Pleasure and Pain


Kai waits paitently on Freedom's couch awaiting here appearence.
Freedom walks in from work to find Kai sitting on her couch. She had heard he was good in bed was not sure what to say to this georgeous man before her on the couch. Kai got up all the while gazing into her eyes trying to let her know what was about to happen but she was uprepared for this.   She thought mabye a date was in order but no Kai wanted her now and wasnt in the mood to argue.
She was nervous as he stood up and walked towards her. His blue eyes never leaving her face. Her heart was beating faster and faster the closer he got. Kai noticed her hesitation but was only turned on even further, he pulled her close with a little resistance from Freedom. With his ocean blue eyes gazing into her he said, "Tell me what you want!"  His tone was forcefull and commanding. The tone in his voice left her breathless. He was pulling her up against him hard. She could feel his cock pressing against her. Her pussy getting wet as he squeezed. She didn't know what to say. He had left her speechless as well as breathless.

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  Her silence angered Kai "i said answer me!!". . . nothing, now she had done it. Before he was just going to fuck her now he knew that she needed to be trained. "Your quite the the disobediant girl arent you?" he hoisted her 5'6" body up with ease, which startled Freedom. Kai threw her on to the nearby bed and tore her shirt revealing her DD breasts. Kai only cracked a wicked smile as he waited paitently to see if she submitted to her fate or still wanted to resist, and all the while he grinned at her knowing that he wanted her to resist. When he ripped her shirt open she felt a thrill of fear fill her. Yet she was excited at the same time. She pulled herself up aginst the oak head board as far as she could. He reached for her again as she tried to cover her breast. What was he going to do to her?He chuckled to himself at her pathetic attempt to escape but he needed her still, so he forced his entire body onto her.   She tried her hardest to resist but it was pointless, he had her pinned.   And while she was temporeraly subdued he reached for his nearby bag of 'tricks' and pulled out some rope.

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   Fear and realization swept Freedoms clouded mind.   Before she could act he had tied both hands together at the wrist and with much kicking from Freedom, Kai finally managed to tie her arms to the headboard. He then proceeded to pull out two pairs of fluffy handcuffs.  Without much difficulty he managed to have her legs spread open and cuffed both ankles to the opposite sides of the bed giving him a birdseye veiw of her cotton panties under her skirt. He took a moment to let it registed that she now had now power to resist. The fear of what was about to happen to her was filling her mind. She was powerless. She felt her pussy begin to get damp. She struggled uselessly to get out of the rope that bound her helplessly. She fought the urge to scream and lost as he ripped her panties from her now wet pussy. He loked angry that she had screamed. He was smiling as he looked at her. He seemed to be enjoying himself. But how far would he go she wondered?He pulled out some nipple clamps and roughly applied them elicting another scream from her and a triumphant grin from him. "Understand this girl! You are now my slave you do not scream without permission.

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   And believe me if you do not obey this pain will seem like paradise in comparison. " he tugged violently at the clamps to show his point. "Do you understand slave?"She tried not to scream again as he tugged on the clamps. She had never felt such pain. She managed a weak "Yes," as she tried to catch her breath. Her nipples where on fire. Slave? Oh god what was going to happen and how long was it going to go on? There was no way she could get free. The ropes dug into her wrist as she writhed in pain. She looked into his beautiful blue eyes and wondered what he was thinking. He pulled the clamps again and she tried to choked down another scream. But she failed. It tore from her lips as the agony to her nipples increased. Anger flared in him "yes!!. . .

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  yes what slave!!"He them tugged mecilessly to show he wanted an answer now. She screamed again at the amount of pain he was inflicting on her sensative nipples. She caught her breath and managed "Yes Master!" The pain eased as he released his hold on her. Only to be replaced by more pain. Her eye flew wide as he manuvered his now free and fully erect 7" cock at her entrance. "Slut you are about to recive your master's cock. . . but you must beg me for it," and he then released his cock head and began to move down her body to her soaking pussy. It felt so wrong to beg for it but she was so wet and god only knew what he would do if she didn't. "Please master. Take me. I want to feel your cock in me. ""As you wish" he moved back up to her face and gazed into her eyes once again just as his cock passed the threshhold and entered into her the full 7".  Once again bringing mixed feeling to Freedom.

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   Kai began to slowly and deeply fuck her.   He could see the pleasure rising within Freedom.   Soon she would need release although she fought this it was an inevitiblity. "Tell your master what you want!"She wanted to deny what she was feeling. She wanted to scream stop but all she could think was how good it felt. She moaned as he moved in and out of her dripping wet pussy. "I want more. I want it harder!" She knew that she had forgotten to call him master but she hoped he wouldn't notice. The ecstay that was filling her body was causing her to lose control. He noticed to slip and increased his tempo and pulled tightly on her clit sending her over the edge screaming "aaahhhh"Kai also climaxed in sync with her and pulled out of her. "You are now and forever mine! Never forget that!"He then slammed the door shut and with a key he took from Freedom he locked her in. She lay quiver from the exhaustion that racked her body. The climax that Kai had cause was like none she had ever felt before. She was just calming down when she realized that the door had been locked. He was keeping her prisoner! The fear that filled her was mixed with excitement.

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   She tired to get comfortable in her bindings. She knew in her soul she was lost to Kai forever. 6 hours later Kai unlocks the door to find a sleeping Freedom, he leaned in close to her face while his hand moved to her still wet pussy. "Dreaming of me are you?" i said to your unconcious body. It was time to wake her up so Kai pulled the still attached nipple clamps off causing pain to rush through her and her eyes flew wide open looking straight into mine and he quickly kissed her deeply. "Good morning slave. "The pain awoke her suddenly. Her scream choked off by his kiss. The pain was unbearable but yet it made her pussy quiver. What did he want from her? "Are you going to let me go now?" She hope he said yes but yet hoped he'd say no. Her body and mind where so confused. All she could do was wait for what happened next. Seeing an early mistake on her part was more than an annoyance to him. "1 - no i will not let you go yet.   But don't worry you will get your chance soon enough.

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   And 2 you forgot to address me as Master!" The anger flared within him, then he went over to his bag. The mixture of emotions flared as she watched him walk towards the bag he had brought with him. She could feel her pussy getting wet. "I'm sorry, Master" It was hard for her to say. She had never been the type to bow down to anyone. But yet it didn't feel wrong. She tried once again uselessly to get out of her bondage. She stopped moving when he turned to face her. "Good slave at least now you are beginning to learn. "  He moved over to her but kept the item he had grabbed hidden from her, "Do you want to be released slave?""Yes, Master. " She knew there would be a catch. She tried to move to where she could she what he held behind his back. But to no avail. She felt her heart beat faster as he moved towards her. "As you wish" he uncuffed her legs and freedom to surprised or exhasted (Kai wasnt sure which) didn't try to move or close her legs.

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   Then he untied her from the bed but her wrists were still tied together, "Ok slave time for choice" she looked confussed. "What did you think i was going to release you from servitude?" he couldnt contain a little laugh at the false hope he had hiven her. "As i said it is time for choice, my cock of the item in my hand. . . . choose now slave!""I want to go free. Please, master!" She begged. Afraid of what torture was hidden behind his back. The nipple clamps had been bad enough. He had made her think she was going free. She felt her pride begin to falter. "Can't you just let me go?" She knew her begging was in vain but she had to try. His eyes widened with fury, "Forget to address me properly again and i will send you to a place so dark that if you ever saw the light of day it would blind you!" He gave her a sharp slap to prove he ment it, "And since you diddnt choose you will have both, first my cock. .

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  . kneel down!"  He then pointed down waiting for results. Shakeing with fear and excitement she knelt before him. his blue eyes full of anger at her transgression. She knew that he would have his way with her no matter what. She was begining to understand that she truly was HIS. "Yes, master" she said in a quivering voice. "Good!" he said still in a commanding tone, once she was knelt in front of him Kai dropped his pants releasing his semi-hard cock all the pleading looks coming from Freedom diddnt even phase him, "Now suck!"She hesitated. Suck? She leaned towards his cock. She felt it grow harder as she wrapped her soft lips around it. She was scared. If she didn't do it she might never go free. She began to suck softly on his now throbbing member. She stopped to take a breath and he shoved her straight into him violently deepthroating her. "You can breath through your nose!" She jerked about trying to break free but his firm grip held her steady as she was forced to accept all his cock or choke trying.

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  She felt the tears rolling down her face as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She felt as if she was going to choke. He kept ramming and ramming it down her throat. She felt his warm load slam deep into the back of her throat and slide down her throat. she was forced to swallow or choke on his thick cum. A slight sigh escaped him as he released, and finally pulling her back she coughed but to Kai's delight she had swallowed every drop. "Good slave, now thank your master for your drink. ""Thank you," she coughed before she could say master. The film that his thickness had left was causing her to fight to speak. She had never had such a load spill down her throat before. She tried to finish saying master but. . . It was to late. "You were warned!" He then pulled up his pants and without a word grabbed her wrist rope and pulled her along like a dog on a leash.


  "Where are you taking me master?"  No answer was given.   He dressed he in clothes that would hide the rope from any who would look.   He took her outside and the light made her squint her eyes.   He shoved her in the car and said, "We're going toyour new home. "How would she escape him now.   He was taking her only god knows where.   She tried to keep an eye on her surroundings as they flew by.   She was soon in an area she didn't know.   She was sure she was lost forever.   She felt the hope for her freedom slip away. .

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