Peeping in toilet led to forced sex


I really like this site, it allows me to relate all that I have done.
 I spied on a college girl yesterday evening, and it was just so cool. Let me recount.
I was heading home yesterday evening, and I saw this college girl in front of me. She was tall, about 1. 7m and her sch uniform was white blouse and blue skirt which was pretty short. It exposed her fair thighs quite a bit and I was just staring at them.
She entered my private home compound and I followed her. As my house's entrance have a few steps, I quickened my pace and was just behind her. I placed my hand under her skirt and lifted a bit. Couldn't catch her panties though, but that got me started.
As she walked on, I tried to look at her bra closely. Her uniform was pretty thick, but I could roughly see the outline of her black bra. She headed into the female toilet and I followed.
I knew from past instances that my house female toilet is usually deserted. So very excited, I walked in and headed to the closed cubicle.


I bent down just as the girl took off her blouse. Oh my, she was wearing a black bra and her breasts were pretty and big. My penis was erected and I rubbed it as she unhooked her skirt and exposed her lacy panties. she took that off and I stared hard at her hairy vagina.
I was just furiously rubbing my penis as the girl sat on the floor. I was " What was she doing?" and then she took out a dilido and pushed it into her vagina. WTH the girl was masturbating herself, all the more exciting.
So as she groaned and moaned in pleasure, I was still watching her. My penis was throbbing hard and I just couldn't resist it. So i took off my shorts and drew back the curtain. The girl was still lying down with her eyes closed and I sat next to her and without hesitation, sucked her breasts and squeezed them. The girl woke up and screamed as I kissed her and forced her legs open and I entered her hard.
The girl was crying hard as I pushed deeper into her. I actually felt sorry for her but at that moment, I didn't bother much. I just kept on squeezing her breasts till she was saying " Please don't, it's very painful.

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I ejaculated inside her and got up. I kissed her once more and took her lingerie before leaving.
 She was wearing a Triumph bra 32C and matching panties. And I still kept them :)