across her pussy. "Time to be gettin' rid of this snatch. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  " he remarked as he yanked at the hair. She winced by didn't say anything. He stepped away and out of the room. In the silence, she heard water running and the sound of dishes. Not long after the water stopped she could hear his footsteps coming back. He pulls a board out of the side of the table and sets a bowl down on it. The smell of soap reaches her nose. "Now, you just hold yourself still, wouldn't want to cut more than your hair now would we?" he notes, chuckling sadistically. She shakes her head "No. " she answers and shivers as he starts to wet down her pussy and then soaping it up. She tenses a little as she feels the razor being applied to her skin, but she holds still, trying not to even twitch. Inch by inch her hair is removed, the air feeling cool against the shaved skin. Running his fingers along the now shaved skin, she gives another little shiver causing him to smile. "Like it do you? Feels so much better?" He wipes a cloth along her folds, getting rid of the last bits of soap and hair. "Looks much nicer.

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  " he leans forward and flicks his tongue through her folds "Tastes good too. "She can't help but whimper, her body writhing at the light touch of fingers and tongue. Her breath catches a little and despite herself she lets out a soft moan. He watches her, delighting in the betrayal of her body. "That's me girl. " he murmurs and drops his pants. "I knew you'd be liking it. " he adds as he keeps working his hands across her folds. "Now it's time for that reward. " he grunts as he places himself against her ass. He laughs as her eyes widen and he pushes himself hard into her tight confines. As she begins to scream in pain, he sighs at the pleasurable feel of her squeezing his large cock. "I knew you'd be happy with your reward" he groans in pleasure and starts thrusting away.
    She thrashes around as he pounds her good and hard in the ass. Blinding white light shoots through her head at the sheer intensity of the abuse her body is taking.

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       With each piercing cry he only pushes harder and faster until he's fully inside of her, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. "Oh Gods!" she cries "Stop! Please!" she can't help but try to pull away from the savageness of it all. "Please?" he grunts "Did I hear you say you want more?" he chuckles sadistically and her screams are renewed as she see's him pick up a dildo from next to the bowl. She hadn't seen him put it there. Her eyes are wide as she takes in the size, it's a good two inches across the shaft and at least three inches at the bulbous head. She shakes her head frantically and can only scream as it's applied to her folds and forcefully pushed in to about halfway of it's ten inch length. "Oh yeah, you're gonna take it all bitch!" he yells as he turns on the dildo, sending intense vibrations pulsating through her. "Oh sweet mother that feels wonderful. " he groans, his eyes rolling back as he increases his thrusts. Her world seems to shatter like brittle glass, the dildo ripping her apart even as his cock tears at her ass. Her head shakes back and forth as she whimpers "No, no, oh God please no more. " Occasionally, he gets in a good thrust that makes her scream again, filling his ears with it's sweet music. It isn't long that he finally manages to shove the whole length of the dildo into her. He turns it up and his eyes start to glaze over as the vibrations start making him cum. He stiffens and soon starts to unload up her ass.

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       "Oh yes baby, make me cum. " he grunts as he continues to pound away. His eyes close as he savors the sound of her crying. As he goes flaccid and falls out, he removes the dildo and then shoves it up her ass, leaving it on high as he starts cleaning himself off. She screams as the large object is forced all the way up into her. He leans over and starts sucking at her clit, chuckling as she starts to buck wildly underneath him. Tears of shame fall down as her body once more betrays her despite the brutality of the rape. "Such a little whore, you like it don't you bitch?"She whimpers and can only cry out as she arches up underneath his artful tongue, the dildo in her ass increasing the sensations. He chuckles, liking her answer. He strokes himself back to hardness and thrusts himself into her. She gives a gasp as he begins pumping away and it isn't long for she too begins to approach an orgasm. "That's it baby, fuck me. Show me how much you want me. Fuck me good" he encourages her as he feels her body start to tense. "Cum for me, I want you to cum good and hard.

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      " he grunts, enjoying the way her pussy tightens around his thick cock. He gives one final trust as he starts shooting his cum up inside her, crying out as she goes wild underneath him, bucking wildly in her own orgasm. "Sweet Jesus" he groans as he pulls out, his cock flaccid once more. "God what a little slut you are. Nothing more then a wanton fuck, but a sweet one no less. " he chuckles and turns and walks out, leaving her to her shame and humiliation. She lay there, crying softly as his words descend upon her. Doubting herself, thinking that she really must have wanted it. As the orgasm subsides the pain sets in. How could she want to be treated like that, but she must have, it felt so good even after being hurt so much. She wished more then anything to curl up, but the straps prevented it. She bit her lip as she waited for him to come back, but time passed and though she heard him moving around he didn't come back into the room. She begin to get worried that he was going to leave her like that all night. A few times she caught herself ready to call out but she stopped herself. She tried looking around the room again, looking for some way of telling time.


       There were no windows and not even a simple clock to tell the time. Finally she could take it no longer. "He. . ,hello?" she calls out nervously "Please? Come back?"He chuckled as he heard her calling. Leave a bitch in heat alone long enough and they'll come a calling. He looked over at the time and grunted thoughtfully. It took her near two hours to call out to him. He admired her tenacity, but in the end she was nothing more then a hussy. He waited about another half hour before he went back into the room. She lay there watching him warily. He had changed out of his clothes and was now walking around naked. She kept her eyes on his face, not daring to look lower. He watched her, watched the way she avoided looking at his body and smiled. He slipped a finger along her folds, smiled as she shivered.


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