not without a fight


I got up out of bed after a bad nightmare. The same one had been keeping me up all week. So I did what I could and went down stairs, and grabbed a bowl and some milk. I poured the milk into the bowl and lapped it up with my tongue. Ok I was a little weird, but that’s fine with me. I always thought the milk tasted better this way. There was a knock at the door and I spun around in alarm as I looked at the clock. It was 3 in the morning. “What the hell. ” I went to the door and opened it a tiny bit to look into the darkness, only to have the door swing open and knock me back. I scrambled to my hands and knees as three men came inside. I hissed at them when I saw the masks they wore. One of the men pointed at me, he was skinnier then the other two and had a young voice,” I told you she was a strange one, and that’s what you wanted. ”

One of the other men nodded to the other, as he gave the skinny guy a black beg and said,” your right, we’ve looked for a bitch like this for a long time. ” The skinny guy took the beg greedily and said,” have fun mates,” before he ran off into the night. The two men shut the door and came closer.

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   I hissed at them and batted at the air with my hands, as I slowly backed up. “Get away,” I said. I saw one man take out some rope and my body tensed up. “GET AWAY,” I yelled. My soft ass hit the back of the wall as the men came closer.

I knew this was my last chance. I then sprung at them and landed on one, scratching and biting. I managed to take of his mask before the other grabbed the rope and pulled me off by rapping it around my neck. I gasped as my air way was cut off. The man without the mask didn’t seem filmier until……. . yes I knew him. This guy had been watching me at work and at the café in the morning. This was the creep that I stood up to after the tenth time. I hissed again and jostled around, the rope still pressed to my neck.

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“that’s enough,” the man without the mask said. He lifted his hand and smacked me across the face. That only made me madder, and as he came in for another hit, I opened my mouth and bit down hard. The man gave out a yell as my teeth dug into his rough skin. The skin was rough yes, but I have to admit, it tasted good, like salty dirt, someone who worked hard at what they did. The taste was then ripped from my mouth, just as a drop of blood hit my tongue. I licked my lips and smiled at the man as he grabbed at his hand and starred at me.

Then all that was gone as he met my smile with one of his. “this is what we paid for is it not,” the man winked at me as my smile faded. He then moved like lightning as he grabbed my legs and the other man rapped his arms under mine, so my head could not reach back. I kicked and I screamed as the brought me up the stairs. I wasn’t going down. Once they got me to my room, they tossed me to my bed and I rolled over in a crouch.

The one guy without the mask messed with the door and but some kind of fancy lock on it, then went to my bathroom and checked out the things there. The man without the mask went to the bed side as I leaped off and ran for the door.

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   I pulled at it and smacked the silver lock thing. “Oh…. you like my invention,” this was the first time the man with the mask spoke. I yelled at the lock as if that would make it move, but nothing happened. So the man without the mask was at my side and I jumped.

“Now you can be a nice kitty,” he held up a pink collar,” or you can be a bad one,” then he held up a choke and ball. I jumped a little and spat at the collar. “very well,” he said and then the other guy grabbed me from behind and the choke and ball was put on my head and shoved into my mouth. I tried to bring my hands forward and rip it off but the mask-less guy was already behind me tying my hands together. I bucked and I twisted, trying to get out off the masked mans grip, but it was done, he throw me on the bed face first. My hands were tied and my mouth silenced.

Not long after I landed, one of the men grabbed me and flipped my over in one nice move. Then the hands pulled me forward, to the edge of the bed. I tried to inch away but his grip was to tight. I looked now to meet the eyes of the mask-less man, the first one that is, now that the other had also taken off his mask.

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  The man that had me leaned over and grabbed my chin with two of his fingers,” I’m alpha. ” He smiled and pinched harder as he pulled my face to the other man,” and this is beta, and you are,” he pulled my face forward again,” bitch. ”

Alpha grabbed the collar once more and put it in front of my face as I read the tag,” bitch. ” He then but it around my neck, tightly, and locked it on. His hands then left my neck and went under my night shirt. They where cold and my body flinched back a bit. His finger met my breasts and he squeezed hard. My body bucked at the feeling as he squeezed harder around my breasts. I moaned in pain. Then in one swift move, he ripped my shirt off and threw it to the ground. The night was chilly and my stomach got little goose bumps.

He bent back down a licked one of my nipples. I closed my eyes for a moment and looked over before I opened them again, only to see a cock. Beta loomed over me and grabbed the chocker around my head, took out the ball and shoved his cock into my mouth. I tried to pull away but it didn’t work, so I did what was natural, I bit down.

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   Beta was not very smart. When he pulled on the rains he released my teeth. The cock was immediately ripped from my mouth. This time I didn’t hold on, I wanted that thing out as much as he did. Beta yelled out and grabbed his cock in pain. A sharp pain drew my head up to see what happened. My breast stung and Alpha’s head lifted with a tiny drop of blood on his lip. “You see, if you bit, we do too,” Alpha grinned and licked his lips like I did before.

The pain in my breasts only grew as Alpha rubbed them harder. The small bite made the rubbing worse. Every once and a while, Alpha would lean down and like my cut, his saliva making it sting a little more. Or he would lean down ad bit at my raised nipple. I moaned the whole time, in pain, but sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like the little pain.

Beta soon returned, after giving his cock and pep talk. He grabbed my head and leaned it toward him.

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   This time he learned and placed the rains in right, but before he did any thing else he leaned down and whispered,” remember, if you bit, I bit harder. ” Then he leaned up and slapped my face, and shoved his cock hard into my face. His cock was large and he tried to make it all fit. I breathed hard threw my nose when I could but when his cock went to the back I couldn’t breath. I coughed and chocked, but he just shoved beeper. My screams were muffled by his forcing and a small tier went down my cheek.

I heard a zipper, as Beta stepped away. I looked up to see Alpha remove his pants and removed mine as well. I was naked in front of him and his cocked press on my cunt. That’s when I panicked. I tried to inch away again but Alpha had my legs. He smiled and indicated to Beta. He come over to me and I flinched, thinking he would slap me, but he didn’t. he took off the rains and threw them to the ground. Alpha grabbed a leash and folded it into two.

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   “Now are you going to be a good kitty or,” I hissed at him, and as fast as light the leash came down on my already tender breasts. The whipping hurt and I cried out. “Are you going to be,” I hissed again, as the whip came down. “Are you going to be,” this time a softer hiss existed my lips and the whip came down again. “are you going to be a,” he paused but I said nothing,” a good kitty?” Again I said nothing. He smiled and hooked the leash on the collar. Then he quickly pulled me in close as his cock pressed against my cunt again.

He rapped the leash around his neck, so that mine was slightly raised by the tautness. His cock slowly moved into my pussy. I let out a scream as he popped my cherry. I was very wet from all the touching by the two men. My body only did what was natural to do, even if against my will. Alpha pulled out, then slammed in. then in and out, in and out. Faster he went.

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   I moaned as he gained a steady speed. It was fast and it hurt. He smiled down at me like a predator would look down on food, so I closed my eyes. My body bucked as I felt an orgasm coming.

Suddenly I wanted Alpha, I wanted him, the feeling of the orgasm was too much. I found myself pulling on the leash and thrusting into all of Alpha’s blows. The orgasm became stronger as my pussy pulled on his cock inside of me. Alpha began to laugh, in a low and pleased laugh. I moaned louder and louder. Then it happened, my body burst all over Alpha’s cock and down my ass. The orgasm was huge and I felt……so good. I panted as Alpha untied the leash around his neck and let my head go slack. I lay there, my body shaking. He pulled out and sat on my chest.

He put his cock at my mouth and I opened for his, but he hesitated.

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   “remember, you bit, I bit harder,” he whispered softly. I nodded and his cock entered my mouth. He didn’t force it down, so I lied there and sucked out in. he grabbed one side of my head and patted me. “harder,” he said, and so I sucked harder. He moaned a little as I did that and said,” HARDER. ”So I did. His cock pulsed in my mouth and it tasted good, just like his hand. His cock pulsed one more time before a load of cum rushed down my throat. He did that two more times before pulling out. I wanted to spit but he held my face upward and told me to swallow. So with effort, I did.

Alpha got off and pulled me to the floor. I landed with a thud. I was cold and naked.

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   Alpha tied my leash tight to the bed post and told me to sleep. I was still tied at the hands so I laid on the floor and shivered to sleep.

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