my bastard boss..


its was a time. . when i was in office
i m a 24 yr girl. .
my boss is a dirty mind person wid two children. .   he alwayz looks at me from top to bottom. .
use to call me in his cabin alone but i alwz come back soon by givin som reason. . but once it was a sunday. . der were very few people in ofic. . i love my job n salary d most but not dat boss. .

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   he called me up in his cabin n told me to sit down to talk. .
while talkin strange he came up near lik walkin casually. .
he askd me do u lov ur job i said yes. .
he said do u wana continue i said yes. .
he said ders a email from top level for retrenchment n i m thinkin of let u go as u r less cooperativ. .
i said hw com i alwz work good n u appreciate too wht else i can do. .
he said u knw wht u hv to do to impress me dear n smiled. .
i was lik in a odd situation but wanted to save my job too.

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he came upon me n said to cooperate else leave evrythin. .
he is a fat guy n hairy too. .
he started smooching me badly
lickin me in neck n evrywher
he was very excited n holdin my both hands tightly. .
he lied me in side sofa n started licking again. . he opened my shirt n licked n was continuosly smiling by lukin at me. . .
he opened d bra n was too much excited he said oh my god by lukin at my 36 size boobs. .
he jumped on it was rubbing wid his hands badly he drinked it badly.

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  . . his mouth dint rested for 15 minutes on my boobs. . he waas behaving as if never seen it. .
i started feeling lil good i thot may b i m helping a desperate guy. . it was my first experience
he opened his clothes n gav me d cock. . . i licked it to mak him cool
he opened my panty nn started lickin d pussy continuously. . i was lik blown away. .

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he entered his big cock in to my pussy. .
i was in lot of pain n was shoting. . he den did it slowly n contined got fast
we both were in mood n were doing it in gr8 speed up n down. . at last it ended after whole 3 hours. . i got pregnant too bcoz of dat but took medication n he paid all d doctor fees. .
till now he drinks my milk whenevr he needs so by caling me in his cabin. . he is totally a bastrad but a lil cute too. . .

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