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My name is Kathy im about 5'6 and wiegh 125lbs I have jet black hair im a 36d im not skinny and things fall in the right spot.   Let me tell how my brother best friend had me capture for two days.
My parents and my brother went on a weekend trip to my aunt house for the weekend.   I didnt want to go I was 17 so I can stay home alone.  That friday night I was sitting on the couch watching T. V. wearing my pajama short and a t-shirt when my brothers friend Michael knock on the door.   Michael was 6'2  ans 235lb all muscle. I peek out the door and saw him and open the door.
"Hi Michael" I said
"Hi Kathy" he said "I forgot something and Steven room can i go get"
Without thinking i said "yes" not thinking anything about it. I close the door and went back to watching T. V. He came out my brother room and sat next to me and ask me when they was coming back and I told him.   He ask was I scared to be here alone.   I told him no.   Then he put his arm around me I thought that was kind of strange.

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    He told me I was always so sexy to him. I pushed him away and told him I think that he should go and stood up to walk him to the door.   He grab me by my wrist and said he wasn't going anywhere.   He was really scaring me now.
He pulled me back on to the couch and kissed me hard. I pushed him away and try to get up but he was holding my wrist and pulling me back down.   He told me he had to have me and that he wasn't leaving until he do.   With that he stood up over me and pulled me by my legs on to the floor on my back.   I started to scream but he put a pillow over my face told me if i didnt be quiet that he smother me with it. So I stop screaming and just close my eyes and couldn't believe that this was gonna happen to me. He pulled up my shirt and since I wasn't wearing bra it made it easy for him to get to my titties.   He started with the left one first touching and rubbing it and then he lower his mouth to it and took my nipple in his mouth.    My body tighten and I gasp and he told me If you like that you going to like what im going to do to you. I told him I didnt like it I just want him to go home and we forget this whole thing ever happen.  
"Thats not going to happen Kathy I need you and I want you and I'm going to have you" He said
The tears started to fall from my eyes.

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    He went back to suckin my nipples from left to right and right to left.   I tried not to make a sound but every now and the a moan or two will get out.   He work his way down to my naval I stiffened at his touch. He removed my shorts.   I didn't have any panties on.   So for the first time a boy was looking at my wet shaven pussy. He ran his fingers on the outside of my lips and seen I was wet.  He forced my legs open and put his tongue on the outside of my lips tasting my juices telling me how good I taste.   I just laid there crying praying that this is all a dream and that it will go away in a minute.   He started to lick and suck my pussy in and out, up and down his tongue went on my pussy.   I felt something take over my body as I tensed and shook real hard and breathing got short and i let out a scream. He knew it was my first oragsm and with that he took off his pants and for the first time in my life I saw a real dick.   I mean I saw them in a couples of pronos I saw but not in real life.   It was huge I mean it was about 9 inches long and and about 2 inches wide.   I begged him not to put that in me.

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    He said that I will like it.   I couldn't do anything but close my eyes and wait.   He pu t the head of his dick in my virgin pussy and pushe it open i screamed "take it out i can't take it please. "
He said "The pain will be over soon enough"
With that said he pushes over half of his hard dick in me and I scream at the top of my lungs.    The next push broke my hymen he looked at me and told me he was all most all the way in.   I begged and pleaded with him to take it out he was splitting me in two.   He finally got it all the way  in and started to thurst me so hard. In and out he pushed as hard as he could before I could even get used to what he was doing to me he will push harder and harder. I scream and cried for him to stop.   Then he slow down and started to moan and kiss my neck.   I just wanted him to be finish.   As my body got used to it my body started to enjoy what he was doing to me.   I felt that feeling again letting me know that I'm about to have another orgasm.   As I shook and started to cum for the second time he was grunting and moaning loud and was about to cum a few more hard pushes in and out of my pussy made him cum so hard in me.   As he laid on top of me he said that it was just first of many that will happen for us this weekend.

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    With that I knew that it wasn't over.
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