This is Story took place last year.
I work in a Hotel in the Mediterranean . I am 1. 72 in high with a few extra kilos in weight. One of the pluses is that during the summer months you get loads of women passing through married, single, mothers old and young.
This story involves the national volley ball team of Greece from the Age of 16-18 years old. As you can imagine they were all tall fit tight bodied girls . They was here for a short training trip. There was one that I took an immediate fancy to. She was 17 yrs old  just  under 6 ft tall (5. 9),brunet ,one amazingly fit tight ass to die for her breasts just a small handful each and one truly Greek goddess like face and to top it all off she had green eyes.
As you can imagine all the girls were getting loads of attention. They were only staying for a week ,training most days so it was hard to get close to them . But working in the restaurant I got a few chances to talk to her . She was giving me the cold shoulder ,but one way or the other I was going to have that ass.
My chance came on the night before they were to leave.

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   The team were having a kind of party dinner before they went off on their tournament . As luck may have it she was in my section of the party I made it my goal to get her tipsy not drunk so she new want was going on around her so that when I finally had her she would remember. She was wearing 5inch stiletto heels a whole body hugging mini dress showing of her long legs tight ass and all lovely curves
About 2 am I made my move the party was in full swing. She made her way to the lady’s room I followed. Just next to the lady’s room is restaurant which was closed for renovation. I hid inside the door way waiting for her to come out.
Just as she came out I jumped out behind grabbing a handful of her hair pulling back into the closed restaurant. She tried to scream I put my hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear don that and it will be the last thing you ever do either you can try and enjoy this or I will hurt you so bad you will never play volley again . Now I don’t know whether it was the alcohol she had or if she was really scared but she calmed down and said o. k. turned her round giving her a long kiss enjoying the way she tasted despite the alcohol on her mouth she stilled tasted great . Now time to teach you  a lesson . I pushed her down on her knees and unzipped my pants. Telling her to put her hand in side and pull me free. I am not the largest cock in the world length wise I am just under 6 inch long but I am very thick almost 4inch at the base and 3 at the tip .

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  When she pulled me free she let a small gasp out I told her to start sucking me if she knew what was good for her . She started to lick my cock slowly ,she slowly started to suck the tip and work herself down the shaft ,just under half way down she starts to gag I grab a hand full of her hair pushing her even further down still no more then just over half now not wanting to go crazy yet I pull out of her mouth and tell her to start licking and sucking my balls . I spread my legs a little pushing her head between then ordering her to lick at the base of my balls between then and my ass crack she  try’s to push away but I just hold her head  there and she licks me.
After enjoying her tongue it was time for the rest of her body . I pull down her dress top to expose her small breasts as she is not wearing a bra . I  press my mouth to her breasts and start to suck and lick and bite those small breasts  with each bite getting harder and occasionally stopping to slap them as well . my right hand wonders to between her legs she pushes it away I grab her wrist twisting it till it hurts I let go and try again for her pussy this time she lets me . I bring my hand up under her dress to her pussy she is wearing a small string I push it aside I proceed to finger her pussy with each stroke she is getting wetter. it was time for what I was really after her ass . I turned her around and bent her over her dress just rising up to the bottom of her ass checks I pushed it up over her checks exposing her amazing ass . I knelt down behind her pushing her string to one side and proceeded to eat her ass and pussy from behind. After what seemed for ever I stood up . As she was bent over I went to her and told her to suck me again this time I was determined to get as much of me down her throat. She started to suck me as before this time I grabbed the back of her head pushing her all the way down she gagged and thru up I didn’t care after she had finished I carried on pushing my thick cock down her throat face fucking her at this point she was in tears begging me to stop. ok I said but if I stop I will have to put my cock some were else .

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  So I went bend her and started to massage her tight asshole .
    She started to try and stop me I slapped one across the face and pushed her back down telling her she was getting my cock up her ass whether she wanted it or not . So she might as well enjoy it . I continued to get her ass hole ready for me it was time I knew she was tight so I had to use a little lube I spat on my cock but I knew this would never be enough thank fully I had come prepared with some baby oil I oiled up my cock .
    Placing the tip at the entrance to her ass ,I started to push . damn she was tight I was going to enjoy this . I pushed a little more and stopped I could tell she was in a little pain so I stopped pulled out and pushed back in a little more . But I was getting a tired of this so after the third time I pulled out I grabbed her hips tight and just slammed it all the way in she let out and cry . she was in definite pain but I didn’t care she was so tight I was in heaven I was going to enjoy my self . I started to fuck that beautiful tight hole she was in tears and agony this only drove me on more I fucked so hard slamming into her without mercy . I stared to slap those firm checks turning them a bright red . The more she cried and moaned in pain the more I loved it I pulled her hair  into a pony tail pulling on it really hard making her arch her back . After what seemed for ever I was go to cum but not in her ass I wanted to feed this little bitch so I pulled my self out of her heavenly hole and wanted back to her mouth I could know see her face the tears were running down her checks I pushed my cock which had just been in her ass in her mouth and started to face fuck her . I dint need long till I let lose shooting my load down her throat. I told her to lick me clean she did as she was told .

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      I zipped my self up . Not being a total bastard I helped her to her feet and tried to get her respectable again.
    We went back to the party that was the last I ever saw of her . she still plays volley ball.
    Please send me any comments as this is my first time.
    Jimmycyprus@yahoo. co. uk