Perfect timing


I remember thinking to myself, "Damn it's cold tonight!" as I run across the street as I see my bus coming down the stretch. I'm sure glad I remembered to put on my ski mask and gloves! It's almost half past 11 and I can't wait to get home. It's been a long week.
As usual, I sit alone, not in the front and not too far back. I like to see who's riding along with me, especially late at night. There's only four people riding tonight; should be a quiet trip.
There isn't much to see outside the windows, so I scan the bus. I like to look at people and think about their lives while I ride. For the most part, nothing too noteworthy, except for that nice looking woman in the front. She's looking pretty hot, with her short dress and long sexy legs. . . I watch her for a while. My eyes wander from her feet up her legs to her thighs, hoping to get a glimpse of the promised land. "It's too bad I can't get a glimpse," I think to myself, "It's not like it's harming anyone. .

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  . "
She turns a little, and almost bares herself to me pulling the bell line. Did she see me? I sure hope not. I'm getting a little embarrassed, so I stop staring. As the bus pulls to the next stop, I notice she's the only one getting off. It's not too far from my place, maybe I'll follow her for a little while. I get off the bus just a little distance behind her. The are is lit just enough so that I can see her legs just right, along with her sexy sway. I'm getting hard just thinking about how she looks beneath her clothing. I gulp hard and keep following her. She walks up the stairs to her apartment building, and I follow too, acting like a neighbor. She unlocks the door and I grab and hold it for her. She thanks me and proceeds up the stairs to the second floor.
I almost stand completely still at the front door. I can almost see everything from here! I shake it off and proceed to follow her up the stairs.

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   I'm to the point that I can't turn back any longer, my cock won't allow it. She's turned me on too much, and now she's going to pay for it! We walk past the mailboxes. I pull out my keys and act like I'm fumbling for my mail key as she walks up to her door across the hall. "This should be easy," I think to myself. As she pulls out her key and inserts it into her lock, I jump behind her, arm across her mouth. "Let's make this easy for both of us. We'll go inside and be quiet, do you understand?" She nods her head yes, and I open the door for her.
Her apartment is dark. Next to the door is her bathroom, so I push her inside and quietly close the door after turning on the light. I find a towel and tie it around her mouth, "That should keep you quiet, in case you felt like breaking our deal!" I hear a male voice call out down the hall. "Are you alright hon?," he calls. I wait patiently until he opens the door, "Hon?" There is a muffled exclaimation from the woman, followed by a WHACK! I bring both my fists down on the man's head and he falls to the floor. I kick him in the stomach a couple of times to make sure he's not fighting back anymore, then go looking for something to restrain him. I get lucky; duct tape!
I hurry back to the bathroom and wrap his wrists in the greatness that is duct tape, and then his ankles. "That should hold you!," I say to him as I cover his mouth.

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   "As for you. . . ," I say without thinking to the woman, "Let's get you somewhere more fitting. " I grab her hair and pull her down the hallway. There are a couple too many doors for my liking, but I find the bedroom at the end of the hall; the door was ajar. I push her down onto the bed. My cock is so hard right now! It's directing me to take off that dress that's hiden its secrets from me now, so I tear it off like tissue paper. In this light, she looks amazing! Her hair is all tossed around on the sheets, her legs semi-spread, and she isn't fighting me at all.
I take off the towel from her mouth. She just lays there, sobbing "Please, take what you want and go. Don't do this. . . " If she thinks that is going to stop me, she is mistaken.

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   It is only making me harder and less rational. I cover her face with duct tape and begin to fondle her breasts. They feel so good in my hands that I bend down and kiss them. She begins to move, so I slap her face. "Don't stop me. You can't stop me. I won't let you!," I yell at her as I tear her panties off of her. She is beautiful! I have to fuck her!
I hear a noise down the hall. It's a door opening. Both me and the woman look towards it in shock. I see 2 heads poke out from different doors, both teenage in appearance. "Shit! More? You've got to be kidding me!," I exclaim as I storm to the hallway. She must have 2 teenage children, one male one female. I tear off a piece of duct tape and slap it across the boy's mouth quickly, as I knee him in the stomach. The girl just stands there in shock.

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   I grin and slap a piece across her mouth as well. "If I don't get enough from mamma, I can come back for seconds I see!"
She looks to be about 15 or 16, dressed only in a long tee, resembling remarkably of her mother. I push her into the bedroom and tell her not to move. I go back for the boy, and tie him up like his father, but instead of leaving him there, I drag him down the hall; he just might enjoy this!
I sit the boy down on the wall, facing the bed. "Watch. You might learn something!," I say to the boy. The mother is just crying on the bed, so I think it's time to pay her some attention, too. I go back to her breasts and begin sucking on them. "Do you like this? Do you like it when a stranger sucks on your nipples?" She just shys away, refusing to look at me. "You must like it. Just look how you dress! You must want all the men to fuck you!" She shivers a little, but I pay no attention. It's time for action.
I grab her crotch and begin to rub her with my thumb. She is a little wet, so I stick my middle finger inside her. "You just love it when men want to fuck you.

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   It makes you so wet, doesn't it? You're such a filthy whore, and you know it, don't you?" She whimpers a little, but just lays there. I pull down my pants. "You're lucky tonight! Not only did someone want to fuck you, but this time he's well hung!" I whip out my cock. It's bigger than normal tonight. He can't wait to get started on this hot thing laying naked before me.
"It's time for you to get what you wanted, you filthy whore," I say as I climb on top of her. As I put my cock in front of her pussy, it slides in nice and smoothly. It feels so good! "You just love a stranger's cock, don't you?" She just continues to cry. I slide it in and out a few times, each time I can feel her get a little more wet. I like it when a plan comes together! Her daughter starts to try and sneak away while I'm slowly fucking her mother. I stop and grab her ankle. She falls to the floor and her tee exposes everything. I start to think even dirtier thoughts. . .

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I get off of her mother. I search the room and find the telephone. After removing the cord from the wall I tie the daughter's ankles together and lay her next to her mother. I pull her tee over her head, but not completely off, immobilizing her arms. "My fucking God you're hot!," I say to her. "I bet you're a whore like your mother!" I begin rubbing her small but perky breasts while I mount her mother again. This is beginning to be so perfect!
The mother begins to moan a little. I can feel she's really starting to enjoy herself. "Was it really so hard to ask me to fuck you? I obviously would have said yes, you fucking whore" I keep touching the sister while I'm fucking the mother. I had no idea it felt this good to be with two women! The mother begins tightening up around my cock; she must be close! I begin focusing completely on her, holding her close and fucking her hard. She squeezes her legs around my back, moaning louder and louder, breathing faster and massaging my still growing cock. It's so wonderful! I hold as long as I can, but then I have to pull out. "You're not getting my semen that easy, you cock tease!," I yell out, and spray her stomach and breasts with my hot cum. It seems to spray forever; I've never felt this good!
The sister is still laying next to the mother, bound motionless for the most part. She seems to be whimpering, so it attracts my attention a little.

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   "Do you feel left out? Do you want some of this? Are you a jealous little whore, too?," I ask her. She shakes her head no, but I put my hand on her pussy to see if she's lying to me. Sure enough, she's sopping wet. "You're a lying little whore, too! You want some of this!" I never went completely limp, and her pussy is making me hard again. I bend over and begin sucking on her pussy lips, making her squirm and make slight moans. I look up and see her brother, still tied up against the wall.
"Would you like some of this?," I ask him. The boy acts innocent, but I can see that he's been staring. I get up off the bed and pick him up. I cut off the wrist restraints and tell him to start rubbing his mom's tits. "Go ahead. She doesn't mind. She likes it! I promise you won't get in trouble," I assure him. He sits next to his mom and starts fondling her. "See? Doesn't it feel good? Isn't your mom hot? Go ahead and touch her like you want to.

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My cock is fully hard again, between watching her son touch his mother, and rubbing the thighs of a virgin teen goddess. I have to have them both! I grab her and roll her onto her knees. Her face is firmly planted into the sheets, with her hot ass up in the air, just waiting for my hot cock. I plunge right in. She's the tightest I've ever had. It feels so good around my cock. Just like her mother, she claims to not want it, but she responds too well to not want my cock. She begins to cum long before me, over and over again she cums for me. "Do you want to fuck your mother?," I ask the son. "Her hot pussy is still ready. She can come for her son. If she loves you, she'll make you feel so good. " I keep telling him to fuck his mother until he takes off his pants. Sure enough, he's hard as a rock. He appologizes to his mother, but still slides it in.

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   "Don't appoligize to that whore! She wanted it. She wants every man's cock!" He begins to rock back and forth inside his mother. I can tell he's enjoying himself. I am too, inside this teenage whore who won't stop cumming for me. "You're such a whore! Your pussy keeps cumming and cumming for my cock! Don't tell me it's not, I can feel it! It feels so good!"
The son pulls out of his mother, and I tell him, "Don't do that! Stay in! Fill her up with your love for her! Show her how much you love her and appreciate all she does for you!" He just nods and sticks it back in. Before long he's groaning and stops thrusting. I can tell he came hard. His mother did too. It makes me feel good to know that I made 2 people feel this good together. That reminds me, I better pull out!
I just about explode inside her. I quickly roll her onto her back again, then rip the tape from her mouth. "Swallow it! Swallow every drop of what you caused me to produce!," I say as I shove it into her mouth. I feel the back of her throat as I lunge inside her hot mouth. As I fuck her mouth I finally explode. I feel her mouth fill, as I yell again "SWALLOW!" and smack her.


   She almost chokes but obeys me. It feels so good to fuck her tiny mouth and have her suck it all down.
"Can I fuck her too?," The brother asks me. I nod and throw him the duct tape. "They're all yours. Do what you want!" As the boy hungrily mounts his sister, I sit next to the mother. She looks so beautiful, all flushed from her orgasms, laying naked before me. I brush her face gently and thank her for a good time. I ask the boy if they have a camera. He nods and points to the bedroom closet. It's a nice digital camera.  I remove the duct tape from their mouthes and turn it on. I take several revealing shots before putting my pants on. "You won't say anything about this night. I know plenty of people who would pay a good price for these pictures.

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   I think we had a pretty good night, and I don't need anyone turning around and reneging on our little agreement, hmm?" I begin walking out the door, listening to brother and sister grunting and groaning from each other's pleasure. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I do such good things for people. . .

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